How to Start your Bucket List

How to Start your Bucket List

Most of us will have ideas of activities we want to do or places we want to see on a day to day basis. Writing your bucket list is simply your way of recording these thoughts so that you can review and recognise your achievements, and at Make a Bucket List were here to help you make the most of your bucket list.

Everyone’s bucket list is individual but this doesn’t mean you can’t share with a partner, or your family and friends. The best experiences are those you share with the people you love, but you can still keep some just for you.

By writing your dreams and goals down many people find that this drives them to achieving items on the list. It’s also an easier way to remember want to do so that you can plan, and whenever a new idea springs to mind it’s as simple as adding it to the list.

When your ready to make a bucket list you can do this either by writing it in a note pad, or our preferred method in an excel spreadsheet. If you choose the excel option a suggestion would be recording the goal you want to achieve, and whether this is something just for you or with others. Once you’ve achieved that goal you can move it to another spreadsheet with the date of when you completed it so you can reflect on your success in the future.

Writing the goals of your life can seem daunting, but remember a bucket list is a continuously evolving record, as the more you achieve and experience the more you’ll want to see and do. Look for ideas everywhere and chat with friends to see what their dreams are and if you share the same goals. It’s amazing the conversations that can be generated when you ask someone what their goals are.

More long term goals such as ‘Visit each American State’ can take a while to accomplish, so you should think of some quick hits. This could be as simple as food you want to try, a movie you’ve never seen or a book that you’ve been meaning to read. We’ll be providing plenty of suggestions on ‘Make a Bucket List’ so keep your eyes peeled.

It is important to remember that the purpose of your bucket list is to add value to your life and to assist you in accomplishing your dreams. Avoid adding items impulsively and really consider whether the goal is something that will add fulfilment to your life. The list shouldn’t be seen as a chore and a weight around your neck of activities you have to do; it should be an ever evolving list of dreams. Take your time and enjoy.

So now you’re inspired, there’s no time like the present to get started.

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