Bucket lists are not only about travel and activities, they are a way for you to reflect on your life and determine what you want and what you need to do to change it.

The biggest change you will make to your life, a change that will hopefully be for the better, is actually taking the first tentative steps and deciding to make a bucket list. A bucket list can more often than not have an amazing effect on your outlook on life, and with every item you tick off, you and your life will feel better for it.

The Lifestyle category can however cover a variety of items on your list, this can be anything from joining a gym to improve your current health, getting married to your one true love, or even taking a leap of faith, throwing caution to the wind and applying for your dream job.

This is the perfect category for those who dare to dream, and like to sit and ponder where their life will be in 10 year’s time, only now they have the opportunity to put it all down on paper and turn it into a life goal.

It is our hope at make a bucket list that simply by visiting this website or following our Facebook page, we have already had a positive effect on your life, and that together we can help you achieve as many bucket list items as possible.