Hobbies Bucket List – Interesting and Fun Hobbies to Try

Hobbies Bucket List – Interesting and Fun Hobbies to TryAs we sat to write this, we considered why people have hobbies, is it to evade boredom, to de-stress or is it a form of self-expression and creativity? For many the pleasure of a hobby takes them away from their busy work and social pressures and provides an enrichment of life.

Now you may be sat there reading this and wondering whether you should start a hobby or add it to your bucket list. If you want our advice, then yes you should! We have begun a few new hobbies in the last few years including playing the ukelele and learning Spanish. They have added a joy to our life that we never expected, even though on occasion we can get frustrated. The happiness when you improve is a wonderful experience.

This is why we are bringing you our hobbies bucket list because we’re hoping to inspire you to take up a passion of your own. There are thousands of hobbies, so we’re drilling it down to the more popular options. It may not be something you can do immediately, but if it’s on your list then you’ll constantly be reminded of it. Although some may require saving money and being social, there are many that are relatively cheap and can be done at home.

So, have a look through and see if there are any which pique your interest, because what is the point of living the bucket list life if we’re not having fun?


Our Ultimate List of Hobbies Which are Fun for All

1. Travel

Travel hobbies bucket listSo, we’ll start off with our favourite, which obviously has to revolve around travel. You may not see this as a hobby, but for many people it is, and they enjoy collecting countries or places they’ve ticked off on the map. It doesn’t have to be abroad because you can always travel extensively throughout your own country. Travel is the perfect way to open up your awareness of the world, as you experience different cultures. We find ourselves getting engrossed into the area we’re visiting and discovering about their traditions, societal experiences, languages and even politics. The fact that you’re educating yourself as you travel creates a new depth to you personally, which we didn’t expect. You may even find that you make new friends along the way, which we love.

2. Baking

We know of many friends who enjoy baking as their hobby, because they find it quite cathartic. It’s a great way to forget about life, whilst making something with your hands. But the best part of this option is you get to eat delicious cakes, pastries, and cookies. Now we will prewarn you, if you’re looking at losing weight then this may not be the best hobby to start. Although, you can always gift your beautiful creations to friends and family or even work colleagues. Depending on what you’re making, this is a pretty cheap hobby, and it isn’t too complicated. There are thousands are recipes online so you can experiment and try different flavours or opt for harder instructions as you get more proficient at it.

3. Learning a New Language

As we mentioned within the introduction to this guide, we began learning a language a few years ago. We chose Spanish as its reportedly the easier option and have used the Duolingo app. What language you want to learn is a personal choice, it could be based on ease, a country you love to visit or simply one you fancy trying. The best part is that the introduction of apps such as Duolingo and Babbel has made it a whole lot easier and it’s completely free. We have taken an annual subscription out for Duolingo which is currently less than eighty pounds a year, but again that’s a personal choice as we know friends who use the app and haven’t.

The great thing about this method of learning is that it feels like a game, and you can connect with your friends and compete or cheer, each other on. We’ve loved heading to a Spanish speaking country and recognising words or having a go at a few sentences and astonishing the locals. It’s a pleasurable hobby to have and it brings a new depth to your travels.

4. Play a Musical Instrument

Probably the most popular hobby is learning to play a musical instrument. How far you go with this is down to how much time and money you have. It is incredibly thrilling when you can pick up an instrument and play a song that you recognise. As we mentioned above, we began learning to play the ukelele not that long ago, but we’ve found it an amazing hobby to have. Predominantly we have used YouTube videos and then backed that up with questions on Facebook groups. We did find a local Ukelele group and attend a few classes but that didn’t really work for us. It’s incredibly individual so just work out what you prefer and have the money for. You could even look at one to one tutorials which would be the better option, but this can get costly over time.

As to what instrument you will pick is up to you, it could be a ukelele like us, or a guitar, keyboard, violin, drums, or something a little smaller like a harmonica. If you find you’re doing well with one, then you can always begin learning another. We currently have a banjo and guitar in the house and we’re eager to begin playing them.

This kind of hobby can be quite absorbing if you want it to be, but for those of you thinking ‘I’m too busy to learn an instrument’ then a mere 20 minutes a day will suffice. It’s pretty much what we do, and we’ve learnt a number of chords and songs on the uke.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a ukelele but have no idea which to buy, then click here for the one we bought. It’s a beginner adult uke from Aklot and has everything you need, including the tuner and picks.

5. Reading

reading as a hobbyFor many, reading isn’t seen as a hobby because it’s something they do on a daily basis, but if that isn’t you, then why not consider adding this to your list. Becoming engrossed in a novel is one of the greater pleasures in life, because you feel like you’re transported into the story and know the characters. There are so many options for the types of books you can read including romance, adventure, crime, auto biographies and self-help or lifestyle. The great part of reading is that you can do it anywhere, whether it’s in your break at work, commuting home or snuggled in bed.

Buying books isn’t the chore it used to be, because you can access them much cheaper on e-readers. If you prefer paper then there are lots of online stores who offer incredible prices, especially if you’re willing to pick second handbooks. Of course, you can always head to your local library and take advantage of this incredible facility at no cost. We’re huge fans of self-help books and have bought from a variety of second-hand stores online, including Vinted. If you fancy that bookstore, feel then check out your local shop and support them by purchasing in person.

6. Get a Pet

Again, some people don’t always believe that this is a hobby. But if you’re passionate about something that takes up your time and it becomes a pleasure, then we’d consider it one. There are many health benefits to owning a pet, including physical such as better immunity, and decreased blood pressure. Then add in mental health as they can help reduce loneliness and depression. Before you make the decision to get a pet, you need to be aware that they are a responsibility and can impose some restrictions on your life; for example, if you like to travel. The most obvious pet choice is either a dog or a cat, with many people having one or both. You’ll have the obvious costs for food, health insurance, training if required and toys or additional supplies. It can all add up, so this type of hobby has to be something you go into with your eyes wide open. Our advice is to check out local shelters and spend some time with your pet of choice, then work out if this is something you want to commit to. Even smaller pets such as hamsters and fish require a lot of work, but if it’s your hobby then sometimes work can be pleasurable. The best part of owning a pet is the pure love you feel for them and the joy of adding them to your family.

7. Cooking

We have mentioned baking above, but cooking is also a great option if you have a love of food. Alike baking the number of recipes you can attempt feels endless, whether you buy a cookbook or look online. You can try various cuisines such as Indian or African options, and your practical skills will only improve the more you cook. Then you have to decide whether your skills are for you and your family only, or you should invite friends over and have a dinner party and wow them.

The great part of cooking is it’s a great way of forgetting about the stresses of life, so you can focus on creating something beautiful to enjoy. It also doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby, depending on what you are making.

8. Gardening

Having the beauty of nature at your fingertips is the ideal way to decompress from life’s stresses. Gardening could be anything from a small patio, a herb garden, your back garden or a vegetable patch. Yes, it can be physically taxing, but that is part of the enjoyment because you’re getting fit and creating something beautiful. Watching flowers, fruits, or vegetables grow and transform is exciting. Not only does tending a garden improve your living space, but it’s also good for the planet and local wildlife.

