Our Bucket List Story

Welcome to Make a Bucket List

A bucket list is defined as a list of things you want to do or see before you die, but bucket lists have moved on and more and more people write them as a way of challenging themselves in their lives, or ensuring they fulfill any dreams.

Make a Bucket List is here to help you do just that..write your own bucket list. We will not only provide you with ideas but also the latest offers in travel, attractions and activities.

You can also join us on our Facebook page and share your dreams and goals with like minded people.

So grab and pen and paper and feel inspired!

How to Start your Bucket List

Most of us will have ideas of activities we want to do or places we want to see on a day to day basis. Writing your bucket list is simply your way of recording these thoughts so that you can review and recognise your achievements.

Everyone’s bucket list is individual but this doesn’t mean you can’t share with a partner, or your family and friends. The best experiences are those you share with the people you love, but you can still keep some just for you.

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