Aerial Extreme – Family day out

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This article is one for those of you who aim to reach lofty heights; its the Aerial Extreme’s High Ropes Adventure Course. This is a fun day out involving a series of challenging obstacles set at varying heights above the ground. You’ll find yourself tackling fun obstacles such as rope bridges, scramble nets, zip wires, swinging logs and balance beams, plus many more!

Aerial Extreme is ideally suited for everyone, whether it’s for a fun family day out, a close friend’s birthday or for a thrilling stag or hen party. There are six locations throughout the UK which are:

There are three types of course,

High Wire Adventure with adult prices being £26.00 and £21.00 for children.

Adventure packages at £46.00 per person and Junior Adventure from £16.00 per person.

Everyone is encouraged to complete the course which is designed to help you build your confidence as you go… Aerial Extreme has helped some people to conquer their fear of heights. Why not try it – you might surprise yourself.

When considering what to wear they recommend loose and comfortable clothing but skirts are a definite no no; you’re going to be high in the air after all. Check out the weather forecast for the day and dress accordingly.

The length of time required to complete the course varies dramatically depending on the course, your level of confidence, people in front of you and the number of people on the course. As a general guide however, they recommend you allow up to 45 minutes for the Junior Adventure Course and up to 2hrs for the Adventure Course.

So is this on your bucket list? fancy giving it a go? for more information please click here.