Winter Bucket List Ideas – Fun Activities to Do When it’s Cold

Winter Bucket List Ideas – Fun Activities to Do When it’s ColdYou’ll find that winter generally isn’t a popular season, mainly because the temperature drops and the dark nights creep in earlier. As the warm summer memories fade away, we can find ourselves grabbing blankets, hibernating on the couch, and wishing the days away until Spring appears. But instead of hiding yourself away, the winter season is an ideal time to tick off more of those exciting bucket list items. If you have no idea where to start, then don’t worry we’re here to help as always with our cold weather winter bucket list ideas.


Bucket List Things to Do in Winter

1. Start a Bucket List

We might as well start with the obvious one, because winter is the ideal time to think about the year to come and those New Years resolutions. The perfect way to do this is by creating your own bucket list of the things you want to do. This could be specifically for winter, a summer bucket list or even a generic one of any goals you dream of achieving throughout your life. Our personal experience into the world of bucket listing has led us to accomplishing more than we ever dreamed, including travelling to Japan and playing a musical instrument. Your list will be a constant reminder of what you want to achieve and the perfect way to aim for bigger and better ideas. The best part of making your own list is that you can keep adding and adapting it as you go. Although your view of what you enjoy can change through your life, a bucket list will help you focus on pushing those boundaries and reaching for the stars.

We can help you create your Summer Bucket List using our incredible guide.

2. Visit a Christmas Market

Visit a Christmas MarketOne of our favourite things to do in the winter is head to a Christmas market with our friends. How easy this one is to tick off your bucket list, will depend upon where you are based in the world. Although Christmas markets are becoming more and more popular in places such as America and Australia. Europe has some of the best markets and we’re big fans of the Manchester Christmas market in the United Kingdom.

Christmas markets are popular because they emphasise traditions of the area and tend to have stalls from local artisans selling their products such as toys, soaps, sweets, and flowers. You’ll find rows of wooden huts all decorated with the usual Christmas sparkle and when you wander around you can nibble on a variety of food and drink from across the world, with the favourite tipples being spiced cider and mulled wine.

The reason these markets are so popular is because they generate that true feeling of Christmas spirit and give you the opportunity to create magical memories with your loved ones. If you want to push the boat out, then why not head to another country and visit their market.

3. Attend a Carol Concert

Music can really bring the magic of the festive period alive, especially Christmas carols. During the build up to Christmas you’ll find more and more places will hold carol concerts, whether it’s a church or somewhere bigger like a concert hall. Some of the carols that you will hear include Silent Night, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing and O Come, All Ye Faithful. The service may include religious readings but that will totally depend on the type of concert you have attended. This is a wonderful one to add to your bucket list because it can be relatively low cost if you’re attending a more local service. But why not treat yourself and head to a concert hall where you can experience professional singers and an orchestra bringing the songs to life. If it doesn’t get you into the Christmas spirit, then nothing will.

4. Build a Snowman

build a snowmanIs there anything more iconically winter than a snowman? If you haven’t built a snowman since you were a child, then it would be the perfect addition to your winter list. Of course, you’ll have to wait for it to snow first, but after a heavy dusting of the white stuff you can bundle yourself up and head outside. Making a snowman is easy and you can use household items to decorate his face. What makes this one truly bucket list worthy is the memories you’ll create with loved ones as you’re doing it and that feeling of childhood nostalgia.

5. Take a Cooking Class

Because of the time of year, you may be looking for more activities to do indoors, and especially as we head towards Christmas, we tend to spend a lot of time thinking about food. If your idea of culinary art is making beans on toast, then have you considered taking a cooking class. You may want to focus it on the big day itself or explore culinary flavours from another country such as Ethiopian, Greek, or African. This is an ideal bucket list item because it can start at basic skills and progress to developing techniques which will add flavour and creativity to your food.

How you begin will depend on a number of factors including how much you want to spend. You could start by Googling local cooking classes so that you have the support and expertise of a teacher and your fellow classmates. This is a great option if you like to ask a lot of questions as you learn. Or a cheaper choice is to watch online videos and guides on how to make your chosen dish. There will be lots of options on YouTube and you have the comfort of taking it at your own pace. Not only will learning to cook bring you the pride of creating great meals for you and your family, but it will also prepare you for the invasion of the family on Christmas day.

6. Go to a Pantomime

There are certain events which scream the festive season and pantomime is one of them. For most of us a perfect build up to Christmas involves taking our family to the theatre and watching a beloved panto show such as Cinderella, Aladdin or Jack and the Beanstalk. Pantomime has its roots in ‘Commedia dell’Arte’, a 16th-century Italian entertainment which used dance, music, tumbling, acrobatics and featured a cast of mischievous stock characters.