Our advice if you’re a complete beginner is to start off small with a few pots and then build it from there. You’ll soon discover if you’re green fingered and enjoy the whole gardening experience. But also, that will be a cheaper way to begin, because plants can get expensive when you’re buying a lot. So, the best way to do it is to work up slowly and read about the plants or seeds that you’ve bought.

9. Knitting

What used to be seen as a hobby for older ladies, has now become quite a trendy option for youngsters. It would make sense because knitting can be incredibly soothing, it’s easy to learn and starting doesn’t require a lot financially. You can buy knitters beginning kits from places such as Amazon or head to a hobby shop and treat yourself. As you can imagine there are lots of videos on YouTube to show you the basics and help develop your skills. You’ll soon know the difference between a cable stitch, a garter stitch, and a rib stitch, as you’re sat catching up on a TV series you like. Why not bring a friend into it and you can knit together as you chat and help each other improve those skills.

10. Painting

painting hobbyThe depths of how far you want to go with this will be individual, but what we would say is it isn’t about being the next Picasso. Starting a hobby such as painting is all about the relaxation of the moment as the brush hits the canvas, and the exhilaration of creating something personal with your own hands. Painting can create a feeling of meditative relaxation and be a form of expression for the artist. Alike many of the other examples we have already mentioned, this hobby doesn’t need to be expensive. There are beginner’s kits available online, or you can treat yourself and pay for quality brushes and paints. In all honesty we tend to begin with cheap kits and then buy more expensive if we continue with the hobby. You will find there are probably art classes in your local area, but again you don’t have to if you don’t want to. It can be a personal venture which you keep to yourself and simply enjoy the practice of painting.

11. Photography

The standard of cameras has improved significantly over the last decade, especially on our mobile phones. So, whether you have or you’re considering buying a DSLR camera, or you simply want to use the one on your mobile, you can begin a photography hobby whenever you like.

There are plenty of sites online and YouTube videos offering free guidance and tips to newbies. But you could always book into a photography class, so you can improve your knowledge for a specific camera and meet others with similar interests. When it comes to editing your pictures there may be a little cost for the software needed, but it is worth the price because they do enhance your images to another level. The best part of photography is you will be capturing so many beautiful memories forever.

12. Running

Since the introduction of Parkrun, the number of people taking up running for fun has grown substantially. Not only is going for a run the ideal way to get fit, but it’s also a stress reliever and a great way to get into nature. This is the kind of hobby which costs very little, simply grab your trainers, step outside and off you go. Of course, you’re going to have the usual beginners struggle, but over time you will find your endurance will improve and at that point you may want to join a runner’s group or sign up for a race. There are so many to choose from whether it’s something as simple as Parkrun, a 5k, 10k or color run, but if you’re ready for the challenge then why not attempt a marathon or Ironman?

13. Cake Decorating

We have explored baking and cooking, but thought we’d have a separate section for cake decorating because it is a very separate skill set. Having tried this many years ago, we have to admit our creative skills fell a little flat, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be a cake connoisseur. You will have the baking element thrown in, but cake decorating is so much more because it truly is an art form. To start you’ll need ingredients and possibly tools, which can make this hobby a little more expensive. But once you’ve bought all these bits, then you will be using most of them over and over again.

Learning the basics will be both fun and incredibly tasty because you’ll be looking at spatula icing, piping, fondant work, hand painting, sugar work and even air brushing. As with all the other hobbies there are plenty of books available and online tutorials, or you can buy the decorating magazines which normally provide free tools for beginners. This one does require quite a bit of patience because it can be so intricate, which we sadly didn’t possess.

14. Collecting (Stamps, Comic Books etc)

One of the more popular hobbies tends to be collecting items such as coins, stamps or even teddy bears. This could literally be anything you enjoy, and it doesn’t need to be expensive. We like to collect post cards from all the places we have travelled to, and we keep them in a photo album. Some collections can end up being quite valuable, especially if it’s rare. But we’d recommend beginning a collection because you enjoy looking at whatever it is and not purely for the value.

15. Camping

camping as a hobby bucket listAlthough this one may not be considered a hobby, it can actually be an activity which many people really enjoy. We have seen friends create whole outdoor spaces when they camp and we’ve been in awe of the collection of equipment they have. The great part of camping is that you can head off to new places, rather than returning to the same campsite or spot. It can also be relatively cheap, if you’re not wanting to go too in depth and the basic tent and sleeping bag will suffice. Camping can be linked to other hobbies such as hiking and fishing, but for many it is the ideal time to unwind from life’s stresses and appreciate nature and the outdoors.

16. Drawing

No matter your skill level, drawing is an incredible way to reduce stress and relax. It’s a relatively cheap hobby because essentially all you need is paper and a pencil, and you can do it anywhere; just keep a notepad in your bag. If you find a passion in drawing landscapes or scenery, then you can always take it to another level and discover local classes to enhance your technique. But you can also find lots of YouTube videos with artists sharing their skills for free. If you find you’re a natural, then who knows where your new hobby can take you, maybe even enter some drawing competitions.

17. Colouring

Because we’ve mentioned drawing, we may as well look at colouring too. This is a hobby we currently enjoy and although you may think that colouring is for children, it will surprise you to know that there are some incredible colouring books out there with intricate designs for adults. What we love about colouring is you’re not looking at a screen, and as you colour your mind will wander and relax. We have designs inspired from Alice in Wonderland and the Harry Potter movies, but you’ll find all sorts out there, with many specifically created to bring a feeling of zen. If you find you’re enjoying drawing, then you could design your own colouring books. From our experience, buy a wide range of coloured pencils so you have a little more choice in your designs.

18. Cycling/Biking

Cycling is such a freeing hobby, especially when you watch the beauty of nature whizzing by. You have the calming influence of your surroundings, combined with the endorphins produced by peddling. No wonder it has become increasingly popular as a method of fitness. If you don’t already have a bike then you will have an initial cost which can be expensive, but after that all you need to spend is your time. Don’t forget the safety helmet, especially if you go near any roads. There are plenty of cycling clubs around so that people can combine the social element, but it’s pleasurable enough on your own.

19. Hiking

Another hobby which gives you the opportunity to get outdoors, breathe in the fresh air and get those endorphins pumping. Hiking is becoming increasingly popular and has spawned lots of apps showing you where your local walking areas are. We’re big fans of AllTrails, but there are plenty of others to choose from. You can pick easier flat routes and take it slow in the beginning, but as your stamina builds you will find plenty of difficulty levels near where you live. We began hiking in our trainers, but we would recommend buying a pair of hiking boots as they will provide more support in your foot and ankle. You can find them relatively cheap on Amazon but try a pair with ankle support and one without. We found the higher the boot on the ankle, the more uncomfortable it was as we walked.

