Things to do in Toulon, France from a Cruise Ship

If you have read any of our other guides, then you will know that we love to cruise. What’s not to love, you see lots of amazing places in one trip, enjoy great food and incredible entertainment. During 2022 we took a number of cruises on the Carnival Pride, with our favourite being a Mediterranean … Read more

Things to do in Skagen, Denmark from a Cruise Ship

For most of us when we’re looking at booking a cruise, we focus on the incredible ports we’re going to visit. You know that as well as huge cities such as Barcelona and Rome, you’re also going to get smaller ports thrown in. But what you may not realise is that sometimes these small ports … Read more

Things to do in Stavanger, Norway from a Cruise Ship

Our first trip to Norway was during a Norwegian Fjord cruise on the Carnival Pride in the summer of 2022. We had no idea what to expect or how beautiful Norway would be. During our trip we went to places such as Bergen, Molde, Olden and Skjolden, but within this article we’re going to focus … Read more

Chartwell House – The Home of Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill was a man of many famous quotes, but one of his lesser known was ‘A day away from Chartwell is a day wasted’. To impact one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century so deeply, Chartwell House must be a place of outstanding beauty. So, with that in mind we ventured … Read more

Chester City Walls – Walk Around the City

We’ve lived in Cheshire all our lives and as you can imagine, visited Chester many times for shopping trips and nights out. But never have we spent the day as a tourist in this incredible city, so we decided to head in and walk along the incredible Chester City Walls. A Little About Chester Founded … Read more

Things to do in Molde, Norway from a Cruise Ship

We ventured on our first Norwegian cruise in June 2022 on the Carnival Pride, with very little expectations of what we would see and being very ill prepared. Our experiences during the cruise around Norway, led to us falling in love with the country, and eager to go back. We have since realised our many … Read more

Things to do in La Coruna, Spain from a Cruise Ship

During 2022 we spent a lot of our travelling time on cruise ships, covering a myriad of destinations such as south America and Europe. As you can imagine during this time, we saw lots of ports and there were many which stunned us with their beauty. So, it takes a lot for a cruise stop … Read more

The Beatles Story Museum – An Exhibition in Liverpool

Coming from the city of Liverpool, we have known about the influence of the ‘Fab Four’ all our lives. But the reality is we didn’t really know the specifics of The Beatles, from their childhood, through to their careers and of course the later years. The older we’re getting the more interested we are in … Read more

What to Pack for a Norwegian Fjords Cruise 

Norwegian Fjords Cruises have become increasingly popular over recent years, with more people adding it to their cruising bucket list and more companies offering them. Knowing what to expect on this type of route can be difficult to predict, because it’s very different to your normal Mediterranean or Caribbean cruises. It doesn’t matter if you’re … Read more

Things to do in Olden, Norway from a Cruise Ship

If you’re heading to Olden in Norway, the likelihood is you’re visiting via a cruise ship. Olden is one of the top destinations on a Norwegian Fjords cruise and for a very good reason. No, it’s not a huge city or town, nor does it have a lot to do. It is the sheer beauty … Read more