Top Travel Destinations for 2014

We all have our dream destinations around the world, but its always interesting to hear what the experts have to say.

The top 10 travel destinations around the globe for 2014 have now been published, and although many of them are familar to the list theres always a few for those who are more adventurous.

1) Brazil

Travel guides publisher Lonely Planet has named the host of 2014 FIFA World Cup – Brazil – as the top tourist destination for 2014. As per the tourism ministry in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are two of the most visited destinations in the country. So why go to Brazil?

Brazil is renouned as being a country of great natural beauty, and a home to incredibly friendly people. Not only does it have amazing beaches (over 2,000 stretch along it’s shoreline) and rainforests, but they have 62 National Parks and hundreds of conservations units with a diverse ecosystem. Brazil is also home to a people of great ethnic and cultural diversity, whose heritage is expressed in vibrant art and celebrations. There are a number of carnivals held throughout the year, with examples being Festa do Divino and Seamana Santa – the Brazilian Holy week.

This is a destination well worth adding to your bucket list!

2) Denmark

Lonely Planet has rated Denmark as the best tourist destination to visit with your family as it is built for kids, especially the Legoland amusement park. “Copenhagen is home to Tivoli, a fairy tale of a central amusement park that dates to 1843. There is lots of free music, nightly fireworks and surprisingly good food,” states the travel guide.

When visiting Denmark you’ll immediately be struck by the mixture of old and new architecture and the ease at which you can travel around. We all know that the Danes have style and you will see no greater example than when you explore their many museums and galleries. They have also been voted the worlds happiest people, which is understandable when you get the opportunity to try some of their exquisit Danish pastries.

3) USA

According to the World Bank statistics, the US has been the second most visited country by foreign tourists with Times Square in Manhattan, New York City  attracting 35 million visitors yearly.

With such a diverse landscape and interesting history its understandable why so many people add America to their bucket lists. Whether you prefer the beaches of Miami or Los Angeles or the sky scrapers of New York, America will have something for you. When you include food and drink into the equation,theres so many options that one visit isn’t enough.

4) India

Lonely Planet states “The chaos, colour and brilliance of India make it a thrilling choice for family travel,”.

India is an incredibly cultural and spiritual country, with Hinduism being a way of life rather than just a religion. The first reason to visit is to see the magnificence of the Taj Mahal, which has been voted as one of the new seven wonders of the world. Secondly, India is a mixture of amazing experiences which could include riding on an elephant and visiting beautiful palaces and castles.

5) Ecuador

The travel website, Travelzoo, has Equador among the top five ‘Wow Deal Destinations’, which is certain to offer values beyond an ordinary trip.

Ecuador has a diverse ecological system and culture which is evident in any areas you travel to. This is great for those adventurous travellers who fancy snorkelling with sea lions one day and then go hiking up snow capped mountains the next. What makes this even easier is that the whole country is about the size of Nevada, Usa which makes it easy to travel around. One place to definately visit are the Galapagos Islands as this is the best place to observe some amazing animals up close

6) Scotland

Scotland’s natural beauty is undeniable from their mountains, lochs and unspoilt landscapes. But there is so much more to this country, which includes vibrant cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Scotland has such an iconic history which has attracted Hollywood greats. Most of the sites such as castles and cathedrals are free to the public and provide a looking glass into another world. For those that aren’t look out for offers through the National Trust and

Whether you’re a Whisky buff and fancy a tour around one of the many distlleries, or you’re attending the iconic ‘Fringe Festival’ which has brought many of the top comedians to popularity. Scotland’s nightlife rivals other cities in Europe, with the added warm welcome and outstanding humour of the locals you’re sure to have an amazing time.

7) Australia

Its understandable why Australia would make the top destinations 2014, with its long beautiful beaches, endless sunny days and laid back life style.

Australia has not only a diverse landscape, with a unique array of wildlife including koalas and kangaroos. It has iconic architecture, and cosmopolitan cities with amazing nightlife and restaurants. So with all this on offer and the friendliest people around, why not add this to your bucket list.

8) Sweden

Sweden’s northern city of Umeå is the European Capital of Culture for 2014 which has assisted in making it 8th on Lonely Planets list.

With beautiful cities such as Stockholm and Göteborg which have numerous museums and galleries that are easily accessible by public transport. Plus landscapes of forests, mountains and lakes which can only be described as breath taking. For those who love to spend there’s lot of shops and restaurants; Swedes eat lots of fish and prefer their food to be fresh.

9) Latvia

Riga, Latvias capital is a wonderful place for those who love to explore, either by foot, bike or public transport. With its delightful cobbled streets you can roam and take in the beauty of the enchanting city before popping into a bistro and eating a meal of baked salmon, beet salad and bread, followed by a cake for dessert.

Riga’s arcitecture is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site’s and they have one of the largest colection of art nouveau buildings in Europe. If you prefer beaches and the country then Latvia offers miles of unspolit coastline and acres of forests to explore.

‘Make a bucket lists’ top tip, try the local beer which is the favourite tipple of Latvians, including the locally distilled Black Balsam.

10) Japan

Last but certainly not least is the beautiful country of Japan, with its traditional and modern landscape, many visitors find it a truly inspiring place to visit. When planning a trip to Japan most people will automatically think of heading to Tokyo with its quirky and modern take on a city. Its a great place to wander around, and amidst the small streets you’ll find plenty of opportunities to shop the stylish Harajuku, eat and even sing; well karaoke is one of their favourite pastimes.

Their transport system is one of the best in the world with the Yamanote line running in a circle, so you can hop on and off knowing you’ll always end up back at your starting point.

For many their first visit to Japan will involve a trip to see Hiroshima Peace Memorial, the only building that remained standing after the atomic bomb explosion in August 1945. But there are also many religious sites including Buddhist temples and museums which add to the whole experience.