Its current popularity is due to the fact that the shows provide comedy, catchy songs, and slapstick fun with audience participation. Most are packed to the brim with celebrity performers, mainly because Panto is such a beloved form of theatre. If you have never been, then why not add it to your winter bucket list? You’ll find plenty of options and tickets are generally reasonable prices.

7. Start a Gratitude Journal

For those wet and cold winter days, you’ll want bucket list options where you can stay at home. So, whilst you’re cosy on the couch, why not think about the great things in your life. Focusing on gratitude is scientifically proven to enhance mental health and wellbeing. Studies have found that having a sense of positivity and gratitude can aid sleep and lower blood pressure, whilst improving your immune system. Starting a gratitude journal is incredibly easy, all you need is a notebook and pen. We bought one for a couple of pounds which we use as both a gratitude book and a journal. How many gratitude’s you write every day is completely down to you. We chose three because it is enough to make us think about how lucky we are, but also not enough to be a chore. The best part of this is that you can grab a brew, sit, relax, and really focus on what makes you smile. What you’re grateful for is again a personal thing and it will change daily. We have written down a huge variety of things, a beautiful meal, our friends, family, a cup of coffee, watching the sunset, technology, or your health. It’s the perfect way to remember how beautiful life is and that there is always something to be grateful for.

8. Knit a Scarf

Knit a ScarfWhat used to be seen as a hobby for older ladies, has now become quite a trendy option for youngsters and the ideal bucket list hobby. It would make sense because knitting can be incredibly soothing, it’s easy to learn and starting doesn’t require a lot financially. Scarves are always a great place to start because they’re an easy pattern. Then you can wear your new scarf and keep yourself warm through the winter. You can buy knitting beginners kits from places such as Amazon, or head to a hobby shop and treat yourself. As you can imagine there are lots of videos on YouTube to show you the basics and help develop your skills. You’ll soon know the difference between a cable stitch, a garter stitch, and a rib stitch, as you’re sat catching up on a TV series you like.

If you’re considering starting a new hobby, then check out our list of Bucket List Hobbies.

9. See the Northern Lights in Iceland

Life changing trips don’t have to be in the summer, because during the winter months is the best time to experience the Northern Lights in Iceland. Also known as Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights are created by electrically charged particles entering the Earth’s upper atmosphere at a high speed. These particles originate from the sun and are known as the solar wind, because they travel between 300 and 500km per second in various directions.

Firstly, make sure you prepare for the cold, because in Iceland it gets pretty chilly. This is the best time of the year to see it because during the spring and summer the days are much longer. Also, you need to have clear skies to see the Northern Lights which tends to occur more in the winter. But the cold will be worth it when you see the beautiful colours dance across the sky, it’s truly a jaw-dropping unforgettable experience.

As well as the Northern Lights, Iceland offers plenty of other activities for your trip, including the Blue Lagoon which is a natural spring and offers warm waters with stunning views.

10. Take up a Challenge

When the January winter blues kick in, you will find that people reflect on the previous year and look to make changes. New year’s resolutions are a great way to challenge ourselves, adjust bad behaviours and accomplish personal goals. Of course, you can start a challenge at any time of year but there are popular ones specifically tied to January such as Veganuary and Dry January. Challenges don’t have to be about removing things from your life, it could be anything such as taking up yoga, meditation, karate or even juggling.

11. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

It’s cold and dark outside and you’re not really in the mood for heading anywhere, why not begin that hobby you always dreamt about? Most of us will have thought about learning to play an instrument if you don’t already. Which instrument you want to play will be completely individual and of course it will affect the price of getting started. We always suggest buying cheap when it comes to your first instrument, because you have to establish if you like it and of course take the time to play. You can always look at second hand options because there are so many people selling old instruments, or sometimes giving them away for free. It may be something simple and small like a harmonica, a little rock and roll such as a guitar, or hitting those keys on a piano. We chose a ukelele because we love that Hawaiian Island sound, and we were told it was easier than a guitar and a great way to start. Once you have the instrument then you’ll be wondering how to begin, well we simply googled ‘beginners ukelele’ and lots of videos popped up from YouTube. It gave us everything we needed to learn the chords and start playing songs. You can also join social media groups which are ideal if you have any questions about your particular instrument. If you have the money and you want to dig a little deeper into learning to play, then why not book an online tutor. There are so many available and modern technology makes it easy to bring them into your home. The best part about this is that you can do it all at home and spend as long or as little as you want practicing. We were given great advice when we started, which is to play 10 minutes a day, because if you spend hours, it becomes less fun and more of a chore.

12. Spend a Day in your PJ’S

Spend a Day in your PJ’SFor most of us life is so busy we don’t get any time to relax at home, so why not specifically set time aside and spend the day in your PJ’s. To make it truly winter bucket list worthy why not plan something to make it special. Buy yourself some new Pyjamas and slippers, lots of snacks and drinks especially hot chocolate, and have a list of movies or TV series you want to watch. Then snuggle on the couch by yourself, or with whoever you want to spend the day with and relax. Make it extra special by turning off your phone and cutting yourself off from the outside world.  Once you’ve enjoyed your PJ day, you’ll be wondering why you don’t do it more often.  

