Random Acts of Kindness Bucket List – Ideas of Nice Things to Do

Random Acts of Kindness Bucket List – Ideas of Nice Things to DoFor most of us, being kind to someone else is a natural thing to do, especially if we see someone in need. Whether you’re the person carrying out the kind act, or the receiver, there’s a burst of endorphins which gives you a moment of positivity and optimism.

We all know that any act of kindness will make the world a happier place, so why not focus on ways to be thoughtful to others as part of your bucket list. Most people think of bucket lists as travel or thrilling experiences, and yes they can be, but they can also be things you do to serve your community or the people you love.

This is why we have collated a Random Acts of Kindness Bucket List, so that you have plenty of ideas to add to your own list. You could maybe try and commit to one a week and enjoy the fact that you’re contributing in a positive way to society. Research has shown that in return you’ll reduce stress, improve your mental health and immune system, so even when you’re helping others you’re benefitting.

Many of these suggestions are pretty straightforward but having it in your mind to accomplish at least one of them, means that you’re focusing on kindness as you go through your day. Having this type of mentality on a regular basis can adapt the circuitry of the brain (known as neurones), so that you immediately think and act in a positive, grateful, and giving manner.

You may also want to tie this in with other mindfulness techniques such as journalling, gratitude diaries and meditation. We’re big fans of all three of these methods and have found they’ve reduced our anxiety issues and helped us find gratitude and joy in our lives.


Random Acts of Kindness – Examples of the Best Things to Do to be Kind

1. Compliment a Stranger

Compliment a StrangerStart off simple and make someone’s day, it could be something about their outfit, their hair or something lovely they’ve done, for example a server in a restaurant. This is the ideal one to start with because it’s free and can be done anywhere and anytime.

2. Let Someone Cut in Front of You in a Line

We’ve done this many times, especially if we have a full trolley and the person behind us has a couple of items. The gratitude expressed by each person we’ve allowed in front of us, makes it worthwhile. In reality it didn’t add much of a delay in our queuing time.

3. Buy the Person Behind you a Coffee

If you’re a regular in a coffee shop or café, then why not hand the server some money to put towards the next customers cup of coffee. Not only will they enjoy the caffeine hit, but they’ll also appreciate the fact it was free. Who knows, they may even decide to pay it forward, which means your kindness will have a bigger impact.

4. Pick Up Litter in a Park or Your Local Area

Sadly, we’re in a world where people throw their rubbish where they shouldn’t. It leaves beautiful places looking a mess and can injure pets and wildlife. So why not head out to your local park or area and pick up any dropped litter. Take a bag with you and gloves, or if you want to do it often, then why not buy a grab and grip litter picker.

5. Do Someone a Favour

Now this could be anything, such as giving them a lift, or picking up some shopping. The fact you care about that person enough to take the time to do something for them, will mean the world.

6. Give Your Seat Up on Public Transport

Give Your Seat Up on Public TransportIf you’re physically able to stand throughout your journey, then why not take a look around you when you’re on the train or bus and see if someone else would like your seat. We’ve suffered injuries which made it hard to stand on public transport, so we know how much it means when someone offered us a seat.

7. Offer to Take a Picture for Someone Else on Vacation

We must admit we get a little shy doing this one, especially when we’re going up to someone offering to take a picture. But every time we offer, the couple or family we take pictures for are always so grateful. We’ve had many people offer to take our pictures and sometimes they’re the best ones of the holiday. The best part is you know you’re adding to the beautiful memories they’re creating.

8. Accept and Give Yourself Compliments

Although it’s a nice gesture to compliment another person, it’s even more important to show kindness to yourself. Take some time out each day to recite some positive affirmations. If you’re not sure where to start, then we have 100 Positive Affirmations to Help Focus and Influence your Daily Life. But also, if someone compliments you, instead of brushing it off with embarrassment, thank the person and really take it in. You’ll find you have more confidence and overall positivity in life.

9. Support a Local Business and Leave a Good Review

Most villages, towns and cities will have numerous family-owned businesses, who are doing their best to compete against the larger companies such as supermarkets. Whether it’s a shop, salon, restaurant, or pub, by spending your money in one of these businesses you’re not only supporting them, but also the community. If you had a great experience when you visited, then take your act of kindness to another level and leave a review on social media sites or Google. It really does impact how well the business does, and it’s a great way to say thanks.

10. Hold a Door for Someone Else

Hold a Door for Someone Else

This is the epitome of simplicity, and yet holding a door or elevator for someone can be an incredibly kind gesture. Think of the mother carrying her push chair, someone with heavy bags or an elderly person who struggles with a heavy door or rushing to the elevator. Sometimes you may not get a thank you, but most of the time people are always so grateful.