20. Calligraphy

This was a hobby we started but sadly didn’t carry on, although we’re definitely going to retry. Calligraphy can be defined as word art, because you use the pen in a way which creates beautiful lettering. If you want to improve your handwriting in general, then this is the perfect hobby to have. But what you may not realise is that this is actually an ancient art and can be seen in many historical texts and papers. We started with the Dummies Guide to Calligraphy, but we think it was the size of the book which was off putting. Our recommendation would be to look at ordering some faux calligraphy and starting simply with a normal ballpoint pen, before moving onto anything fancy.

21. Swimming

swimming hobbyBeing around water has such a healing power and can help release any tensions and stress you may have. So why not swim for your hobby and give yourself a mental and physical boost. You can always simply head to your local swimming pool, but why not look into river, lake or ocean swimming. There are tremendous benefits to open water swimming, but make sure you do your research. Alike many of the other options, this one isn’t hugely expensive once you’ve bought your swimsuit, goggles etc. We love it when a hobby is a combination of passion, fitness, and stress relief.

22. Cross-Stitching

This is a hobby we have considered starting because it’s perfect whilst you’re sat in front of the TV. Cross stich is a type of sewing or embroidery which uses an X-shaped stitch to form a picture. We have friends who are quite skilled at cross stitch and they create wonderful pieces of art and tapestries. If you fancy trying it, then our advice is to start small and buy yourself a beginners kit which should provide you with the thread and needles. There are cross stitch magazines, and they sometimes include the kit for free, so that maybe an option or head to a hobby shop and ask someone for help.

23. Eating Out

Ok, we all eat out, so how exactly can that be defined as a hobby we hear you ask. Remember that a hobby is something you’re passionate about, which could include dining out. What may distinguish this from normal dining experiences, is that you may want to sample different restaurants and cuisines. It could be that you will collect Michelin star restaurants as your hobby.

24. Writing

As you can imagine we enjoy writing in all formats, whether it’s a personal journal, attempting to write a screen play or fulfilling a dream and creating a novel. Each provides a way to capture your thoughts on paper in a manner which brings you joy. You could even set up a website and begin to blog about something you’re passionate about, a little like we do on Make a Bucket List. The most important part of this is that you enjoy it and feel as though you’ve created something beautiful and authentic. We journal because we find that it helps us make sense of our feelings as we write. It’s a great idea if you’re stressed and struggling to sleep because of the thoughts whirling around your head.

25. Yoga

doing yoga as a bucket list hobbyAlthough it may not seem as active as other forms of exercise, we can promise you that Yoga requires a whole new level of stamina. The reason for yoga’s popularity is because it improves strength, balance, and flexibility, whilst providing time for your mind to unwind and destress. If you fancy trying it, but feel a little intimidated then why not practise at first using YouTube videos. We would always recommend a yoga class though because the experience itself is meditative and the teacher will focus on your form to reduce the risk of injury.

26. Board Games

Most people think of board games as being for kids, but in reality, they’re fun for all ages. They’re a great hobby to share with friends and family, and you can build up a little collection over time. Typically, most games aren’t too expensive, and our favourite ones are Cluedo, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Game of Life. You then of course have role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons or more adult games such as Cards Against Humanity. Although it’s fun to win, the enjoyment of playing boardgames is the time you share together and the memories that will be created.

27. Card Games

We may as well continue with the gaming theme, but this time focus on cards instead of boards. There are lots of great card games around such as gin rummy, poker, and solitaire, but we have a family favourite called 51. I’m not going to lie, this game has led to some arguments, but we’ve also spent a lot of quality time together chatting as we play and not just sitting watching TV. There is a lot of skill to playing cards and you may need to do a little research before you begin, but the best part of this hobby is it’s really inexpensive and you can play at home, at your friend’s house or on holiday.

28. Dancing

You may be starting to gather that we have tried a lot of hobbies and not all of them have lasted. Dancing is definitely one of them, because we tried both salsa and ball room dancing and yet we still have two left feet. If you want to try dancing then start off by establishing what this means, do you want something more classical like ball room or modern such as street dance. Yes, you can take classes, in fact most cities and towns will have them nearby. But if you’re a little shy and want to start small, why not follow some choreography online. There are plenty of YouTube videos which you can try or what about attempting one of the TikTok dances and loading it up. The key aspect to this is that you’re having fun and you can do it on your own or with family and friends.

29. Jigsaw Puzzles

Another hobby that most people associate with kids, but actually there are plenty of adult jigsaws around. We’re big fans of Wasgij, which is a jigsaw where you’re given the image and you have to work out what the view is. If this is a little hard then start smaller with a 500-piece puzzle and work up to the 1,000 piece. We’d tell you that jigsaws are a relaxing hobby, but that isn’t always the case, because sometimes they can be frustrating. But once they start fitting into place it is incredibly thrilling, especially when you see that final one slot in. You’d probably be surprised by how many people enjoy jigsaws as a hobby, but it’s great fun on your own or with a friend.

If you want further tips and tricks on how to do a large jigsaw puzzle then check out our handy guide.

30. Home Improvement

Although we can’t deny that this hobby can be hard work, the end result will always bring you a sense of happiness. Everyone loves home renovation programmes and wishes their house looked as good. So why not take it up as a hobby and learn some new skills along the way such as plumbing or wall papering. This one can be expensive depending on how big the job is, just think bathroom. But you’ll not only have pride in yourself, you’ll also be creating an amazing space to live in.

31. Flower Arranging

flower arranging hobbyYou can either take up this hobby to create beautiful flower displays for your home, or amazing bouquets for friends and family. There are lots of great tips online for the artistry of floral design, but if you want to take it to another level then why not sign up for a class. In reality there is a lot more to flower arranging then sticking them in a vase and once you learn the techniques you can wow everyone with your arrangements. It can get expensive if you’re going all in, but if you simply want to try it out, then you could always buy a few bunches of flowers from the supermarket and attempt to create something at home.

32. Golfing

We won’t pretend we know a lot about Golfing, but what we do know is that it’s a hugely popular hobby. For those who play, it provides them with the opportunity to exercise, whilst enjoying the fresh air and socialising with friends. Although it may seem difficult at first, the best way to improve your golfing skills is with practice. But as a hobby this can take up quite a bit of time, with an average golf game being 4 plus hours. Then you have the equipment needed to play golf, such as the clubs, tees, gloves, and shoes. It may be worthwhile in the beginning either borrowing some clubs or hiring them, until you know you’re enjoying playing. On top of the equipment, you’ll have the costs of playing on the golf course, which will either be per game or membership. If you know someone who plays, then the best way to start is by going with them and giving it a go.

33. Chess

Although we have mentioned board games, we felt like chess should have its own section. This game of skill only requires two players and is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. You’ll probably be surprised to know that the origins of chess can be dated back to the 15th century, so there is a lot of history to the game. You can either just play and enjoy it, or you can enhance your skills and research chess strategies. Starting your chess hobby is easy, all you need is a board and a friend. Most sets aren’t massively expensive, but you can spend a little more and treat yourself to a quality board, or one which is themed such as Lord of the Rings pieces. The length of time it takes to play a game of chess can vary depending on your skill set and that of your opponents, so it can be over pretty quickly or take hours. What we love about hobbies such as these is that you have the opportunity to chat as you play and enjoy quality time with your friend or family member.

