Birthday Bucket List – The Best Things to Do to Celebrate Your Special Day

Birthday Bucket List – The Best Things to Do to Celebrate Your Special DayIt’s your special day, and yet you’re feeling a little deflated because you’re not sure how to celebrate. Birthdays are tricky, some people love them whilst others hate them and dread the yearly existential crisis they bring. We will admit that in the past we have been quite negative about birthdays, simply seeing them as ‘another day’. But when you begin a bucket list journey, you soon discover that there can be joy added to life and that planning is the key to making it fun.

As always, we love to help you build your bucket lists, especially around those important occasions. This is why we have created our Birthday Bucket List, because sometimes it’s easier if you have ideas of fun ways to celebrate.

If you’re completely new to bucket listing, then please check out our guide on ‘How to Start your Bucket List’. We provide a raft of tips on how to build your own list, including questions which should inspire you.

Bucket list activities don’t have to be extreme sports or expensive, they can be as big or small as you want them to be. We love to mix it up and have some free activities, but also splurge on something we have always wanted to do. Remember that you don’t always have to include others in your bucket list items, sometimes you will have more fun on your own; even though we know the thought of that can be a little scary for some.

It doesn’t matter what age you are turning, being a year older is something to celebrate, so let’s begin.


Birthday Bucket List of Fun Things to Do

1. Throw Yourself a Party

Throw Yourself a Birthday PartyIt would make sense to start with the obvious item on a birthday bucket list and that is to throw yourself a birthday party. How big the party will be is completely dependent on you, because it could be a full-on event in a function room, or a simple get together in your house. Most of us wait for friends and family to organise parties for us, especially on those big number birthdays. But it may not be what you expected or wanted, so why not take the reins, and plan it the way you want it. We tend to find that the more relaxed and simple house parties, end up being the better ones in the end.

2. Buy a Gift for Yourself as a Treat

The person who truly knows what you’d like for your birthday is you, so why not treat yourself and wrap it up to open on your special day. This doesn’t mean you should get yourself something you need, that’s not what birthday gifts are about. Focus on something extra special as a way to commemorate another circle around the sun. What about a fancy new outfit or pair of shoes, a bottle of expensive champagne, jewellery, or go all out and buy that car you’ve always wanted.

This bucket list item is ideal if you’ve had your eye on something, but always felt like you shouldn’t buy it. You could even have a small savings kitty which you add to monthly, and then use to buy yourself that birthday treat.

The best part of this item is that you have the enjoyment of shopping for the treat and then using whatever you’ve purchased later. This is a great idea if you’re having a birthday party and you’re thinking of buying new clothes, because you can make a day of it with friends and look for something to wear which will dazzle your guests.

3. Go on Vacation to Your Dream Destination

This could be a city break, beach vacation or even a cruise, just make sure you’re somewhere incredible for your special day. Staying at home on your birthday can be boring, especially if you’re not sure what to do. So, imagine waking up somewhere new, a place you’ve always dreamt of going.

Travel brings so many exciting emotions and experiences to your life, which is why it’s one of our favourite things to do. We’re not picky, it could be a road trip, a city break in an amazing location such as Paris, Rome, or New York, or even something more relaxed on the beach. If you fancy a bit of everything then cruising is a great option and something we’ve found ourselves doing more and more.

Remember it’s your birthday so why not splurge and go to that bucket list destination. For most people travel is something they never regret, but it may take a little saving and preparation. But that will all be worth it when you see the ocean, visit that historic monument, or place your toes in the warm sand.

Should you book a cruise, then check out our Cruise Ship Bucket List. It not only tells you the best itineraries, but also the things to do when you’re on the ship.

4. Have a Spa Day

Have a Spa DayThere’s two ways you can do this, whether it’s an at home spa day with your friends or you can book into a spa itself and enjoy the facilities and treatments. The at home version is obviously cheaper and can be a lot of fun because you can buy face masks, creams, and nail treatments. But why not add in tasty treats and drinks, after all it is your birthday so eating cake is a must.

If you want to go all out, then book yourself into a spa so you can relax in the pool or hot tub and cleanse your skin in the sauna. Many spas will have packages which include using the facilities, a treatment and sometimes even lunch, so make sure you look around before you book. Your choice of spa doesn’t have to be local; you could head to a different area and treat yourself to an overnight stay somewhere.