11. Make a Playlist of Music for Someone You Care About

If you ever discuss the joy of music with your friends and family, you’ll soon discover that everyone has a passion for their preferred sound or genre. You may be surprised to find out that listening to or playing music will give you a total brain workout and establish strong neural connections. But it also impacts the rest of the body reducing anxiety, blood pressure, pain and boosting your general mood. One of the greatest impacts of music is the connection it brings because it can bond social relationships. So why not create a playlist of your all-time favourite songs for a friend or loved one to listen to. You could plan a night in and listen to the playlist as you chat and spend time together. If they also create a list, then you can see if you share any songs or singers, but also if you have similar tastes. We love discovering new songs which we fall in love with, because it feels like a special moment.

12. Give a Lost Stranger Directions

Being lost can be quite stressful, especially if you’re travelling somewhere new. Most of us have been there, where we’re wandering around aimlessly not sure where to go. So why not help out someone who is lost and give them directions when you’re out and about in a place you’re familiar with. We had a lovely experience of being helped in Osaka Japan, where a kind gentleman jumped on numerous trains with us to make sure we got to our location. We were so thankful at his generosity and the fact he took the time to make sure we were ok. If you’re really familiar with the area, then why not recommend great sights or places to eat.

13. Donate to a Meaningful Cause

There are so many amazing charities out there, it can be difficult to choose just one. The first option is to give to a cause which is close to your heart, but if you cannot think of anything then what about a friend’s charity. If your Facebook feed is anything like ours then you’ll have friends requesting donations for their birthdays, or a fundraiser for an event they’re taking part in such as a marathon or sky dive. Most days when we’re out and about we’re also asked for donations, such as when you’re paying at a checkout. You could set aside a specific amount each month and think about what organisation you wish to donate your money to.

14. Give Someone a Hug

Give Someone a HugThe best random acts of kindness are the easiest, and does it get any easier than giving someone a hug. Now we’re not saying that you should just walk up to someone you don’t know and hug them. But there will be situations in life where you think someone could do with a hug, or just ask them if they’d like one. The best part is that you’ll feel good about it too, because hugging boosts oxytocin levels also known as the ‘love hormone’.

15. Bring in a Treat for Your Work Colleagues

You spend so much time with your work colleagues, they kind of become adopted family. So why not treat them to something nice as a thank you for being so awesome. Everyone loves sweet treats, whether its chocolate, cakes, or cookies, you know that they’ll be eaten and appreciated. If you’re a fan of baking, then why not bake them yourself to show how much you really care.

16. Send Flowers to Someone for No Reason

Sometimes we just want to say thank you to someone and let them know we care. Is there a better way to show this than sending a beautiful bouquet to their home. Flowers don’t have to be for holidays such as Valentines, or birthdays, they can simply be as a way of expressing love. If you want to take it to another level, then try to find out the receiver’s favourite flowers. They’ll be delighted with the sentiment and the fact you’ve thought of them at all.

17. Run an Errand or Complete a Chore for Someone

Life can be so busy, especially for parents who work full time, it can be difficult to finish basic chores. So why not help a loved one, friend or even neighbour. We’ve done this a number of times, from helping friends to move house, clean the new rental property they’ve moved in to, mowed neighbours’ lawns or gone to the supermarket if they were poorly. This one covers an array of areas, which is great because it means you can help someone anyway you choose to.

18. Show Gratitude to a Teacher Who Made an Impact on Your Life

Most people have a teacher who impacted their life so much, they leave a lasting impression. We had one such teacher who encouraged our joy of writing and reading, even loaning books to us which they recommended. If you’re still friends with your chosen teacher or you know how to contact them, then why not show gratitude for the impact they’ve had. You could email or write a letter explaining why they’ve influenced your life or buy a little something as a treat. Teachers deserve appreciation and a small gesture expressing the positive impact they have had on you is priceless.

19. Buy Someone a Souvenir from Your Travels

As you can imagine we travel a lot, so bringing home souvenirs or trinkets for family and friends from everywhere we go would be expensive. Instead, we only buy something if we think someone we know would love it. This actually means more to the people we buy them for, as they know we’re thinking of them even when we’re travelling around this beautiful world.

20. Reconnect With an Old Friend

Reconnect With an Old FriendLife can get busy and it’s so easy to let your friendships fall by the wayside. Why not contact one of your old friends and catch up, whether you simply chat online, give them a call, or arrange to meet up. Not only will you make the friend feel special, but it’ll give you a happy feeling as you discuss the old days and all the memories and people you both knew.