34. Crossword Puzzles

Crosswords are renowned for helping neuroplasticity and improving memory, so they’re a great hobby to begin. Most newspapers and magazines will offer some form of crossword, although you can purchase specific magazines which will be filled with them. What we love about crosswords is the thrill of discovering a new word and that feeling of finishing the puzzle.

35. Martial Arts

Martial Arts became increasingly popular during the 60’s and 70’s, with the introduction of Bruce Lee films. Although initially most formats of martial arts are seen as forms of attack, predominantly they are classed as defence and a discipline of the mind and body. The more common martial arts tend to be Karate, Judo, Kickboxing, Taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu. If this is the kind of hobby you fancy trying, then we would recommend that you attend a class rather than watching videos on YouTube. There’s a whole traditional element to martial arts, which you will discover in the class. But also, you can get assistance from your teacher to ensure your form is correct as you get fit.

36. Meditation

meditation hobbyThis is the cheapest of all the hobbies because all you need to spend is some of your time to sit and relax. Meditation is said to date back as early as 5,000 BCE and is a practice which focuses on mindfulness, awareness, and attention training. We spend 10 minutes a day meditating and have found that it has helped slow thoughts down, so we can hold our attention for longer. It’s not always easy and requires some patience, especially in the beginning. Now you can go to meditation classes which will provide you with tips and assistance on what to do. We started off with guided meditation on apps such as Spotify because the voice helps you focus more at the beginning. As you progress you can listen to meditation music and focus on your own. Mediation doesn’t require you to sit cross legged either, you can lie down or sit down on a chair, the priority is you feel comfortable. The one big tip we would give a newbie is if you find thoughts are creeping in and you’re batting them away, then you’re doing it right and it will get easier.

We’ve written a Beginners Guide to Meditation for those of you looking for practical tools and tips on how to get started.

37. Ice Skating

This is a great physical activity for those of you who don’t mind the cold. It’s quite low impact, as long as you don’t fall and can be done all year round. During the winter there are lots of outdoor ice rinks to make it a little more special. Gliding on the ice is a huge amount of fun and if you practice enough, you can attempt some tricks and spins. Most rinks have skates for hire so you don’t need to purchase your own, but if you find yourself ice skating regularly then you may wish to invest in your own pair of boots.

38. Exercise – Weights/Cardio/Body Building

If you’re looking for a hobby which has the all over package of physical health, wellness, and a feeling of achievement, then what about exercise? Many of the other hobbies we have already mentioned could be included such as running and cycling, but you have weight training, high-intensity interval training and even body building. You will find a myriad of online tutors offering free advice on where to begin, tips for improving your technique and the best exercises for different parts of the body. The expense may begin if you have to purchase equipment, but there’s plenty of exercises you can do using your own body weight. You’ll enjoy the rush of endorphins and the thrill of seeing your body transform and strengthen. If you want to go hard core then look at body building, although this requires strict adherence to an exercise routine and meal plan.

39. Kayaking

This is a great outdoor hobby for those of you looking for something physically active. You can either kayak slowly down the water and take in the natural beauty, or you can pick a faster flowing river to add a little more excitement. Kayaking or canoeing is a great core activity, and you’ll find there are lots of water sport centres where you can hire the equipment needed.

40. Fishing

Because we’re exploring water sports we may as well mention one of the most popular hobbies out there. Many people enjoy fishing for the peace and tranquillity that it brings. It tends to be an early morning activity, so it’s just you, the water and the quiet, with hopefully the odd fish thrown in. You will find dedicated fishing areas around, so it may be better doing your research and you’ll need some equipment to start such as the rod.

41. Juggling

juggling hobbyJuggling is perfect if you’re looking for something to do with your hands. What many people like about it is the fact that you become absorbed in the practice of juggling, so it takes your mind off everything else in your life. You will find that it helps focus and concentration, but also co-ordination and it reduces stress levels. Of course, we cannot promise you it’s going to be easy, because it will take a lot of practice to build up the number of balls you will use. But surely that’s the thrill of a hobby such as this, you initially have the frustration which then leads to the excitement once you succeed.

You’ll find plenty of beginners juggling sets online and for quite a low price. When it comes to tips then the best place to head is YouTube, because they will have experts offering guidance on how to begin and develop your practice.

42. Mixology – Making Cocktails

Mixology is basically the technical term for the art of preparing and making drinks or cocktails. Think of Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail and you’ll have a general idea of what a mixologist is. Now you don’t have to be able to throw bottles in the air to begin mixology as a hobby. The key to this one is practicing creating your concoction and playing around with ingredients. To start it’s probably best to buy yourself a book or download some online recipes. Then you can purchase the ingredients in bits to make it a little cheaper. Once you perfect your Pina Colada or Cosmopolitan, then you can play around and create something of your own to wow friends and family.

Another option to begin this hobby is taking a cocktail making class, which you will find available in most bars and restaurants. It’s a great night out with friends and tends to be a set price for making four cocktails. Of course, you’ll have support from a mixologist, the ingredients for the cocktails, and then you’ll enjoy drinking them afterwards.

43. Bowling

Most people will go bowling on occasion as a day or night out with the family, but if you enjoy it why not consider it as a more long-term hobby. You can join a bowling league or create one of your own and play regularly with a group of friends. Or you can practice improving your score and research techniques online. The main cost to bowling as a hobby will be the use of a lane in the bowling alley, but you can buy your own bowling ball if you want to improve your technique and eliminate any possible variables.

44. Flower Pressing

Another hobby we have done at one stage of our life, and a great way to create something beautiful. Pressing flowers is ideal for those of you who love creating gifts or cards for loved ones. You can choose flowers from a bouquet or pick some in the wild and put them into a special press or even a book. This is a great idea for wedding bouquets, where pressed flowers can be added to the thank you cards or the wedding album. As they dry you will see intricate details come through on the flower’s petals. The best part is that this is another cheap hobby to begin, especially if you press the flowers with a book.

45. Jewellery Making

Jewellery is quite a popular gift for people to give and receive, so why not personalise it and make your own. Alike many of the other hobbies, you can find beginners kits and expand as your knowledge grows. The best part is you can let your creative juices flow and make something truly individual and then wear it with pride. The only negative about jewellery making is that you may find beads all over your home or hear them get sucked up in the hoover. But it’s a small price to pay for a hobby which can help you relax and focus on making something beautiful.

46. Magic

Magic is a great hobby for those of you who like a little variety, because you can learn card tricks, coin tricks or more traditional magic such as a flower bouquet from your sleeve. Practice makes perfect, but you can find plenty of tips online, or treat yourself to a beginner’s magic kit. Then when you’ve mastered the art of illusion, you can show off your talents to family and friends, wowing them with your genius.