5. Enjoy a Birthday Bar Crawl

This tends to be what most people like to do on their birthday, but because this is your bucket list, we must add something a little extra to the festivities. There are lots of ways you can make your birthday bar hop special, such as going to another town or city to discover new clubs and pubs. What about dressing up in costumes or matching t-shirts. One of our favourites is a boozy treasure hunt, where you are given a pub to go to in the town you’re in, and within that venue you must find an answer to a question. We did this in York, UK and it was so much fun, especially because it’s a town full of history and small quaint pubs. Just make sure you take plenty of pictures to commemorate your special day.

6. Binge Watch Your Favourite TV Show or Have a Movie Marathon

We’ve started with some pretty extravagant items, so let’s throw in something completely free but still lots of fun. Not everything on your birthday bucket list must lead to going out and spending lots of money. Sometimes the best days are doing the things you love, in the comfort of your own home. So why not plan for a birthday TV binge day, where you buy in a load of drinks and food, make a list of what you’re going to watch and pick who you’ll spend the day with. Imagine you and your bestie in matching onesies, drinking a bellini, eating birthday cake and watching your all-time favourite TV series. If you’re not sure which series to pick, then you can always choose something new or even go old skool. There are so many to choose from whether it’s popular options such as Friends, Modern Family and Schitt’s Creek, or something a little older but hilarious for example Golden Girls and Married… With Children.

If you prefer movies then there are plenty of genres you can choose from such as Marvel, gangster or even Disney classics. You could pick films from a certain actor, or decade; we’ve had plenty of 80’s movie days with incredible classics like The Breakfast Club, Heathers and When Harry Met Sally.

7. Get a Tattoo

Get a TattooThis one is perfect for those big birthdays or eventful years, as a way to celebrate life’s journey. Tattoos are pieces of art on your body which are a form of self-expression, so take your time before deciding what design you want. Most parlours require that you prebook and have a conversation with the tattoo artist. Before the big day, make sure you research the best parlour close to you and agree on a design. It’s important that you have a tattooist who you trust because this will be permanent. Imagine that feeling once the tattoo is complete and you can show your friends and family the incredible design you have chosen. We love to ask people about their tattoos because there’s normally always a beautiful story attached, or an incredibly drunken one.

If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo but you’re not sure which one to pick, then check out our Tattoo Bucket List for the most popular styles.

8. Get Your Hair and Makeup Done Professionally

This can link up with some of the other items on the list such as planning your own birthday party, or you can simply do it as a treat to feel good. Rather than doing your own makeup and hair before you head out for your birthday, why not book in with a professional. Most towns and cities have a number of MUA’s available who are either based in a salon or who will come to your home, so do your research before you book an appointment. You’ll feel pampered and relaxed during the process and then you can enjoy celebrating your special day looking beautiful.

9. Take a Road Trip

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give yourself is time and experiences, so why not pack a bag, grab a friend, or loved one and take to the road. You can either pre-plan your trip or simply wing it and choose where you want to stop as you drive. We are huge fans of road trips, so we aim to take a week or two once a year to travel around the UK. You can always fly to another country and drive around, but sometimes we don’t appreciate where we live, so why not begin there, and discover more about your own history. Because you have transport you can always stay in accommodation a little outside of the main towns and cities, which should make your trip cheaper. If you don’t have the time for long breaks, then you can simply enjoy a day or two somewhere a bit closer. Just make sure you have that play list of epic tunes ready to belt out with your bestie as you drive along.

10. Book a Night or Two in a Fancy Hotel

Book a Night or Two in a Fancy HotelBirthdays should be special because you are special and deserve to be celebrated. So why not book a night or two in a luxurious hotel, whether it’s something unusual such as a manor house, historic like a castle or simply a boutique option. There are beautiful hotels everywhere, offering a relaxing and indulgent way to escape the everyday and focus on you. Don’t forget to treat yourself to room service and enjoy breakfast in bed with a celebratory mimosa.

11. Enjoy a Night of Karaoke

Would you believe that karaoke is great for the brain, a stress reliever and promotes creativity. Of course, its tons of fun too, which is the reason why you may want to add this to your birthday bucket list. There are a number of ways you can do this, the easiest being a karaoke night at home with your friends and family. For something a bit more epic you can always head to a karaoke bar or book your own karaoke booth. Booths have become more popular over recent years and are ideal if you’re a little shy when you sing. If you’re heading to a bar, then grab a couple of drinks to build up some courage and enjoy yourself as you belt out a song or two; it’s your birthday after all.