21. Send a Letter to Your Best Friend

We tend to assume that the people we love, or our friends know how we feel about them. But sadly, that’s not always the case, so why not correct that and write a letter to your bestie. You could buy a nice card, make a card yourself or get some lovely stationary to make them feel special. Think about what you want to let them know, how have they impacted your life, what are their best qualities and your greatest memories together. The most important thing is expressing gratitude about the fact they’re in your life. How you give your friend the letter is down to you, whether you post it as a surprise or hand it to them yourself. We love this act of kindness, because it’s so simple and yet you will bring so much joy to someone who means the world to you.

If you’re looking for more things to do with your best friend, then check out our Best Friend Bucket List.

22. Babysit for Free

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is time away from their life and a bit of peace. If you have friends or family who have children, then why not offer to babysit their kids as your random act of kindness. We are sure they’ll jump on the offer, and it’s a great way to check on your loved ones who may be feeling a little overwhelmed.

23. Put a Nice Comment on Social Media

As much as we love social media, sometimes it can be a hateful place with lots of nasty comments. But we can counterbalance that by being kind when we comment. Why not set yourself a target of making one nice comment on a social media site each day. This could be on a friend’s post, or someone you follow. We know that your comment will mean the world to that person.

24. Let Someone into Your Lane

For most of us driving is stressful, so why not help your fellow drivers and make it easier for them to get into your lane. It costs you nothing and it’ll certainly make someone’s day, because we never know what another person is going through.

25. Share a Positive Social Media Post

We’ve mentioned above about putting on positive comments, but what about posting your own motivational posts on your social media. There’s enough negativity in the world and a lot of that is shared on places such as Facebook, so let’s change it and add more positive news, videos, and images. There are plenty of inspirational memes available, or you could share old pictures of friends to cheer them up.

26. Buy Your Green Fingered Friends a New Plant

Buy Your Green Fingered Friends a New PlantPlants are a beautiful addition to any home or garden, but not all of us are green fingered. If you’re anything like us then your home will be filled with fake plants, but you may have a green fingered friend who deserves a treat. Why not buy them a new plant baby to add to their collection and place it in a beautiful pot so it reminds them of you. Or you could get them something for their garden, which blooms every year.

27. Take a Moment to Really Listen to Someone

Most of us meet with our friends and go through the usual chit chat about personal lives and work. It’s easy to get swept up in the atmosphere of the place you’re in and quickly lose attention or check your phone to make sure the kids are ok. But have you ever really sat down and fully listened to the other person, taking in what they’ve said before you respond. It doesn’t have to be friends, it could be family, work colleagues or a stranger you’ve just met. The fact you’re so intentional with your response will mean the world to them.

28. Put Your Phone Away When You’re with Family and Friends

Connecting a little with the random act above; if you’re really going to listen to someone then you need to remove any distractions. It’s important to remain present for those around you, especially if its friends or family. Most of the time we’re simply looking at our newsfeed anyway which can always wait.

29. Donate Items to an Animal Shelter

Sadly, there are too many animal shelters around, and most are self-funded, so they are always grateful for any donations. Whether you’re getting rid of old towels or blankets, or you buy some extra pet food, we’re sure that anything will be welcomed. You may even get a cuddle or two with some of the dogs and cats, when you drop off the donation.

30. Help Someone Put Shopping in Their Car

If you see someone struggling with bags, then why not offer to give them a hand and carry groceries to their car. They’ll be incredibly grateful for such a simple gesture, and you’ll spend the rest of the day feeling good about yourself.

31. Donate a Book to Your Local Library

Donate a Book to Your Local Library

You may have a raft of books in your home that you won’t read again, so instead of the usual charity shop drop off, why don’t you see if your local library will take them. Also, if there’s a book which you feel is outstanding and you want to share with others, then why not buy a copy and gift it to a library. There are so many incredible lifestyle books out there whether its diet, wellness, or motivational gurus and these could all impact someone’s life because of your generosity. If you don’t think that’s for you, then what about giving a copy of your favourite books to someone you love like your best friend.

32. Pay for Someone Else’s Meal at a Restaurant

There are two ways you can do this, the first is picking up the tab for your friend/s when you go out together. Not only will you enjoy being with them, but you’ll also feel that rush of dopamine knowing you’ve been kind to those you love.

The other option is to pay for someone’s meal who you don’t know. This is a true act of kindness, and it will not only impact that person when you do it, but they’ll probably remember it for a long time after. Most of us have no idea what is going on in another person’s world, so a simple gesture can mean a lot. Maybe you spot a harassed mum, or someone celebrating their birthday with a friend. Your kindness will make their day much more special, and it’ll bring you a good feeling too.

