Our Bucket List Story

bucket list rome colosseumWelcome, we’re so pleased to see you’ve found our bucket list story!

We’re Wesley and Heather, a married couple who live in a sleepy little town in the Northwest of England. We were born, raised and have lived our lives in the same place and happily did so until around 2006. In all honesty we’d never been big travellers or adrenaline junkies, we lived to work and go out with friends at the weekend.

Heather had always struggled with health issues, especially stomach problems and so she never had the confidence to do the things she had always dreamed of. Things got worse with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, but instead of curling up in bed and wondering why she ended up with something so debilitating, Heather sat and wrote down the start of her bucket list. This led to the Make a Bucket List site which is a personal blog of the things we complete from our list. So not only did we experience these life changing events, but we get to share them with you and hopefully encourage you to try it for yourselves.

In 2006 we did our first big trip abroad to the Dominican Republic, where we got married and realised we had a love for travel. Within six months we went to Mexico on our honeymoon and that’s when our real passion ignited.

It’s not easy when you suffer with ill health, but the struggle and the fact that we never thought we would achieve as much as we have is humbling and makes us realise that we can do so much more than we think. We had felt so restricted in our lives previously due to Heathers ill health and the anxieties that it created. But in the long run it pushed us to realise that life is only limited if we allow it to be, and we could find a way to work around most problems.

It’s not all about travelling, because a bucket list can be anything you’ve always wanted to see or do. We love ticking off those small goals on our lists, whether it’s a book we’ve always planned on reading, a food we’ve always wanted to try, or even a movie we’ve wanted to watch.

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During our time as bucket listers we have completed so many exciting experiences such as indoor skydiving, aqua zorbing and driving a sports car around a racing circuit. But there’s so many more and our list keeps getting longer and longer.

We have a strong belief that bucket lists are not for when you’re old or dying, they’re for the now and they never end. Everyone has dreams of things they want to do and the fact that you’ve written them down will encourage you to fulfil them. Then once you’ve achieved them you will always be able to think of more.

Because we are striving to accomplish so much in our lives, we are grateful for every small piece of it. Making memories is at the core of life, so whether it’s on a piece of paper, an excel spreadsheet or even a list app on your phone, start jotting down the things you want to do and make them happen! We have seen so many beautiful places in the world such as Hawaii, Tokyo, Boston and New York, but we’re always eager to see more.

Hopefully our guides will give you a few ideas, and the tips we throw in will help you make the most out of the experience. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook which is where we post the majority of the photos of our adventures. But we also have a guide on How to Start your Bucket list, which breaks the process down step by step and offers hints and tips.

Happy bucket listing and we look forward to seeing your adventures on our socials!

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