47. Wine Tasting

wine tasting - bucket list hobbiesIf you fancy yourself a wine connoisseur, then why not enjoy wine tasting as a hobby. There are a few ways you can do this, firstly you can sample a variety of wines when you’re out. You can buy new options and taste them at home or when you’re entertaining friends. Or you could book into wine tastings in a restaurant/bar or vineyard. If the vineyard idea sounds exciting then why not try a number of them, make it a mini road trip and stay somewhere nearby.

48. Soap Making

Another hobby which you can gift onto friends and family is soap making. This is a relatively easy process and of course you can buy beginners kits. If your interest expands then you can play around with essential oils, scents, and colours, even the shapes of your soaps with various moulds. The other benefit to making your own soap is that you know what they are made of. There are no hidden chemicals and synthetics, plus they tend to be more nourishing for your skin. Imagine how excited your friends and family will be to get their very own personalised soap as a present.

49. Sewing

Sewing is a great hobby, because as well as being easy to learn, it’s also incredibly practical. Not only can you make items such as teddy bears, purses, or pillows, but as your experience grows you could create and repair your own clothes. Imagine the pride of telling your friends that you made something you are wearing. Our advice though is to start small and look at beginner’s kits before you jump in and buy a sewing machine. It’s best to grasp the various stitches first and try to make something small, then expand from there. As you can imagine there’s lot of videos online to help you hone those sewing skills.

50. Scrapbooking

This isn’t something we’ve done personally, but it’s a great option for us bucket listers out there. Scrapbooking is a method of preserving, presenting, and displaying memories and souvenirs in a format of choice, whether it’s in a book, box, or card. Items within the book could be anything from photographs, tickets, artwork, printed media or personal notes. What makes this a creative activity is due to the fact that the books are normally elaborately decorated in an artful way. You can then store them safely and look through them to remind yourself of the amazing things you’ve done or show them to others.

51. Building Model Kits – Planes, Cars, Trains etc

Now we have to admit this isn’t a hobby we have even considered, mainly because we have very little patience. Building a car, plane or other structure from a flat pack or bits, is a huge achievement, but there are many other benefits including improvement of cognitive skills, problem solving and dexterity. Most of the kits have everything you need within them, but you can always pick up extra glue etc from your local hobby shop. The great part of model making is you have a beautiful ornament afterwards to show off to friends and family, and you can build your collection as you go.

52. Singing

Yes, you probably sing in the shower, or belt out a tune as you’re driving around, but have you ever thought about taking singing more seriously. You can begin singing as a passion in a number of ways, each offering different kinds of commitment levels. If you want to hone those skills, you could pay for singing lessons and maybe enter competitions. For those of you wanting something a little easier than there are plenty of singing groups out there, whether it’s a church choir, acapella group or what about living out the fantasy of becoming the lead singer in a band. There are plenty of videos online showing you the techniques to not only improve your voice, but also protect your throat.

53. Video Gaming

video games hobbyThe world of video gaming has massively improved over the last couple of decades. We have been introduced to a raft of options and genres from action-adventure, to shooting games, sports, and puzzles to name a few. What you may not know is that gaming provides a raft of benefits, as well as being tons of fun. Although improving your memory, mood and social skills may not be at the forefront of your mind as you play, it’s great to know that you’re helping yourself cognitively.

54. Archery

This tends to be quite a popular one for the bucket list, with many people trying it as a one off. If you really enjoyed it, then why not keep going and improve your archery technique. There are many archery clubs around, with some requiring membership and others you simply pay as you use it. In most places you can hire the bow, or it comes with the price of playing. The thrill of archery is firstly being able to shoot an arrow using the bow, but then it’s the joy of hitting the mark. This will improve over time, and you may even be able to aim for the bullseye or move the mark further away. We knew of friends who loved long bow archery, but we’ll prewarn you now, you may end up with a lot of bruising on your arms.

55. Bird Watching

This is a great hobby for anyone who loves watching the birds in their garden. The great thing is, it can be done around your home, or you can visit parks and wetlands for more exotic varieties. All you need for birding is a set of binoculars and maybe a book on birds to verify which ones you have seen. If you really want to go to another level, then maybe even improve your photography skills and take pictures of the birds you’ve viewed. Bird watching is quite a simple yet beautiful hobby, which you can enjoy on your own or share with others. There are bird watching groups and meet ups if you want to add the social element in.

56. Candle Making

We love hobbies where you create something, especially if it can be gifted onto someone else. Candle making is a perfect example of this because you can make different shapes and fragrances. The three main components of making a candle are the wax, wick, and a container to place them in. You can of course add fragrances using essential oils which will scent the room as the candle melts. There are beginner candle making kits online or in hobby shops, and lots of guides on YouTube.

57. Skateboarding

It may surprise you, but skateboarding has been a pastime since the 1940’s and is an incredibly popular hobby for many. We’ve read that it is an easy to learn sport, though from our experience we found it difficult to master. To get started you only need a decent skateboard, but we would recommend you wear a helmet, knee, and elbow pads. Although you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks online, the key to learning to skateboard is practice, and whilst that can be frustrating it can also be exhilarating when you get it right. You’ll find most towns have skate parks or you can practice on your street or drive. Skateboarding is an incredible cardio and core exercise, which also improves your overall balance and burns off loads of calories without even trying.

58. Entertaining

The introduction of ‘Come Dine with me’ brought about a whole new type of hobby between friends. Many found they enjoyed entertaining others, by making it into a grand experience. If you fancy giving this a try, then why not think big. It can be in your home, garden, or another location such as a park. You can get creative with the invitation and menus, then decorate the table and eating area. What about adding a theme to the dinner party, or designing your own cocktail? There’s so much you can do and play around with; the list is truly endless.

59. Surfing

surfing hobbyThis can be a difficult hobby depending on where you live, but if you’re close to a beach then you will find lots of local surfing hire centres and tutors. This one is similar to skateboarding in that you’ll need plenty of practice. But it’s a fun hobby to have and an incredible workout for the entire body. It’s also a great way to meet other people with similar interests, especially if you join surfing clubs or classes.

60. White Water Rafting

This one is a little more of an extreme sport, but it’s a ton of fun and you’ll find lots of routes which are perfect for beginners. The popularity of white-water rafting is because of the adrenaline pumping feeling you experience as you crash through the rapids. Some drops can be as deep as 15 feet and it’s that sudden sensation in your stomach which provides the thrill, a little like a roller coaster. Another element is the fact that everyone in the raft is working together, making it more of a social hobby. Then add in the beauty of the nature around you and it’s the ideal outdoor activity. It’s always sensible to book in with someone who knows the route, you’ll find plenty of centres nearby which hire out the equipment.

61. Tennis

We’ve always been big tennis fans, both watching it and playing, so it makes sense to add this to our hobbies bucket list. In terms of getting started, all you need is a space to play, a tennis racket and balls. You can either hire a court at a local community centre or look for tennis tutors if you want to improve your skills. You’ll find there are tennis clubs so you can meet others with a similar interest, or play with a family member, friend, or your partner. This is another great workout hobby which targets different areas of your body and as such provides multiple benefits.

