Make a Bucket Lists most Popular New Years Resolutions for 2014

So the depressive realisation that Christmas is over has well and truly hit, we now look forward to New Years celebrations and think about what 2014 will bring.

If you’ve listed your goals and dreams as a bucket list you will be reflecting on your achievements and aspiring to what you wish to accomplish in 2014.

Many people at this time of year plan their New Years Resolutions. These are a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first day of the year, with the hope to carry on through the rest of the year.

Make a Bucket List are here to help by providing you with 20 suggestions on the top resolutions people choose, these include;

Read more books
Save more money
Lose weight
Redecorate the house
Go travelling
Do something for charity
Spend more time with kids
Watch less TV
Leave work on time more often
Totally revamp my wardrobe
Try a new hairstyle
Get a six-pack/Exercise more
Eat less chocolate
Socialise more in real life rather than Facebook

Drink less alcohol
Start my own business
Quit smoking/reduce the amount you smoke
Get a promotion
Run a half or full marathon
Try an extreme sport or activity

Which of the above will be your New Years Resolution? If yours is related to health ie lose weight, quit smoking, to get fit or drink less alcohol then you can gain support from the NHS Choices site by clicking here.

This includes getting practical tips to lose excess weight, including getting started, healthy food swaps, ordering a free ‘Quit Kit’ for the smokers, practical ideas to help you get into shape, from exercising at home, to learning to dance and calculating your alcohol units, and tips on cutting down.

For the other resolutions, please keep an eye out through the year as we’ll help by making suggestions and providing information on offers.