13. Do a Random Act of Kindness

Any gesture no matter the size will give the recipient a feeling of joy, but also the giver. What you do is completely down to you, it could be making something for a family member, teaching someone a new skill, bake a cake for your neighbour, donating to a charity you hold dear, or simply messaging a friend and telling them how much they mean to you. Random acts of kindness don’t have to be expensive; it is the thought you put into it which matters more. The best part of it is that you’ll have immense pride in yourself, which is a wonderful feeling.

If you need a little help because you’re not sure where to start, then we have a ‘Random Acts of Kindness Bucket List’ which should give you everything you need.

14. Visit New York

There’s something magical about New York especially in the build up to Christmas, which makes it bucket list worthy. As well as being the time of year where you can enjoy snowy walks in central park, there’s also lots of decorations and lights, with the Rockefeller Centre putting up their incredible Christmas tree. You’ll find there is plenty to do including great museums, ice skating on the famous Wollman Rink and of course plenty of shopping.

15. Host a Board Game Night

Although this seems a simplistic idea, how many people actually host a board game night. This could be with family or friends and is perfect for when the winter weather is particularly bad. If you’re making it a bucket list experience, then you may want to make it extra special. You can do this by picking a specific board game or inviting special people. You will of course need lots of tasty snacks and drinks, and you could have prizes to hand for the winners. Most people view board games as being for kids, but in reality, they’re fun for all ages. Our top choices are Cluedo, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Game of Life, but you can always try more adult ones such as Cards Against Humanity. The best part of adding this to your list is you will be spending time with your loved ones and making memories together; that’s if you don’t argue over who wins.

16. Decorate a Gingerbread House

decorate gingerbread houseChristmas time brings with it lots of traditions and one of the popular, fun, and tasty ones to do is decorate a gingerbread house. You’ll find kits in most stores during the build-up, which provide all the supplies you need to make the house and decorate it. Of course, you can either follow the instructions or use your creative freedom and do what you like. Not only will you be building a beautiful decoration, but it’s also a tasty treat as well as the opportunity to make memories. If you decide to build a Christmas gingerbread house, then here are a few tips. Firstly, make sure you have extra icing on hand, because as well as being used for decorating it’s also an adhesive for those fun decorations. You could make your own, but it’s easier to buy a tub of pre-made icing. Secondly use a turntable because it makes it much easier when you’re piping things such as icicles and garlands. Finally collect tins such as soup cans because they’re great for holding panels into place as the icing dries. Most importantly, make sure you have fun and let your imagination run wild. You can use any of your favourite sweet treats as decorations.

17. Binge Watch a TV Series

Is there a TV series you’ve been longing to see but you’re just too busy to watch it? Then make sure you add it to your bucket list and carve out some special time to relax and enjoy it. You can make it special by getting in some fancy drinks, popcorn, and other snacks, and grabbing your cosiest blanket. Just make sure there’s no chance you can be disturbed and hit that play button. You’ll find plenty of incredible series whether it’s modern hits such as Grace and Frankie and Schitt’s Creek, or you could go old school and watch a series you never had the opportunity to see, such as the Golden Girls or Arrested Development.

18. Visit a Museum

It can get tedious being stuck at home all the time, but it’s also hard being outside during the winter. The perfect way to escape the bad weather is by visiting a museum and you’d probably be surprised by how many there are around. Most towns and cities have a museum and many of them offer free admission. It could be an art gallery, a national history museum, science museum or war museum, but you’ll find each will offer rafts of information and exhibits. We provided you with a list of free museums throughout London in our ‘Best Free Attractions in London’. Do some research and take a look at what special exhibits are available, then simply roam the various rooms and take in some history.

19. Do a 1,000 Piece Jigsaw

things to do in winterAlthough this is something most people associate with children, you’d be surprised that jigsaws are incredibly popular as an adult hobby. We’re big fans of Wasgij, which is a jigsaw where you’re given the image, and you have to work out what the view is. If the weathers getting you down and you’re looking for something fun to do, then why not challenge yourself to a 1,000-piece jigsaw and tick it off your winter bucket list. You could even add some Christmas magic and drink apple cider or mulled wine. Our advice would be to check out our How to Do a Large Jigsaw Puzzle first, because we bring you lots of tips and tricks on how to complete it.

If this is a little hard then start smaller with a 500-piece puzzle and work up to the 1,000 pieces. We’d tell you that jigsaws are relaxing, but that isn’t always the case, because sometimes they can be frustrating. But once they start fitting into place it is incredibly thrilling, especially when you see that final one slot in.

