Chartwell House – The Home of Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill was a man of many famous quotes, but one of his lesser known was ‘A day away from Chartwell is a day wasted’. To impact one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century so deeply, Chartwell House must be a place of outstanding beauty. So, with that in mind we ventured … Read more

Chester City Walls – Walk Around the City

We’ve lived in Cheshire all our lives and as you can imagine, visited Chester many times for shopping trips and nights out. But never have we spent the day as a tourist in this incredible city, so we decided to head in and walk along the incredible Chester City Walls. A Little About Chester Founded … Read more

The Beatles Story Museum – An Exhibition in Liverpool

Coming from the city of Liverpool, we have known about the influence of the ‘Fab Four’ all our lives. But the reality is we didn’t really know the specifics of The Beatles, from their childhood, through to their careers and of course the later years. The older we’re getting the more interested we are in … Read more

Best Free Attractions in London

For those of you who don’t know (which probably isn’t many), London is the capital of England and because of that it has a rich and varied history. For many travellers it is a big tick on their bucket lists because it incorporates everything you want to see, including iconic landmarks, interesting things to do … Read more

Down House Home of Charles Darwin

There are many historical legends in Britain, but Charles Darwin is probably one of the most well known and admired. His work on ground-breaking theories led to the publication of books such as On the Origin of Species. It wasn’t just his work which will interest you, his personal life was fraught with sadness. You … Read more

Axe Throwing at Hatchet Harry’s in Liverpool

We’ve been eager to try axe throwing for a while, but a little nervous with the thought of impending death by blade. The trend of urban axe throwing has grown rapidly throughout the world, with many enjoying the thrill of mastering this skill and hitting the target. We booked it for our birthday treat and … Read more

Guide to Visiting the Heights of Abraham

As we searched for new bucket list things to try in the UK, we came across the Heights of Abraham. Now it originally sounded like another hill walk, which we generally don’t mind. But as we began our research, we realised this was more than a walk and is something you wouldn’t expect to find … Read more

White Cliffs of Dover Guide

As well as being an impressive natural feature, the White Cliffs of Dover have now become the most iconic image which represents Great Britain. Found within the Kent region of the UK, the 350-foot-high cliffs are a known landmark for those visitors heading into Dover. It has been these impressive images throughout our life, which … Read more

Baseball Batting Cages – Base Bar Manchester

It’s renowned for being America’s favourite pastime, with many youngsters dreaming of stepping up to the plate, swinging the bat and nailing that home run. So far baseball is the one American sport we haven’t watched, but we have been to some of the biggest stadiums including Fenway Park in Boston and Yankee Stadium in … Read more

Alton Towers Theme Park

We must begin by saying we’re roller coaster addicts, which you will probably have determined if you follow us on Instagram. Our ideal holiday will at some point involve us being thrown around on a theme park ride, until we’re giddy. Not everyone’s cup of tea but these two bucket listers love it. Because of … Read more