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Have you ever dreamed of visiting the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, well this is the year to do it. Brazil is the number one destination for 2014, particularly now it’s the host of the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and will be hosting the Olympics in 2016.

Even if football or sport in general isn’t your thing, here are some other reasons of why you should visit.


The Amazing Beaches

There are over 2,000 beaches and more than 1,000 Brazilian islands scattered across the Atlantic Ocean. While the majority are densely populated, a few remain ecological sanctuaries.

Brazilians take their coastal assets seriously, and beach culture is a big part of the lifestyle. Beachgoers in Rio de Janeiro have been known to break into applause as the sun sets after a particularly fine day of bronzing. Looking at this picture we can clearly see why, two words breath taking!!!!


To Party

The one thing everyone knows about Brazil is that the locals love a good party!! The pre-lenten festival of carnival takes places all over the world, but no place does it like Brazil. The parades, elaborate costumes, pulsing samba music and partying virtually shut down business in major cities for 6 days. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is perhaps the most famous, drawing nearly 5 million revellers per year.

The environment can only be described as fast and loose with 24/7 drinking, you can even buy alcohol from a cool box on the curb side!! As a foreigner in Brazil you can actually experience more things than the locals because you won’t be subject to the class prejudice that exists in Brazil and you won’t have financial limitations.

So shake your shimmy and let’s get the party started!!