20. Wrap Christmas Gifts Like a Pro

If you’re anything like us, then you will wrap your Christmas gifts last minute and incredibly quickly. So why not take the time to learn how to wrap your presents like a professional, so that you can be proud to hand them over on the big day. Not only can you master the way you wrap various shaped gifts, but also how to make bows out of ribbon to make it extra fancy. This is a bucket list item which you can use all year round, but why not start at the busiest gift giving time of the year.

21. Make a Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a hobby where you can gather and arrange personal items in a way that not only preserves them, but also presents them so you can reminisce in the future. This is a perfect option for bucket listers because we tend to collect items along our journey which remind us of the incredible adventures we have had. The fact that we tend to think about the previous year during the winter months, makes this ideal for your winter bucket list. How you display your memories or souvenirs is a personal choice, it could be in a book, box, or card. Within your scrapbook you could add photographs, tickets, artwork, printed media, and personal notes. Most people like to make their books elaborate and as such they decorate them in an artful way.

22. Visit a Christmas Tree Farm

Because we’re at the time of year when our minds are heavily focused on the festive season, it would make sense that you’d want to plan in some Christmassy days out. Visiting a Christmas tree farm has become a hugely popular event on most family’s calendars and is the ideal family day of fun. Lots of these farms have added additional facilities such as playgrounds and cafes, but the basic premise is that you can go and choose your Christmas tree. There will be plenty to choose from in varying sizes, but real trees can be a bit pricey.

23. Go Ice Skating

go ice skating There’s something magical about ice skating in the winter, and it doesn’t have to be in incredible places such as Wollman Rink in Central Park, New York. Strap on those ice skates and tentatively step onto your local ice rink, because whether you’re good or bad it will always be fun and it’s a great workout. In the winter there are lots of temporary outdoor rinks which pop up in cities, and they tend to create more of a festive feeling. The best part is, if you’ve never ice skated then you can always add it to your bucket list and learn.

If you want to do something in nature then you can always skate on a lake, just be careful and make sure that it is safe enough before you start. Gliding along in the fresh air just creates a certain feeling of well-being. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be eager to warm up and that’s when you can treat yourself to a hot chocolate.

24. Buy a Christmas Jumper

Did you know that there’s a national day for Christmas jumpers, where you can wear your favourite woolie and donate to a worthy charity. If you’ve never bought a Christmas jumper than why not add it to your list. Wearing something festive just feels a little different and keeps you warm. You could even start a special day in your workplace and get everyone to join in.

25. Start a Journal

We’ve mentioned the idea of a gratitude book above, but having a journal or diary is another great idea. Winter can feel a little hard, especially because it’s cold and dark, and some of us may feel lonely at times. Journals are a great way to express your feelings and release them onto the page, rather than bottling them up inside. We’ve journalled for a couple of years, and we find it a wonderful way to work through our thoughts and problems. You can also look back and remind yourself of how you felt in the past and see how far you’ve come. It’s a really simple item on your list because all you need is a pad and pen. We tend to fill one page per day, but if you need to write more then go ahead, this is about your wellness which is an important aspect of the bucket list life.

26. Sleep in an Ice Hotel

sleep in a ice hotelWe have yet to do this one, but it’s high up on our bucket list. Could you imagine anything more incredible than a hotel made of ice? It is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Probably the most famous is the IceHotel which is in Jukkasjärvi, northern Sweden. You can enjoy cosying up with a loved one in soft blankets and covers made from fur, in a room made entirely of ice and snow. Throughout the hotel there are ice sculptures and as you can imagine you can enjoy other facilities such as an ice bar. The craziest thing is that when summer arrives, the hotel will melt and disappear, then they will rebuild it again the following winter. It can be an expensive experience, so you may need to save up for this one. You also have the bonus of possibly seeing the Northern Lights, which would tick off two items from your bucket list.

27. An Indoor Picnic

There are many activities which we fondly think of as only being for the outdoors, but this isn’t necessarily true for picnics. You can make a space in your home and create the most comfortable picnic experience with cushions and blankets. This is an ideal item for the kids on those rainy or cold days, when you’re stuck inside.

To make it authentic you can use a traditional wicker picnic basket and fill it with delicious food such as sandwiches, sausage rolls and cakes. If you want to make it extra special, then add luxury items such as champagne or cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

As you enjoy your indoor picnic, you can play games, talk about life and dream of big bucket list plans in the future. This is a great way to take time away from technology and spend it with those you love.

28. Camping at Home

Most people think they cannot camp when the winter months roll in, but you can always set up a tent in your home. You can use a tent or blankets and pillows, and build a fort inside your living room, which is ideal for young kids. The excitement of sleeping all together on the floor with snacks and drinks, is something they will remember forever.

29. Matching Christmas Pyjamas

Christmas is about creating memories and enjoying reliving family traditions, but what about adding some new ones. As you head through December you will see more shops offering matching Christmas pyjama sets for couples and families. So why not buy your loved one’s new PJ’s as a treat to open Christmas Eve, it will make the perfect family photo.