12. Go on a Hike or Climb a Mountain

We’ve grouped this one together, even though climbing a mountain can be far more extreme than a basic hike. But the key to this is getting out into nature, being active and enjoying yourself. You can do this alone, with friends or other enthusiasts, and it could be a one-day trip or a few. We love using AllTrails because it shows the best hikes and climbs within your area.

This kind of activity is a great way to challenge yourself physically, but you will also benefit from it mentally. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on the previous year and what you want to achieve in the coming year, whilst taking in beautiful views.

There are thousands of hikes and climbs throughout the world, just make sure you dress appropriately and have the adequate food and drink needed to complete the hike.

13. Enjoy Brunch with Friends

birthday brunch with friendsNo one wants to be up early for breakfast on their birthday, so a better alternative to get your day started is brunch. You can either go with a loved one or your friends and celebrate your special day in style. Enjoy lots of tasty food and make it more extravagant by adding a splash of champagne. No one can judge you for daytime drinking because it is your birthday after all.

14. Head to a Theme Park

This is one of our personal favourites to do on our birthday, because there’s no better feeling than the thrill of a rollercoaster. We must admit we’re huge Disney and Universal theme park fans, but not everyone can head to these theme parks. So, what about one that’s closer to home? Our closest is the incredible Alton Towers in the UK, and we have spent many birthdays being thrown around on their amazing coasters. If it’s not something you’ve considered then we would definitely recommend it; of course, this will depend on when your birthday is, because parks can be closed during the winter.

Make it bucket list worthy by paying for fast passes to get on the rides quicker, or even booking into a special restaurant in the park. If you’re going with friends and family, then what about matching t-shirts so everyone knows it’s your special day. The most important thing is to just enjoy yourself, because ultimately that’s what theme parks are all about.

15. Go to a Concert or Festival

You’d need to pre-plan this bucket list item, but it’s a great one if you’re looking for a memorable birthday. Concerts and festivals are ideal for those of you who have a passion for music, or you simply want to dance. So, take a look at local arenas and stadiums to see what gigs are on your birthday. Or if there’s a festival on your special day, then you can make it an all-day thing and enjoy incredible music and tasty food and drink, in a natural environment. This is a great one for spending time with those you love who also have a passion for music. Festivals are renowned for quirky outfits, so why not wear something matching with your mates; the pictures will be awesome.

16. Have a Pyjama Party

When we think about a pyjama party, we tend to think it’s something for kids, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re looking for a more relaxed and intimate birthday, then this one is ideal. Gather your besties or loved ones and have a pyjama party, where you can spend the evening watching movies, eating tasty food, drinking some fizz, playing games, or even having a home spa night. You can all wear matching PJ’s and stay up until the early hours of the morning talking and laughing and taking pictures to commemorate the night. This is a simple and cheap birthday event to organise, but you’ll be left with incredible memories.

17. Start a New Hobby

Start a New HobbyYou could begin a new hobby at any point, but why not make it special and try it for the first time on your birthday. We have a Hobbies Bucket List which will provide you with lots of ideas of interesting and fun things to try. There are so many, so why just have one hobby, we have a few including playing the ukelele, juggling, learning Spanish with Duolingo and cross stitch. But we aim to continue to try more and more over time, because we love learning new skills.

The reasons why people take up hobbies is simple; they add a passion to your life and can be relaxing. If you have already started a hobby you enjoy, then you could simply spend your birthday doing that.

18. Donate to a Charity or Volunteer

Birthdays are always a time for reflection on the things that are important to us. This could be building better relationships with friends and family, or considering the impact we have on the world. One of the best ways to improve your sense of self-worth and accomplishment, is to either donate to a charity for your birthday or spend the day volunteering.

If you choose to donate, then simply consider a charity or organisation which means a lot to you or is connected to something which has impacted your life. Should you want to take it a step further then why not support a charity by volunteering your time. This can be so impactful for many organisations, and you can focus on something you will enjoy. Whether it’s helping at a dog shelter or working with an animal charity, reading to children and the elderly, or it could be something not connected to anyone, such as walking around your local area picking up litter.