33. Make Someone Laugh

One thing we know for certain, is that laughter is truly the best medicine and that spending time with people you care about can make the darkest days much lighter. If you know of someone struggling or having a particularly bad day, then why not tell them a joke, show them something funny on social media, or remind them of an old story which will make them smile.

34. Make and Send a Handmade Card

Getting a card for a special occasion is a wonderful feeling, because you feel so loved by the person who has sent it. If you want to make it even more special then instead of buying a premade card, why not create one yourself? There are lots of card making kits in hobby shops and you can make it extra special by adding personal touches such as inside jokes and a personalised message.

35. Share Your Umbrella with Someone

Share Your Umbrella with SomeoneIt’s such a simple gesture and yet it will mean so much to the person you’re with and builds a connection of mutual respect. You could also bring a spare umbrella and leave it in the car or the office, so if it’s raining outside then you could offer it to a friend or work colleague.

36. Drop Off a Care Kit to a Donation Centre or Homeless Shelter

There are lots of charities out there who care for people in need, whether it’s women’s or homeless shelters, or even children’s services. The items you’d place in the package will depend on the charity, and they normally offer a recommended list. But they tend to include toiletries and hygiene products.

37. Make a Self-Care Package for Someone you Know

We’ve actually had this item done for us during a tough time and it meant the world to us. We had sweeties, candles, a facemask, and some wine in a nice bag given to us. It’s the fact that someone cared so much about us to not only spend their money, but also take the time to put the gift together. If you know of someone going through a hard time, whether its illness, grief or maybe relationship problems, then why not make them a little self-care package and personalise it with things they like.

38. Buy a Round of Drinks for the Bar

Again, this can be done in a couple of ways, the first is simply to buy a round for the people you’re with. The key to this being special is that there’s no return expected, you’ve bought a round simply out of kindness.

If you’re open to the random act of kindness being bigger, then what about buying a round for the whole bar. This will obviously depend on your cash flow and the number of people in the venue. Just imagine the joy you’ll bring to so many people.

39. Do a Chore or Task Which Your Partner Hates Doing

Most of the time in a relationship, we divvy up the daily or weekly chores to make it a fair split and that will mean that you and your partner will end up with something you don’t like doing. It could be changing the beds, cleaning the oven, the ironing or taking the car to get a service. If your other half has something they always moan about, then why not on one occasion do it for them. It’s a lovely way to say I love you and who knows they may on occasion return the favour.

40. Look Through Cupboards and Donate to Your Local Food Bank

Look Through Cupboards and Donate to Your Local Food BankThere are many food banks all over the place, and they are always looking for more donations. We will always pick up a few extra items when we’re shopping and place them in the food bank section. But you could also take a look through your cupboards and give away any extra nonperishable items you won’t use. Most of the time we tend to buy extra items we never end up using, so rather than them going to waste, give them to someone in need.

41. Return a Stray Trolley at the Supermarket

Sometimes we spot trolleys which are just left around the car park and blocking spaces which other cars could park in. rather than waiting for an employee of the supermarket to collect the trolley, why don’t you grab it and place it where it should go.

42. Bring Extras on a Day Out

If you’re hanging out with friends or family, whether you’re going on a trip, day out or even travelling for work, why not bring some extras for your companions. This could be spare snacks and drinks or even travel extras such as toothpaste, shampoo, or soap. We know the people you’re with will appreciate it, especially as they won’t have expected it.

43. Spend Time with Your Grandparents or Parents

One of the greatest gifts we can give someone is time, this is especially important when we’re considering grandparents and parents. Life gets busy and the weeks can fly by quickly, so make sure you take some time out and spend it with those you love the most. We’re sure whatever you decide to do, your parents or grandparents will love it.

44. Help a Friend Try Something New

Having the confidence to try new things isn’t something everyone has, so why not support your friends to fulfil their dreams or goals. When you’re chatting with your mates, why not ask them what they’ve always wanted to try. It could be sky diving, going back into education or starting a hobby such as playing an instrument. As well as motivating them to start their goal, you could help them gather information on how to go about it. Of course, you could always do it with them, which is a true motivator.

45. Praise or Compliment a Colleague or Boss

Work can feel tiresome at times, especially when you’re under pressure on a daily basis. It’s amazing how a little praise or a simple compliment can make a huge difference. So why not let your boss or colleagues know what you think of them, by sending them an email or even leaving a note on their desk. You could tell them what they’ve done well or what you admire about them. It will mean the world to them and it’s such an easy thing to do.