30. Bake a Pie

Bake a PieThis may seem quite a simplistic item to add to your bucket list and yet baking a pie isn’t always as easy as it seems. Firstly, there are so many fillings to choose from, whether it’s the popular apple and cherry, or you could try something a little different such as rhubarb. To get started our advice would be to search through Google and find an online recipe. Once you’ve got what you need then grab those ingredients and give it a whirl. Alike many of the other items, practice makes perfect, but it’s not exactly a hardship when you get to eat all those amazing pies.

31. Make Mulled Wine or Apple Cider

Mulled wine or apple cider is the epitome of a winters drink, so if you struggle to get to a Christmas market then why not make your own. There are lots of recipes online and you can play around with spices. Then sit in front of a roaring fire and get cosy with a blanket.

32. Try a New Restaurant Each Week

Winter can be a tough season to get through, especially when it’s so dark and cold outside that you feel like you’re always stuck in the house. So why not create a bit of excitement in your week and try one new restaurant. You can even mix it up and try different cuisines or go bold and focus on Michelin star restaurants. This is a great way to explore different food options from around the world and you never know when that hidden gem is waiting to be discovered.

33. Learn How to Ski or Snowboard

The winter season obviously means one thing, and that’s winter sports. The main two are skiing and snowboarding, with lots of people heading to the mountains so they can hit the slopes. But what if you’ve never skied or snowboarded before? Or what if you cannot afford to head abroad? Don’t worry because there are lots of indoor ski slopes providing you with the opportunity to take lessons and practice. The one closest to where we live, even offers snow zorbing.

34. Go Tubing or Sledding

Go Tubing or SleddingAs the season cools down and the snow hits, you’ll probably find yourself staying indoors more often. But why not head out into the brisk wintery air to have a little fun. All you need is a sled or tube and a decent slope, and you can go sledding/tubing down it. Some indoor skiing venues allow it also, but there’s something special about heading out on a winter’s day. The best part is that it’s an affordable activity that the whole family can enjoy, just make sure you wrap up warm.

35. Make Fresh Pasta

If you’ve mastered the other cooking items on the list, then you may want to up those skills and attempt making fresh pasta. You will find that no matter the recipe, homemade pasta is always much tastier than store bought. How far you go with this will depend on your enjoyment because you may want to buy a machine to make the pasta. Our advice is to look online and Google simple recipes, then you can gauge what equipment and ingredients you will need. Most pasta recipes simply use wheat flour, water and occasionally eggs, but you may want to get experimental.

36. Write a Book

Imagine that feeling of writing a book and sending it out there for people to read. The nerves and excitement of something you have created being enjoyed by others is a feeling like no other. If you have always wanted to write your own novel, but you have no idea where to start, our advice is look at online classes or groups. Get as many tips as you can, but the best thing to do is simply start. The best part of writing a book is that you can do it at home, whether you’re settled in bed, or curled up on your couch. That’s what makes it the perfect winter bucket list item. Most people choose to publish themselves or upload it as an E-Reader. What matters is that you enjoy the process of writing and bringing your imagination to life in the format of words.

37. Read a Book by a Fire

Read a Book by a FireThe iconic image of winter is someone settled on a comfy chair, reading a book by a cosy fire. So why not add this to your bucket list and recreate your own version, with your favourite book, hot chocolate, and snacks. If you don’t have your own indoor fireplace, then you can always rent a cabin or house with one as a treat. For those looking at low budget options then how about a YouTube video, such as this 12 hours of crackling fireplace sounds.

You may be looking for a new book, so why not grab a classic, or consider a Christmas themed option. Remember that libraries are the ideal way of reading books for free, so why not sign up.

38. Start a New Hobby

There are many hobbies you can begin at home during the winter, such as learning a language and playing an instrument. Most people start a hobby as a way to evade boredom and de-stress, but it’s also a great form of self-expression and creativity. We have written a full Hobbies Bucket List for those of you who are looking for something new and yes many of them can be done at home. There is an immense joy in starting something new and finding that you’re good at it. Hobbies can be relatively inexpensive once you get past that initial outlay and depending on what you choose. Also, who said you can only have one, we have a number of hobbies including learning Spanish, playing the ukelele, meditation, journalling and jigsaws.

39. Bake Christmas Cookies

Is there anything more Christmassy than the smell of freshly baked cookies. It doesn’t matter if they’re chocolate chip or oatmeal, you can have lots of fun making and then eating them. There are lots of recipes online and you can play around with ingredients until you master the perfect cookie. If you want to be even more festive then how about sugar cookies which can be decorated, or the traditional gingerbread man. You’ll find plenty of cookie cutters in various shapes to make the activity fun for the family.