The best part of this item is the incredible feeling you’ll have from doing something so kind, simply because it’s your birthday.

19. Go Bowling

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and bowling is a really fun activity no matter your age. If you’ve never bowled before then it’s the ideal birthday bucket list item because you don’t need to be an expert to get started. There are plenty of bowling alleys around and they normally have party offers available, which tends to include food. This means you can invite loads of friends and family or make it a smaller intimate get together. When you get that strike it’s such a rush of joy, but if you don’t who cares, because all that matters is you’re with people you love and you’re the birthday bowling king or queen for the day.

20. Relax With a Tasty Picnic

We think that birthdays have to be action packed but that’s simply not true, sometimes the greatest days are when you slow down. Which is why the idea of having a birthday picnic is ideal, especially for the older bucket listers who want a laid-back day. You can wing it and just throw something together last minute and head out to a favourite spot, or plan in advance and go all out, enjoying delicious food and drink in a stunning location. This option is perfect for couples, but you could bring your friends and play some music and games to enhance the fun.

Because it’s your birthday, make sure you bring some fizz along and raise a toast to your special day. When it comes to prepping for your picnic you could go the traditional route and have a wicker basket or try our preference which is the backpack; simply because it’s easier to carry.

There are a couple of options we like on Amazon which are this deluxe wicker picnic basket or this picnic backpack cooler.

21. Become a Plant Parent

Become a Plant ParentAs we’ve mentioned before, birthdays can be quite a reflective time for people. You may be looking at your life and it’s not at a place where you expected it to be. If you feel like you’ve not reached certain goals whether it’s meeting the love of your life and getting married or having kids, then why not take on more responsibility in your life and become a plant parent. You could adopt an animal from a shelter, but this is something we would recommend you really think about and don’t jump into. Pets are a huge costly responsibility and as such they should be an addition to your life that you can accommodate.

Plants on the other hand can be incredibly cheap to buy and maintain but watching them grow will give you a sense of pride. If you buy your new plant pal on your birthday then you can celebrate together and commemorate the joy it’s brought to your life. It may sound sappy but it’s amazing how connected we are to nature, especially when we physically care for something.

Our advice would be to start with something easy, such as a money tree, a philodendron, a spider plant, or a peace lily.

22. Go to the Theatre

We love going to the theatre, it’s the ideal form of escapism and the perfect event to book in for your birthday. Having recently gone to see Hamilton, we were blown away by the sheer talent on the stage and just loved every minute of it, if you forget about the tiny, cramped seats of the old theatre.

So why not look online at your local theatre’s and see what shows are performing on your birthday. You could even spend a bit more and book a box, which offers better viewing and an all-round VIP experience; well, it is your birthday!

There are so many theatres and shows around that you should have lots to choose from, the tough decision will be who to share it with and where to eat before it starts.

23. Send Yourself a Bouquet of Flowers

If Miley Cyrus can send herself flowers then so can you, so why not pre-order yourself a bouquet for your birthday. Ordering online is so easy and there is a joy to receiving a delivery and then seeing your beautiful bunch of flowers every time you walk past.

24. Have Breakfast in Bed

When is the last time you didn’t jump out of bed and get on with your day? If you’re struggling to remember then this is the ideal bucket list item for you, especially on your birthday. Having breakfast in bed will start your day in the right way, and fuel you for whatever other things you have planned. You could ask a friend or partner to make it for you or buy items which don’t need a lot of preparation; seen as it’s your birthday no one could say anything about cake for breakfast.

To make it bucket list worthy, treat yourself to a breakfast tray like this one from Amazon. If you’re by yourself on your birthday then why not book into a hotel and order breakfast in bed. Just remember to get some fizz with it and relax, as you think about the wonderful year ahead of you.

25. Head to the Beach

Head to the BeachIf going to the beach isn’t part of your everyday life, then this is an ideal option to make your birthday special. It will of course depend on where you’re based in the world and when your birthday is; we know those January babies who live in the UK know what we mean. But if you come from a cold winter country then why not treat yourself and head abroad to get some winter sun.

How you spend your birthday on the beach is completely up to you, whether you relax and sunbathe, go for a swim, build sandcastles (who says they’re for kids?) or play frisbee. Just make sure you do what you want to do, and you have plenty of drinks and nibbles to enjoy through the day. You could hire a beach hut or a villa on the beach and make it even more extravagant.

