Building Your Bucket List

This may not come as a surprise but we think everybody should have their own bucket list; it’s what makes life interesting and at the same time ensures you never get stuck in a rut.

The best thing about a bucket list is that it’s very rare you will ever find two that are the same, because it’s your bucket list based on what you want out of life, though taking inspiration from others is an absolute must, as this helps you step out of your comfort zone

Build Your Bucket ListBucket List

When building your own bucket list its best absolutely nothing is out of bounds, after all what is life without dreams, think of places you’d love to visit and activities you’ve always wanted to do but never had the courage.

It may sound surprising but nothing motivates you to do something more than writing it down, once it’s on a tick list it’s there to be conquered.

The trick to building a successful bucket list is not to get too carried away and keep it balanced, if all of your bucket list items are farfetched or too extravagant, it’s likely that you will rarely knock items of your list and become disillusioned with it.

Make sure you add smaller items to your bucket list such as visiting local attractions, eating a specific food for the first time or even watching a film you’ve always fancied watching but never got round to.

Make it your goal to complete at least one item per month, no matter how small, to maintain your interest and keep your bucket list alive.

As you slowly whittle away at your bucket list, the obsession will begin to grow, and you will become excited at the thought of achieving more, you are now officially hooked.

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