40. Drive a Snowmobile

Drive a SnowmobileFor those of you looking for some thrills then what about driving a snowmobile. This may be difficult depending on where you live, so add it to your list and who knows when you’ll have the opportunity to tick it off in the perfect location. Snowmobiles are easy vehicles to handle as you only need to use the accelerator and brake.

41. Go Bowling

Ok so this is an activity which you can do all year round, but in the winter it’s a great way to escape the chilly weather outside. If you’ve never played before then it’s an ideal opportunity to give it a whirl and you’ll soon discover how much fun bowling can be. There’s a bowling alley in most towns now, so you probably don’t have to travel too far either.

42. Make Homemade Soup

Winter is the time of year when we love a good bowl of soup, but for most of us this will come from a can. Did you know that it’s incredibly easy to make your own soup and it’s much healthier. Whether it’s a hearty vegetable, delicious tomato, or something a little different like butternut and pumpkin. There are lots of online recipes and most of the time you simply need a big pan and your ingredients. Just remember to get some crusty bread to have with it.

43. Adopt a Pet

It’s the time of year when most people are thinking about buying presents for loved ones. Getting a pet is a popular one, but as we all know the decision to adopt should not be taken lightly. There are many health benefits to owning a pet, including physical such as better immunity, and decreased blood pressure. Then add in mental health as they can help reduce loneliness and depression. Of course, it is a huge responsibility and will impose some restrictions on your life, but the joy that is brought into your house will bypass all of that. Most people want a cat or dog, but it may surprise you that most rescue shelters have a variety of animals looking for a good home, including rabbits, gerbils, birds, and reptiles.

So that you’re fully aware of the commitment, you will have costs such as food, health insurance, training if required and toys or additional supplies. Our advice is to visit the animal rescue shelters and spend some time with the pet of your choice or ask a friend who has that specific animal if you can babysit for the day. It is better to realise in the beginning that you’ve changed your mind, then bring them home and decide having a pet was more than you expected. Even smaller pets such as hamsters and fish require a lot of work, but most people don’t mind because of the pure love you feel for them.

44. Bake Bread

Bake BreadBecause we’re indoors much more throughout the winter, it makes sense to expand our skills, especially in the kitchen. So why not learn how to bake bread? Because the smell of freshly baked bread is heavenly, and the process is a lot of fun. Alike many of the other baking items above you’ll find there are lots of tutorials online and the ingredients are basically flour, yeast, salt, and water. If you decide to make your own soup, then baking homemade bread is the perfect accompaniment.

45. Have a Bonfire

Most people don’t consider having outdoor parties in the winter, but why not because it’s still a beautiful season. Just grab your loved ones and make a bonfire, so you can all cosy up to it and keep warm. You can enjoy the crackle of the flames, tell ghost stories, and enjoy some seasonal nibbles. If you get a clear night, then you can take in the beautiful night sky and make incredible memories with those you love.

46. Volunteering

For most people, the ringing in of a New Year gives them time to reflect and remember what they’re grateful for. So, it would make sense to think about volunteering, to pass along some goodwill to the community. There are plenty of ways you can give back, whether it’s helping at your local foodbank, sending money to a charity you value, doing shopping for someone who needs help, picking up litter or asking a local charity if they have any volunteering opportunities. The key is you feel good as you do it and that you enjoy yourself.

47. Have a Family Winter Photo Shoot

Winter can be a very photogenic time of year, with snow covered landscapes and pretty Christmas lights. So why not gather the family together and have a family photo session. These photos will be wonderful memories in years to come, and you could use them to create a family calendar for the next year.

48. Watch Christmas Tree Lights

One of the best parts of Christmas is seeing lights everywhere, but why not make it special and more bucket list worthy. You can either head to your local town or city and watch them switch their lights and Christmas tree on. Or simply drive around taking in the amazing decorations of your local neighbourhood.

49. Play in the Snow

Play in the SnowMost of us find snow to be a problem, whether its heading into work or the shops. But what if you make it a special bucket list item and play in the snow. This could be having a snowball fight, catching snowflakes on your tongue, or making snow angels. When there’s been heavy snowfall, simply bundle up and head out looking for adventure, you’re never too old for snowy fun. Then have the hot cocoa ready for when you get back inside.

50. Go for a Sleigh Ride

Another that’s not easily accessible, but sometimes the best bucket list items are the ones you work towards. Why not wrap up and take a horse drawn sleigh ride? You’ll find them in a number of countries such as Norway and Finland.

51. Head Outside for a Walk or Bike Ride

When it’s dark and miserable outside, all you want to do is stay in and curl up on the couch. But you’ll miss out on so much beauty outside, so throw on your warm comfy shoes, a waterproof coat, bobble hat and gloves, then head out for a walk or grab your bike. It’s a great way to spend time together as a family and you can stay warm with a brisk walk.