26. Try Bungee Jumping

This is a bucket list, so we’d be remiss to leave out the more extreme sports such as bungee jumping. There are plenty of bungee jumping centres around, making it easy to find a place nearby. We know from experience that this thrill-seeking activity is a memorable one, so it would make sense to try it for the first time on your birthday; you only live once right!

Most centres require that you book in advance and complete health and safety documents online. It’s an exhilarating experience which is better when you share it with a friend or loved one. You can bungee in some incredible places all over the world, but if you’re really nervous and afraid of heights then opt for one with less of a fall.

27. Have a Board Game or Quiz Night

Birthdays should be full of fun and laughter, so grab the family around and pull out the old board games or quizzes. This one may take a little preparation to make sure you have the games ready to play. Whether it’s Charades, Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit, there are so many to choose from. The best part is you’ll spend your birthday with the people you love most in a house full of laughter; does it get more perfect. You could always buy funny prizes for the winners to make it extra special and of course lots of nibbles to keep you going through the night.

28. Head to a Casino to Gamble

This one isn’t for everyone, but it’s a great bucket list item if you’ve never tried it before and fancy something new. You don’t have to dress in gowns and tuxedos anymore to go to a casino. In fact, many are quite casual, and you can make it as fancy or relaxed as you like. We’re not experts, but whenever we have gone to a casino we have found help from staff or other gamblers on how to play the games. Whether it’s table casino such as roulette and blackjack or slots, you’ll have tons of fun and hopefully lady luck is shining, and you win big; I mean it is your birthday after all.

It is important to set a money limit, so if you lose you don’t go overboard and know when to walk away. Most casino’s have restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat beforehand.

29. Enjoy a Staycation

For most people the idea of enjoying a night away in the town or city that they live in will sound crazy. Why spend money on accommodation or a hotel when you have your home in the same area? But the idea of a staycation is actually becoming more and more popular. People are beginning to realise that we’re eager to explore other parts of our country or the world, and yet we tend not to see much of our own area. So why not consider doing your own version of a staycation for your birthday and inviting others to join you. Make sure you do your research into the local historic spots, museums, parks and even hikes. You’ll probably discover a newfound love of your hometown, and you can then expand your research to neighbouring areas.

30. Wine Tasting at a Vineyard

Wine Tasting at a VineyardIf you love a cheeky vino, then this is probably the perfect birthday treat for you and you’ll be surprised by how many vineyards offer wine tasting. Most have restaurants or food spots available to soak up the booze and you can book into a nearby hotel or accommodation, so you don’t have to travel far afterwards. Make sure you do your research into what a day at the winery involves, most will include a tour around the vineyard and then samples of a few wines produced there.

31. Do a Photoshoot to Celebrate your Birthday

We change so much through the decades and photos are a great way to look back at how we’ve evolved. Of course, many of us will take lots of pictures throughout each year, but how many of you have hired a professional photographer? Posing by yourself or with family and friends is a wonderful way to spend your birthday, and the best part is that afterwards you have the enjoyment of looking over the results, time and time again. Some people even like to theme the pictures with costumes, or you could simply have some balloons and a cake. This is a great idea to do every decade, so you can see your family as they get older.

32. Try Skydiving or Indoor Skydiving

We’ll admit we’re not big fans of heights, so we have yet to try skydiving. But it is the epitome of the bucket list thrill experience, and for many it’s something they must try once in their lives. It would make sense that something so special is done on your birthday, so that it’s a memorable one. The average skydiving height is around 10,000 feet, so not only will you have the thrill of the fall, but some spectacular views on the way down. You’ll be given plenty of instruction and because it’s your first time it’s always better to jump with an instructor. Just make sure you pay for the video and photo package, because an achievement such as this is certainly worth looking back on with pride.

If the thought of skydiving sends you into a blind panic, then there is a less stressful option and that is indoor skydiving. We have tried it through a company called iFly Skydive Experience and we absolutely loved it. Indoor skydiving gives you the ability to feel what it’s like as you freefall during an actually skydive, but without the 10,000-foot drop. Wind is pumped into a flight chamber which is used to keep you buoyant and unlike skydiving you simply feel like you’re flying, rather than falling. They even have additional extras where you’re thrown up into the flight chamber with the instructor in a controlled way.