62. Pottery

There are at home beginners’ pottery kits, but in all honesty if you’re going to consider this as a hobby then we’d look at local pottery classes at an art studio. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but you can create some beautiful pieces of art which you can keep forever with pride. Also, it’s extremely messy fun which is something we’re always in favour of.

63. Learn Sign Language

This is another hobby we’re currently enjoying because it’s more of a physical version of learning a language. You can learn sign language so that you can communicate with someone specific, or because you’re simply interested. There are lots of videos about sign language online, with many on YouTube. But there are also a number of apps which show you how to sign and make the process easy. If learning something new isn’t good enough, then you’ll also be improving your cognitive health too.

64. Brewing Beer

Otherwise known as home brewing, making your own beer has become increasingly popular over the last few years, especially as pub prices have increased so rapidly. The great thing about home brew is that once you’ve worked out how to do it, you can just repeat the same process, but you can try a variety of beers and craft ales. You could even branch out and try to make wine or champagne. Initially you will find there is a bit of a cost because you have to buy the barrel, sterilising equipment and the actual beer hops and kit. But you’re not only saving money because you’re not buying beer in or going to the pub, but most of the kit that you purchase can be used over and over again.

65. Hula Hooping

Having recently bought a hula hoop for our niece and giving it a whirl, we’ve realised that this one isn’t as simple as it sounds. There’s a lot of physical strength and balance needed to keep that hoop spinning round, which makes it an incredible core exercise. There are new weighted hoops which are specifically designed for exercising in mind and from the experiences of our friends, they are really good. If you’re looking to combine your fun hobby with a form of exercise or body strengthening, then hula hooping is a great option. When you look online, check out the LED colour changing options, or glittery options just to add a little sparkle to your life.

66. Latte Art

latte art hobbyThis one is a little more unique than the others, but definitely worth contemplating if you’re a coffee lover. Latte art has become increasingly popular over the last few years. It is basically a way of making images or patterns on the surface of a latte or coffee drink, using steamed milk or microfoam. You may have seen this if you’ve gone to a coffee shop or café, where you’ll receive your drink and it will have a leaf pattern or a heart. Now surprisingly there are art latte classes if you google it, so if you want help in the beginning then this is probably a good idea. After that you can buy various kits, whether it’s the foamer, stencils or the frothing pitcher. This is a wonderful creative hobby to then share with friends and family who come to visit, because they’ll get to enjoy your artwork.

67. Origami

Most people will know what origami is, but for those who are unsure, it is the Japanese art of folding and sculpting paper to produce a beautiful sculpture. The craft of origami is incredibly popular in Japan and used as a symbol of peace and good luck, especially at weddings. Depending on the structure you are creating, this hobby can be easy or hard. So, our advice is to get a how to origami book and then start off with the easier ones. The actual practice of folding and working it out is quite therapeutic, but then you have the end product which is something to be proud of. There are pretty cheap origami kits available which have a specific type of paper and the instructions on what to do.

68. Volunteering

Many people won’t even consider this to be a hobby, but it can be if you enjoy it. The best part is it can be a daily, weekly, or even an occasional thing to do, but it will give you a feeling of fulfilment which will last a long time. It could be that you donate blood, help at an animal sanctuary, or read to the elderly, each action of volunteering will help make a difference in some way. The best place to start is by googling volunteering and see what comes up.

69. Podcasting

Do you ever have a topic you’re so passionate about, that you could spend hours and hours talking about it? Then have you considered doing just that and starting a podcast? You could do it on your own or with a friend, and possibly earn some money as you gain listeners. You’ll need to learn some technical skills such as the best microphone to use and how to upload your episodes. But the more you practice and hone your skills, the better you will become.

70. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving can be an expensive hobby to begin because you will need to have lessons which takes time and money. If you’re wanting to take it more professionally then you will need certification, which will vary depending on the country you are from. The outcome of it though is that you will have the opportunity to explore a whole new realm under the water. To see new things you will never have seen before, including breath-taking fish in quite a calming, serene environment. This type of hobby can take you all over the world if you choose to, because there are so many stunning diving areas, especially when you consider that the ocean covers 71 percent of the Earth’s surface.

71. Pool or Billiards

Pool is an incredibly popular game with many people competing in leagues or being members of billiard clubs. It’s fun to play and you can enhance the enjoyment, by developing skills and techniques to improve your game considerably. Many pool halls have cues available for use, but some avid players go a step further and buy their own.

72. Paintball

Bucket list hobbies - paintballWe will admit we haven’t tried this, purely because we have been told that it hurts. So, we won’t be able to regale you with stories of a time we went paintballing. What is it? Basically, it’s a team shooting sport, so you separate out in teams and your aim is to hit everyone on the other side with dye filled paintballs which break upon impact. If everyone on the opposite team has been hit, then your team wins and vice versa. As you can imagine there is a thrill of the chase element to paintball, especially if you hit someone on the other team. But it’s also quite a physical hobby because you’re running around hiding and diving out of the way of the paintballs.

73. Horseback Riding

If you love to be outdoors and you adore horses, then this one seems a no brainer as a hobby. Not only is there a physical side to riding horses, but it provides quite a meditative state as you gallop along. That connection with nature can only be a positive thing, as you wander along a forest trail or on a beach. Riding a horse involves a lot of cardio, so you’ll enjoy getting fit as you ride. But there are techniques to it as well, which can be mentally challenging. This is one of those hobbies which can be expensive to begin, whether it is the riding lessons themselves or the clothing needed. Our suggestion would be to take a one-off experience for horse riding and see what you think. If you loved it then you may want to make the investment of time and money.

74. Go Karting

This one has been on our bucket list for a while and we’re thinking about ticking it off soon. Go kart racing is predominantly an in-door activity where you sit in a four wheeled vehicle known as a shifter kart and race around a circuit. Then add in the fact that you will be racing against others, such as your family and friends, and you’ll soon feel the excitement of that competitive spirit kick in. Go-Karting is said to improve your cognitive reflexes, whilst building confidence and stamina. Alike horse riding this can be a costly hobby, so it may be one that you do occasionally. You shouldn’t need to buy any equipment as they tend to be provided at the venue.

75. Antiquing

If you love looking for old artwork, jewellery, furniture etc, then why not make it into a hobby? Antiquing has become incredibly popular with TV shows such as the ‘Antiques Roadshow’ displaying the opportunity that you can also make money from your collection. The depths in which you go into antiquing will completely depend on you, because you may be a researcher and seek out certain items or simply wander around shops and see what you like. There are plenty of antique shops, but why not look in charity shops and fill your home with beautiful pieces.

76. Astronomy

If like us you are fascinated by space, the planets, and stars, then maybe you should consider astronomy. As well as being fascinating, it is the ideal hobby for those of you who like to be outdoors. You don’t have to purchase high tech equipment such as a telescope, you can simply use binoculars and then work your way up if you choose. A great place to start is by learning the names of the planets, stars, and constellations. There are astronomy clubs in most areas so you can ask for help on where to begin and make friends at the same time.