52. Have a Christmas Movie Marathon

As it gets darker outside, we find ourselves enjoying staying in and curling up on the couch with our loved ones. This time of year is perfect for having a movie marathon, but why not specifically theme it to tie in with the build up to the festive season and watch Christmas movies such as Elf and Santa Claus the Movie. You’ll find plenty on the likes of Netflix and Disney Plus, so grab those blankets, sweet treats, and hot chocolate.

53. Create your Own Winter Cocktail or Mocktail

Create your Own Winter Cocktail or MocktailEnjoying a beautiful cocktail is the perfect treat when we go out, so why not enjoy it when we’re at home. You can try and make one of the many incredible cocktail recipes online or through a mixologist book. But what about experimenting and trying to create your own and coming up with a quirky name for when you have friends and family around. Even better you can make it a seasonal cocktail with flavours of winter such as cinnamon and cranberry. Practice is the key to perfecting the flavours of a cocktail and then you have the fun of drinking the results.

If you enjoy this type of hobby, then you could always treat yourself and take a cocktail making class. They are available in most major restaurant brands such as All Bar One or Revolution Bar. You tend to pay a set amount and you will be shown how to make four cocktails by a professional mixologist, which you can then enjoy. It’s a great way to start your home cocktail making hobby and you’ll have a better idea of what base spirits and liquors to buy.

Of course, you can always forgo the alcohol and make mocktails instead, especially because after the excess of Christmas there’s Dry January. There are loads of tasty mocktail recipes around or you can mess around and create your own.

54. Start a New Indoor Workout Routine

Another New Year tradition tends to be the desire to lose weight and get fit. Many sign up to the gym and never go, but why waste your money when you can work out from home instead. You don’t even need loads of equipment, because most simply require your body weight and maybe a yoga mat. Wall Pilates has become increasingly popular for online workouts because all you need is an unobstructed wall in your home and some free time. YouTube is filled to the brim with exercise videos of varying styles, so simply google workouts for beginners and pick one.

55. See the Nutcracker Ballet

This classic Christmas story is centred around a young girls Christmas Eve celebration, so it’s the perfect show to watch during the festive season. If you can find an onstage production, then treat yourself as it’s an incredible experience. If not, then another option is watching it on DVD as you’re warm and cosy on the couch.

56. Roast Some Chestnuts

They taste absolutely delicious, they’re highly nutritious and a winter favourite. Simply buy some chestnuts or forage for them and then roast in the oven. You can serve them in beautiful salads, with roasted vegetables or simply as a snack.

57. Have Breakfast in Bed

If you’re looking for something truly relaxing at home in the winter, then why not combine the two greatest pleasures in life, bed, and food! We’ve seen it on TV and yet most of us will never have enjoyed staying in bed all warm and snuggly, nibbling on our brekkie. How big you go with this is up to you and whether it’s you that makes it or your beloved. What about a full English with waffles and mimosas. Then there are pancakes or croissants, beautiful jams and speciality teas or coffee. With so much choice it can be difficult to decide, but if you’re not going anywhere then why not enjoy it all. You could even treat yourself to a cute serving tray, there are loads online and they can be folded away for easy storage. Imagine snuggling up with your loved ones as it snows outside.

58. Head to Somewhere Special on New Years Eve

Head to Somewhere Special on New Years EveThe start of a New Year is a special time because we can reflect on the year that’s gone by and make resolutions for the coming one. So why not ring in the year somewhere special, whether it’s the iconic New York City, Times Square ball drop, fireworks in London or Sydney Harbour Bridge. The key is to pick somewhere you’ve always wanted to go and witness the magical occasion in person.

59. Do a Polar Plunge

The Polar Plunge is an event where you jump into and submerge your body in cold water. Many people do this New Years Day for charity or to ring in another year. Cold water therapy is reported to benefit the body in many ways, including reducing pain and stiffness, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reducing inflammation, and boosting the immune system. You may find that you enjoy the exhilarating feeling when you get out of the water so much, that you want to do it on a regular basis.

60. Soak in a Natural Hot Spring

The opposite to a Polar Plunge would be soaking in a natural hot spring, but this may not be an easy one to tick off. Some of the more famous hot springs can be found in places such as Iceland. So, you may have to save and travel to a destination to tick this off. Soaking in a hot spring is said to improve blood flow and offer glowing skin. You could always head to a spa and use an outdoor hot tub, but that doesn’t quite have the same natural feeling.

61. Visit Lapland to see Santa

Visit Lapland to see SantaA hugely popular activity for the winter is visiting Lapland because it offers a Christmas experience like no other. It’s the perfect place for snowy activities including snowmobile, dog sledding and watching the beautiful Northern Lights. But what makes it the ultimate experience, especially for kids is visiting the Santa Claus Village. You can meet Santa, Mrs Claus and even Rudolf, in a Christmassy themed cavern. We will be completely transparent, because visiting Lapland at this time of year is incredibly beautiful but expensive, so it’s probably a once in a lifetime trip.