33. Do a Random Act of Kindness

You may have already donated to a charity as part of your birthday bucket list, but the act of random kindness adds a more personal touch. This could be absolutely anything, paying for a stranger’s coffee, buying items for the foodbank trolley, helping a friend in some way. Even though you’re making someone else’s day special, you’ll leave with a wonderful sense of well-being.

34. Cocktail Making Class

Cocktail Making ClassThis is a great idea for birthdays with your friends, because you can spend quality time together and have a laugh as you enjoy delicious cocktails. There are lots of bars and restaurants who offer this option, and you’ll find it’s incredibly popular for hen and stag nights.

During the class you’ll head behind the bar, where a mixologist will show you how to make a cocktail and then you’ll follow (or try to) their instructions. In most classes you will make four cocktails and yep you get to drink them all, so as you can imagine by the fourth one your talents will have gone downhill a little.

Your friends will look on as you show your incredible skills, or they’ll laugh as you make a total mess of it. But either way you’ll have a great time together and take lots of pictures, because the reality is you won’t remember it the next day after all that alcohol.

35. Enjoy a Game of Mini Golf

We love mini golf and wrote about our experience of the amazing Golf Fang, so this is the ideal birthday activity for us. Mini golf combines strategy with tons of fun, and there are more and more adult only venues appearing all over the place. So, if you’re looking for something to do on your birthday with friends, then why not have a go? They tend to be much better than the old skool windmills you’re used to, with quirky adult themes which are perfect for picture taking. Most mini golf places will also have a bar and food hall, so you can grab a bite to eat before or after your game.

36. Create a Vision Board

If you dream of bigger things in your life, then a vision board is the perfect way to set target specific goals to work towards. Many people set up a vision board to help direct them, and your birthday feels like the perfect time for you to create your own.

The process of making your board is relatively easy, you simply need a place to gather objects or images which represent your future goals. This could be a cork or magnetic board for your wall which should be placed where you can see it often.

Creating and gathering your goals and desires is the part which can take some work, so it’s worth giving yourself the time for reflection. Find images online of the things which represent your vision and add them to your board. It can be as simple or as artistic as you like, but the key to a vision board is that it will help you immerse yourself in those goals, which should focus your actions on making positive changes within your life.

Producing a vision board is cheap, but the ambition and drive it can give to a person is priceless. The fact you began your board on your birthday, will provide you with a good way to reflect on how things are going each year.

37. Visit a Museum, Gallery, or Historic Home

In every country there are thousands of museums, galleries and historic homes or locations to visit. If you’ve been eager to go to a specific one, then why not head there on your birthday. We’re based in England so as you can imagine we have plenty to choose from, in fact we have a National Trust and English Heritage pass which provides entry into thousands of historic locations. But if you’re looking for something a little cheaper, then you’ll be surprised to know that many museums and galleries have free entry. We covered this subject in our best free attractions in London.

You don’t have to be a history buff or art fan to enjoy a museum or gallery. Most have quaint cafes to grab a bite to eat or a drink, so it’s the ideal birthday option, especially if it’s a rainy day. If you’re looking for something fun, then try and find something a little quirky.

38. Attend a Comedy Show

Attend a Comedy ShowWhether it’s a comedy legend or someone you’ve never heard of, there’s no better way to spend your birthday than at a comedy show. We love to see unknown comedians because the majority of them are hilarious. Tickets can be pretty cheap as well and you can tie it in with a meal at a fancy restaurant and a few drinks afterwards. If a household name is playing at a bigger venue on your birthday, then why not treat yourself, because we all know the joy that laughter brings.

39. Get a Piercing

Did you know that currently there are 13 types of popular ear-piercing spots. That’s only the ear, imagine how many other areas of the body can be pierced. If you’ve never had a piercing before or you’ve contemplated getting another one for a while, why not get it done on your birthday. Although most places won’t need an appointment pre-booking, we would still recommend that you do your research and opt for a parlour with good reviews; maybe even visiting it beforehand to check it out. Piercings are the epitome of cool and can give you the individual style you’re after. They’re also a great reminder of a wonderful birthday treat.

