Alton Towers Theme Park

We must begin by saying we’re roller coaster addicts, which you will probably have determined if you follow us on Instagram. Our ideal holiday will at some point involve us being thrown around on a theme park ride, until we’re giddy. Not everyone’s cup of tea but these two bucket listers love it. Because of … Read more

Changing of the Guard at Syntagma Square – Athens

With astounding monuments such as the Acropolis and Parthenon, Athens is a bucket listers dream city. But there is so much more to the capital of Greece than ruins, because their vibrant streets are ideal for wandering. Of course, most of you will be excited to see what Athens has to offer, but fear not … Read more

Guide to Visiting Athens

As we headed to Athens for our four-night stay, we had this preconceived idea of what to expect. Not only is it the capital of Greece, but it’s pretty much a city of ancient ruins, right? Well yes and no, because there is so much more to this city which is considered the origins of … Read more

Vegan and Plant Based Restaurants in Athens

Being Vegan or on a Plant Based diet is getting easier and easier, with an endless number of imitation products being released by supermarkets and fast-food outlets. But when you’re travelling it can be a different story because you have no idea what is on offer in the place you’re heading to and in many … Read more

Guide to Visiting the Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens

The majority of us have one tourist attraction in mind when we book our trip to Athens and that is the ancient monument the Acropolis. When you arrive, you’ll be astounded by the fact that you can see this beautiful citadel from most neighbourhoods in the city. As well as being the centrepiece of Athens, … Read more

Norwegian Jade NCL Vegan and Plant Based Food

Whether you are vegan, plant based, or you suffer from intolerances or allergies, traveling can be daunting. So, when we booked our trip on the Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) Greek island cruise aboard the Norwegian Jade, we were a little worried. Most of you will have your routine of prepping vegan food items to take … Read more

Ghetto Golf – A Twisted 18 Hole Mini Golf Course

After a quick google search of fun things to do in Liverpool, we came across the interesting spectacle that is Ghetto Golf. Yep, it’s a crazy golf course and yep, you’ve probably done one many many times before. But this place offers something a little bit special, to begin with it’s for 18 years and … Read more

Barcelona Travel Tips

This amazing quirky city is definitely worth considering adding to your Bucket List, if it isn’t already on there! Whether it’s Gaudi that draws you in or the city sea combo, we hope here at Make a Bucket List we can help you with some Barcelona travel tips. Booking your Barcelona Trip Barcelona is a … Read more