77. Genealogy

Many people are interested in their family history because we all want to know how we came to be where we are. You may be surprised to find out that family history or genealogy is one of the fastest growing hobbies, mainly because access to information via the internet has made it much easier. That feeling of tracing your family history and discovering something new is quite thrilling, and for many it is the opportunity to discover a little about themselves including possible health issues. The best place to begin is with online sites such as Ancestry.com because they have the largest genealogical data base, and you can buy DNA tests which maps your ethnicity to a region of the world and identifies potential DNA matches.

78. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

stand up paddle boarding hobbyIf like us you have noticed more and more friends trying paddle boarding, you’re probably wondering why it has become so popular. Although initially this water sport was done in the open ocean, we’re seeing a lot more of stand-up paddle boarding or SUP being done on rivers or lakes. If you have access to a body of water then it could be a great hobby, as it requires physical strength to stand up on the board and paddle, but also great balance and mental agility. It’s relatively inexpensive as you can buy inflatable boards and it can be done by most people, so you could include the kids if you wanted to. SUP is the idea combination of being outdoors and taking in the beauty of nature, whilst being physically active, but in quite a meditative serene action.

79. Cruising

We have already mentioned travel, but felt it was important to have cruising as an option in its own category. Most people who take their first cruise fall in love with it, because you realise that you have the opportunity to see a number of beautiful places in one vacation, whilst having incredible entertainment, food and drink as you travel. We have met many cruise fans and they enjoy experiencing different cruise lines or collecting points for a specific line to move through the loyalty scheme. Some simply love having the opportunity to see a raft of countries or cities through their cruising travel. You can tell who the regulars are because they tend to display decorations over their cabin door and specially made t-shirts for the occasion. We’re working on our cruising hobby because we’re big fans of this type of vacation. If you want to reduce the cost of your cruises, then we recommend joining the cruise lines membership scheme. We have cruised with Carnival a number of times, so we are members of their VIFP scheme, and we’ve had some bargains.

80. Learn to Fly a Plane

Having done a flying lesson many years ago, we can tell you that it is a thrilling experience to tick off your bucket list. But what if you want to take it further and actually learn to fly a plane on your own. Well, the first thing we’d say is that it may take both time and money, but it is an amazing skill to have and be able to do. You will have to learn with an experienced pilot, plus you’ll have to fulfil a number of flying hours before you qualify. But steps such as these make learning to fly an exciting hobby and imagine the pride when you go out on your own for the first time. If flying an actual plane seems a little daunting, then you can always try a flight simulator instead.

81. Balloon Art

Whether you want to create something beautiful for friends and family, start your own business or simply find a hobby where you can destress from the day, then balloon art is a great option. The term balloon art basically means creating a sculpture out of balloons, whether it’s an arch, an animal or some kind of backdrop. Balloons are popular options for parties and gifts, so not only can this be something special for you, but it can be memorable for those you love. To begin this type of hobby you can either start simple and get a book or watch online videos and buy some balloons. Or you can take a class and have a professional show you the skills and techniques on how to do it. Making your piece of art can be quite relaxing and you’ll feel so proud once you’ve done it, you’ll want to show it off to everyone.

82. Astrology

Astrology is a range of divinity practices which study the movements and position of the sun, moon, planets, and stars. It is believed that they have an influence over the character and lives of people. If this is something you enjoy, then why not delve a little further into it, by looking at the various concepts and symbols used. This can be the actual types of astrology such as Horay, Mundane and Natal. Then you have birth charts, and the elements of fire, water, air, and earth. Finally, and most popularly known are the zodiacs which are the 12 sun signs that correlate to the months of the year. Astrology is seen to be a spiritual hobby, but there is a scientific side which you can study. You can start simply by buying a book or getting guidance online. You can also join astrology communities on social media who will happily guide and advise you on where to go.

83. Rock Climbing

rock climbing hobbyThis is an incredibly physical hobby and another one which we would advise that you start with a teacher or someone professional for safety reasons. Not only is it physically demanding, but it’s a rewarding hobby because you feel a sense of accomplishment every time you succeed in reaching a new goal or area of the climb. You will also use cognitive aspects of your brain, trying to work out the best route to move up the rocks and the best way to grip. This is such a fun hobby to master, but it can be costly when you’re including the training element. But sometimes it’s worth it for the sheer thrill and joy of doing something you love.

84. Cosplaying

Cosplay is a shortened term for costume play and can be found where people dress up as a fictional character. Many cosplayers make their own costumes, because it is part of the fun and to try and make it as authentic as possible. You may have seen cosplay at Comicon’s, where people dress up as their favourite TV/movie or comic book character. The joy in cosplay is how great you feel in your costume, especially if you have made it yourself.

85. Sailing

There are various types of sailing, but all formats are perfect hobbies for those of you wanting to get away from it all into nature. It can be incredibly relaxing on the water, whilst requiring some skills to manoeuvre the boat. If you’re considering sailing on the ocean then we’d advise that you look at getting lessons initially, but if it’s something smaller on a lake or river then it should be safer. We’ve sailed a boat down the Norfolk Broads in the UK and it was so much fun, especially because it was also our home for the week.

86. Wood Working

This can cover quite a range of options, for example you could build furniture, renovate it, or you could make ornaments and decorative items. This hobby is a great way to express your creativity and provides a way to destress from life through your hands. You’ll find lots of advice online and in books, or you can see how it goes and just give it a try. Online communities are always great for advice, especially in the early days. When it comes to cost this will depend on what you’re making and how much you want to spend. It can be as simple as a chisel and your hands, or you can purchase clamps and lathes to make it easier.

87. Motorhomes or RVing

An increasingly popular hobby, because it gives people the freedom to travel around with the comforts they need at a relatively cheap cost. Of course, you will have the initial price of the motorhome which can be expensive, but if you’re using it on a regular basis then think of all of the money you are saving on hotels. You can always rent an RV instead of buying and then travel for a period of time, so you don’t have that long term commitment.

88. Videography/Film Making

You may video family and friends during special occasions, holidays and travel, or days out, but what about improving your skills. Learn how to capture and edit your videos, so that you can keep those beautiful moments forever. There are lots of free online tutorials available or you can take it a step further and pay for classes and editing software. The great part of a hobby such as this is that you will never regret taking videos of those you love.

89. Macrame

macrameThis hobby is the art of using knots to craft various items such as hangers for plants or wall hangings. It is quite a simple hobby to start and has grown in popularity over recent years. Not only can you make something to keep and treasure, but you can also gift them to loved ones.

90. Metal Detecting

This is quite a simple hobby to begin, because it doesn’t require a lot of specialist skill or cost. It’s a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature whilst walking around and exercising. The exciting part is you may find something interesting or valuable which you can sell. There are so many stories online about metal detecting fans discovering incredible treasures and selling them for a lot of money.