62. Visit Disney During the Festive Season

Another trip of a lifetime has to be Disney, so why not visit during the most special time of the year. The parks will be decked out with Christmas decorations and lights, plus you’ll have the chance to enjoy Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party, where the characters will be dressed in their festive outfits.

63. Write Thank You Notes

After Christmas you probably have a lot of thank you cards to write, but why send them purely because people have bought you a gift. As you’re keeping warm at home and thinking about what you’re grateful for, you could write some thank you notes to the people who mean the world to you. Tell a friend or family member of a time they’ve supported you through something, or how important they are to your life. You can use a simple sheet of paper or treat yourself and buy a cute blank card with pretty designs to cheer the receiver. When they open it, they’ll be flushed with a warm feeling, and you can enjoy the dopamine hit of doing a nice thing.

64. Celebrate the Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice occurs in December and will either fall on the 20, 21, 22 or 23rd. It marks the shortest day of the year and you and your family can celebrate this special day with new traditions. Traditional solstice rituals include enjoying mulled cider and eating winter solstice foods, or you can light lanterns and recite winter solstice quotes. It may seem like any other day, but the solstice marks the rebirth of the Sun, because the gradual waning of daylight hours is reversed and begins to grow again.

65. Spend the Night in a Cozy Cabin

Spend the Night in a Cozy CabinThe build up to Christmas can be stressful, so why not consider taking some time away from it all. An ideal place would be a cozy cabin, where you could enjoy peace and quiet. Hotels can be noisy and crammed with guests, so if you’re looking for some space then a private cabin surrounded by fields, wildlife and amazing views is ideal. You can do everything in your own time, whether you go for walks, sit by a log fire, and read, sleep, or play games with loved ones. The key is that you’re away from the hustle and bustle of life.

66. Make An Ice Sculpture

This probably isn’t the first hobby which will spring to mind, but it could be the perfect item to add to your winter bucket list. We’ll be honest, you will probably need to attend a class for this one, because you will want to learn how to use the tools and any tips to create your masterpiece. The technique is actually incredibly easy and the more you practice the better.

67. Relax at a Spa

For most people the cost of a day at the spa isn’t something everyone can afford, so if you’re one of those people then why not add it to your bucket list and save up to make it special. Heading to a spa in the winter creates an extra special feeling, because of the comfort and relaxation you experience when you’re there. Whether you’re enjoying the hot tube and steam room, or relieving tired muscles with a massage, this is the ultimate treat bucket list item; because they don’t all have to be thrill-seeking.

68. Celebrate Valentines Day

When we think of Winter, the key holidays that spring to mind are Christmas and New Years, but what about Valentines Day? Plan something special with the person or even people you love, whether it’s a romantic night in, a party or a meal somewhere special. The key is to make it bucket list worthy and that could take some planning.

69. See a Show at the Theatre

Who doesn’t love a trip to the theatre? Seeing a spectacular show seems to have added magic during the wintertime. Whether it’s a musical, pantomime or even ballet, it’s the perfect chance to escape and fully immerse yourself into a fantasy world. There must be a show you’ve always wanted to see, so add it to your bucket list.

70. Take a Vacation Somewhere Warm with a Beach

Take a Vacation Somewhere Warm with a BeachThis time of year can be depressing especially when it’s cold and dark, so the ultimate bucket list item for winter should be heading somewhere hot and sunny. Where you go is up to you, there are lots of places which are still warm during the winter months, such as the Caribbean. Just make sure you grab plenty of books to read and pick the perfect spot by the beach or pool. You could even make it extra special and vacation in the sun during Christmas and New Years. This will make a memorable experience for you and your family, plus there will be no washing up.


Is there anything more magical than cuddling on the couch with a warm mug of hot chocolate, watching the fresh snow fall and listening to Christmas music. The build up to Christmas makes the darker months feels easier to get through, but afterwards you have the winter slump, so why not focus on creating a bucket list or if you already have one, adding to it.

The aim of a bucket list is that you have wonderful things to look forward to and push your boundaries a little. But they can always be the smaller things in life, that you’ve always wanted to do, but never found the time. Simple items such as reading a Christmas novel, breakfast in bed, or making a gingerbread house. Winter can be a hectic season, but it should also be a time for rest and renewal. Yes, the cold can make things difficult, but you can always work around it or enjoy more time indoors. Also because of Christmas, money can be a little tight, but we’ve added plenty on this list which doesn’t require a lot of spending. Just heading out into the snow and having a snowball fight with your family, is completely free, but will make memories that last a lifetime. We also have a Low-Cost Bucket List which is a great way to get started.

If you add any pictures of your completed winter bucket list goals to Instagram, then please tag us in. We love to see what our readers have accomplished, or what goals you’re planning next.

If you’re heading to the new year and you’re thinking about what resolutions you want to make, then check out our ‘New Year’s Resolution Ideas Bucket List’.