Skydive Experience

skydive experience with buyagiftWe at Make a Bucket List know that this is not one for the faint hearted! So how about adding a Skydive experience to your bucket list, whether it’s a solo jump or a tandem dive.

These are great activities to do as a fundraiser, or equally just for the fun if you really want to get that adrenaline pumping. We’re here to give you the low down on what it involves and where you can book and find great offers.

Tandem jump

This is where you are attached to an experienced skydive instructor and they will take care of all the important bits, like when to pull and what. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that they know what they’re doing and you can just enjoy the ride. Feel the thrill of free falling and reaching speeds up to approximately 120mph, before the shoot is opened and you gracefully glide back down to earth. Tandem jumps can be from 7,000ft up to 15,000ft with the most chosen option being 11,000ft.


Solo jump / Static Line Course

This is where you learn to skydive on your own and jump at 3,500ft, whilst gently floating back down and navigating skydive experienceyour own way. As part of the day course before you jump, you will learn:

  • Drop zone orientation,
  • Documentation requirement and checks,
  • Parachute equipment,
  • The stable spread position,
  • Aircraft exiting techniques and aircraft emergency drills,
  • Parachute canopy control and flight drills,
  • Parachute malfunction recognition, emergency drills, harness,
  • Drills,
  • Abnormal and regular landing techniques,
  • A knowledge review test.


Once you’ve covered all the essentials and you’re comfortable, then you’ll be ready for your first jump; weather depending of course!


Some centres offer other skydive experience options as well, but these are the main two to begin with. Our personal favourite is the tandem jump. Not only does falling from the plane take your breath away, but the freefall is so exhilarating you’ll want to do it again. Then add in the unbelievable views, which at 11,000ft and with slightly longer distance to cover you’ll have longer to enjoy it. Though for many the fact that someone is in control and knows what they’re doing, is the biggest bonus; all you have to do is whatever they tell you to.

skydive experience with buyagiftMost centres will offer to get the skydive experience filmed! Of course you’ll want to show your friends and family how awesome you are!


Where to Book your Skydive Experience

There are a couple of locations across the UK that offer parachute jumping and you can also book skydive experience days through BuyaGift. This could also make a great gift for someone adventurous, who’s not sure about who to book with and what to do.

You will find most centres are normally a bit out in the sticks, because after all you’d rather land in a field than a city. Our favourite is the Black Knights Parachute Centre up in Cockerham, Lancashire, which is just 14 minutes from Junction 33 on M6. The centre here has a classroom for learning everything you need to know and a cafe to keep you fuelled up all day, with a spectator’s area.

It is important to ensure that before you book, you check out all of the conditions required to do the experience. Certain health conditions mean that you will not be able to skydive, whereas others may just need to be signed off by the instructor. There are also weight restrictions which will either mean that you cannot take part in the dive, or they use a separate field to give longer distance when landing. But the best thing to do if you’re unsure is simply ask!

Our Top Tips!

skydive experienceA few pointers for the day is to go with the expectation your jump might be cancelled, this way you won’t be too disappointed when you have to rearrange. After all you’re relying on the British weather to be just right. Bear in mind that you might sit all day and end up just being sent home, but safety is paramount to skydivers!

Make sure you wear comfortable clothing, as you’re going to be wearing a jump suit on top. Take some gloves, because it’s cold when you’re up there and it’s always nicer having your own which you know will fit just right.

So have we tempted you to take the plunge? We hope this has got you all geared up and ready for your own skydiving experience, so make sure this is a bucket list item you tick off!