Another option is telling your boss about the great work being done by one of your colleagues, so that the praise is a little more formal.

46. Knit or Sew Something for Charitable Causes

knitting for charityYou’d be surprised by the number of good causes who could use talented knitters and seamstresses. If you enjoy doing either, then why not search for local charities who could use the items you make. Whether it’s hats and scarves for the homeless, prenatal cardigans for babies, or even breast surgery recovery pillows. We have experience of a friend being given a pillow after a breast operation and she was so grateful for it. It looked simple to make, but it had a huge impact on her recovery.

47. Write and Hide a Love Note for Your Beloved

Sometimes it’s hard to say how you feel to your partners face, so why not write them a little note and hide it somewhere. You’ll probably find you’re able to tell them exactly how you feel about them in more detail, and it’ll be a great surprise for them to find. Even if it is a little love note in their packed lunch box, under their pillow or on the car seat as they head out to work. Letting your partner know how much they mean to you is one of the most beautiful acts of kindness we can do, so let’s spread a little love in the world.

48. Bring Your Partner Breakfast in Bed

If you want to take it to another level from writing your partner a love note, then what about bringing them breakfast in bed. If you know they’re not expected to be anywhere, then turn off their alarm and buy in some pastries, pancakes, and waffles, as well as a lovely, cooked breakfast. Of course, you must finish it off with tea or coffee, and why not buy a pretty serving tray just to make it extra special. We’re sure your other half will feel loved by this kind gesture and it’s a beautiful way to show how much you appreciate them.

49. Leave Money in a Vending Machine

If you’ve grabbed yourself a snack and you have a few spare pennies, then why not add a little more to the vending machine for the next person to enjoy. Although you probably won’t see who gets the surprise, you can walk away knowing that you’ll make someone else smile.

50. Donate Your Clothes

If you’re anything like us you’ll love to buy new clothes, but it’s amazing how quickly your wardrobe can become congested. There’s probably lots of items of clothing you no longer wear, so why not have a clear out and donate your clothes to charity. They should be clean and in decent condition, but the best part is that your clothes will have a new lease of life with someone else, and the charity will be raising money from the sale.

51. Talk to the Shy Person at a Party

The thought of going to a party or get together can be daunting for many people, especially the shy people in the room. If you spot someone struggling and hiding away, then why not take a moment and go over to chat with them. By taking just a few moments to make them feel comfortable, it may bring them out of their shell, and who knows you may make an awesome new friend.

52. Offer to Help Your Friend Pack or Unpack

Offer to Help Your Friend Pack or UnpackThis is something we’ve done many times, and we know it meant the world to our friends. Packing and unpacking normally connects to moving house, which is a huge change in someone’s life. But it could also mean packing for a trip, maybe because your friend is so busy with work or personal circumstances. If your situation specifically is about moving house, then make sure it’s a fun experience, turn on the tunes and add in a few favourite drinks and snacks as you pack or unpack.

53. Help a Friend Get Active

There are studies that say how well we do with diet and fitness, depends on who we surround ourselves with. So, a wonderful act of kindness is to support a friend to get fit, whether it’s emotional support, or actually getting involved and doing it with them.

54. Have a Conversation with Someone Who is Homeless

Whenever we pass someone who is homeless, our first instinct is to give them money. But have you ever considered stopping and having a conversation? Sadly, most homeless people are ignored as they sit there, so stopping and asking how they are would mean the world to them and it costs you nothing but time.

55. Share a Family Recipe with a Friend

One of the greatest ways we express love to each other is through our cooking, so why not share a favourite family recipe to your best friend. If they’re a foodie, then we know they’ll truly appreciate it and may share some of their family favourites. You could even have a cooking night and make the recipe, then sit down and enjoy the food together with a few drinks, plenty of chatting and laughter.


You may have already done a number of these random acts of kindness, if so, that’s great. But there’s no limit on how many you can do and how often. Did you know there is a random act of kindness day? It falls on the 17th February, but that doesn’t mean that you’re limited to showing care on this specific day. The more love and thoughtfulness we can put into the world every day, the happier it will be. What we love about this list is that many of the items are free, all they take is time, so even if money is a little tight you can still show how big your heart is to those around you.

One suggestion as to how you can think about being kind more often, is setting your alarm for two or three points in the day. Then when the alarm goes off you can think about doing something kind for the people around you.

If you choose one from the list, then please keep us updated on how it’s going on our Instagram page. We love to see what our readers are doing on their bucket lists and how they are leading fulfilling, exciting and challenging lives.