91. Paper Making

Did you know that you can make your own paper out of recycled or plant-based materials. If not, then why not consider paper making as your new hobby. It’s quite a simple and cheap hobby to begin and you can create beautiful paper to give as gifts to friends and family.

92. Restoring Furniture

We’ve explored this a little in the hobbies of antiquing or woodwork, but if you want to do something with your hands then why not try restoring furniture. You can find old furniture in charity shops, garage sales or via online selling communities. Once you’ve found the item you like then our advice would be to look online for videos offering advice. The best part of a hobby such as this is that you will learn from your mistakes, so don’t be too upset if it doesn’t go right the first time.

93. Aquarium Keeping

Keeping fish in an aquarium isn’t as easy as it sounds, because you have to ensure the eco system is maintained to keep the fish alive. Taking that aside it is a beautiful hobby to do, because you get to watch these beautiful animals which can be incredibly calming. The initial cost will be quite expensive because you will have the tank, filtration system depending on whether you choose freshwater fish, brackish or saltwater, then the actual fish themselves. Keeping the aquarium clean is essential and you’ll find that you learn a lot as you go, so maybe start off with a couple of fish until you hone your skills. There are always groups on social media platforms who will help if you have any difficulties.

94. Beekeeping

Alike keeping an aquarium, beekeeping is also an expensive but thrilling hobby. It will also take up a lot of space and time, so it must be a commitment you’re willing to make. Most people begin beekeeping because it is a unique hobby, but also it supports community pollination, the eco system and food supplies. If this is something you are considering then research is vital, so reach out to online beekeeping communities and get advice first.

95. Canyoneering

canyoneering as a hobbyThis isn’t something we’ve done personally but if you go canyoneering, you will explore a canyon. To fully move through the canyon you may need to hike, slide, or rappel, so you will need to learn a number of skills and it may require equipment. Not only are you out in the beauty of nature, but you’re also climbing and hiking a physical route and as such improving your fitness. This is another hobby that you may want to begin with an experienced guide, before attempting it on your own.

96. Glass Blowing

If you’re as amazed as we are by glass blowing, then you may be considering it as a new hobby. But is it as complicated as it looks? Glass blowing is where you inflate molten glass into a bubble shape by blowing down a pipe. The first thing to consider is that you could be creating your own beautiful pieces of art such as vases, bowls, and glasses, or gifting them to family and friends. Because of the type of equipment needed and the safety elements, we would recommend that you start by attending a glass blowing class. You can then learn the basics with professional supervision, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find online videos and watch the masters at work.

97. Leather Crafting

If you’re looking for something a little different, then what about leather crafting? This unique and artistic hobby combines both mental and physical focus and you can create beautiful items for yourself, as a gift or to sell. There are lots of things you can make including belts, purses, and bags, and we’re told that getting started is easier than you’d imagine. Within most hobby shops you’ll find beginners tool kits, but obviously they won’t be the best of quality. But we always recommend starting off cheap and then building up the quality of your tools, once you determine you enjoy it.

98. Mountaineering

You may know this as mountain climbing, but it’s basically an outdoor sport where you climb one of the thousands of mountains in the world. Each offers a unique terrain, which is both challenging and exciting. This means you would need to be physically and mentally fit, whilst gaining the skills and expertise to manoeuvre such magnificent natural wonders. It is why many climbers view mountaineering as a lifetime hobby rather than a one-off experience. Some climbs can be over in a few hours whereas others involve long days of physically demanding pressure, but the thrill of accomplishment is what keeps people going back.

99. Rappelling (Abseiling)

Rappelling is the action of climbing to the top of a cliff and then going back down. Normally you will make your way down the side of a cliff in a controlled way using a rope. This will require both physical strength and mental agility, plus a knowledge of essential climbing skills. If you’re considering abseiling as a hobby, then our advice would be to go with an experienced climber. This can be a dangerous sport if not done correctly and as such you will need training and guidance from someone who knows what they are doing.

100. Rapping

You might find this one a bit random, but if you’re a lover of rap music then have you ever considered teaching yourself rap as a hobby? You can either learn some of your favourite songs word for word and impress your friends or enter competitions and perform for audiences. If you want to take it a step further than why not write your own and look at having it recorded. This is the ideal way to pour your artistic thoughts out, to create something expressive and musically beautiful.

101. Impersonations

When we’re talking about impersonations, we basically mean the act of imitating someone. This is normally a famous person, so that everyone can guess who they are. Now there’s not really specific guidelines on where to go and how to go about this kind of a hobby. But you will find videos online of other impersonators. This is probably the best place to start, because the only way you can improve your skills is by practice.

102. Snowboarding and Skiing

snowboarding hobbyDepending on where you live, you may be wondering how you can ski or snowboard if there isn’t any snow. Aside from travelling somewhere, there are lots of indoor snow centres which imitate the alps experience. Both skiing and snowboarding are thrilling hobbies which combine a lot of physical stamina with technical and cognitive skills. Because there is a chance of injury with this kind of hobby, we would recommend that you start off having lessons before going out on your own. You can hire all of the equipment in most places, instead of buying it. As you can imagine this one can be quite an expensive hobby but imagine the rush of cool air as you meander your way down in style.

103. Spelunking or Caving

Now we have to admit that this seems like a nightmare for us, but if you’re ok with small spaces then what about spelunking or caving. This is basically where you explore wild cave systems, which can be physically difficult to manoeuvre. There is a level of danger which adds to the thrill of it, but because of that we would recommend that you ensure you are with an experienced professional.

104. Puppetry

If you like the idea of a performance-based hobby but you’re shy, then what about puppets? You can either buy them or make your own and practice a performance by yourself, before showing it to family and friends. There is a physicality to puppetry, as well as the cognitive side with hand-eye coordination and timing. You will find courses and tutors out there in the various formats such as hand puppets, ventriloquist puppets and marionettes, but there will always be online videos available should you prefer to do it at home.

105. Stand Up Comedy and Improv

If you’re known by your friends and family for being the funny one, then why not use that and begin a hobby in stand up or improv. There are skills which will help improve your performance and techniques in how to write incredible jokes and connect with the audience. This isn’t one for the shy people out there, but who knows, there may be a confident performer lurking somewhere underneath. You’ll find lots of classes nearby, especially for improv and it is a great way of meeting new people with similar interests.


There you have it, our long, long list of hobbies has come to an end. How many of these have you thought about starting? Because you can choose as many as you like, there’s no limits when it comes to making ourselves happy and fulfilling our passions.

Remember that you can spend a few minutes a day on your hobby, we only complete one section on Duolingo which takes less than 10 minutes each day. But also, we spend half an hour maximum on the ukelele, which when you add it up isn’t really a lot of time.

There are many benefits of starting new hobbies, including.

  • the ability to play and relax,
  • to improve your memory and cognition,
  • to improve your emotional health, personal growth, and wellness,
  • Enhance physical health.

If you choose one from the list, then please keep us updated on how it’s going on our Instagram page. We love to see how our readers are doing with their bucket lists and how they are leading fulfilling, exciting and challenging lives.