40. Spend the Day Re-reading a Favourite Book

It’s so hard to find the time to read, whether it’s a new book or one of your favourites. If you’re taking the day off for your birthday and you’re not sure what to do with it, then why not curl up on the couch and re-read a book you love. Because it’s your birthday it would make sense to have plenty of cake to hand. Is there anything more perfect than diving into the life of a beloved character, or you could try something more motivational to inspire you to make positive changes in your life.

41. Rent a Limo

Birthdays should mean extravagance and is there anything more indulgent than renting a limo. You can invite friends to join you as you are chauffer driven wherever you fancy. It’s such a unique and special way to arrive at your favourite restaurant or club, and you’re normally given some fizz on the journey there; so, get the party started early.

42. Drive the Car of Your Dreams

Do you have that dream car you’ve always wanted to drive? If yes, then depending on the car, you can tick it off your bucket list on your birthday. For those sports cars such as Porsches or Lamborghini’s you could book a test drive at a show room. If that proves to be difficult then what about an experience day where you can drive these incredible cars around a track a number of times with an instructor.

Some car hire firms will have expensive cars you can rent for the day such as a Mercedes, simply look on their site to see what’s available. This is the ideal birthday gift for the car lovers out there, and each birthday they can try something new.

43. Try Axe Throwing

Try Axe ThrowingWe have been Axe Throwing with Hatchett Harrys and it’s a blast, we managed double- and single-handed throws. Some of you may be concerned about being impaled by a rebounding axe, but the likelihood of this happening is extremely rare; if non-existent. Most centres have beginner sessions where you can book in with your friends and be shown the ropes on how to spin your axe perfectly. If you enjoy trying things a little out of your comfort zone then it’s perfect as a birthday outing, and you’ll find lots of axe throwing centres in most towns and cities.

44. Attempt a Water Sport

There are so many water sports to choose from, it makes sense that we collate them all together. This birthday bucket list item is obviously weather dependent, and you may need to pre-book. But there is something for everyone, if you’re looking for something more laid back then you can simply rent a boat. If you’re looking for something more physical then what about a kayak, canoe, jet ski or paddle boarding.  For something a little bit different there’s the thrill of paragliding and white-water rafting, or something more serene such as snorkelling or scuba diving. Each one has its own enjoyment factor, it simply depends on what you can afford, whether it’s available where you live and if you fancy trying it.

45. Take a Cooking Class

Ok so this one isn’t going to be for everyone, some people love to cook, and others hate it. But if you’re into culinary creativity and you fancy expanding your repertoire, then how about a cooking class on your birthday. It will be even better if you invite a friend to go along with you.

Cooking classes have become popular over the last few years, more so speciality meals such as Indian cuisine, baking, and Vegan options. Most classes provide the ingredients already measure out, you simply have to turn up and get ready to follow the instructions. The aim of the classes is to enhance your cooking skills and provide you with tips on the best way to prepare dishes by utilising items such as herbs and spices. The best part is that you get to eat the results of your cooking.

46. Attend a Sip & Paint Night and Create a Masterpiece

This is another event which is becoming incredibly popular and is an excellent way to spend your birthday. Whether you go alone or with friends, the premise behind Sip and Paint is that you’re given an example piece of artwork which you are looking to replicate. There will be an expert artist on hand to help and you’re provided with everything you need. The best part of this is the fact that during your painting time you’ll also be drinking wine, cocktails, or anything else you like. Now this will either improve your overall painting talent, or you’ll end up with a mess; either way is perfectly ok because it is your birthday after all.

All that matters is you relax, enjoy yourself and paint to your hearts content. Hopefully you’ll walk away from the experience with a fuzzy feeling and a masterpiece for your living room wall.

47. Try out Camping or Glamping

Try out Camping or GlampingThere’s nothing better for the mind and body than a break in the open air, which is why camping is a wonderful idea for anyone’s birthday. Nature is perfect for decompressing life’s daily stresses, so find an idyllic spot to set up your tent and build a fire to settle around. If the thought of roughing it sends you into a cold sweat, then you could always try glamping which is the VIP version of camping. You tend to find there are wooden huts with their own toilets and even small kitchens.

48. Break Out of an Escape Room

Escape rooms are everywhere and they’re incredibly popular for a reason; they’re tons of fun. Grab your friends and work together to solves puzzles, answer questions and find your way out of the locked room. They tend to be themed so choose wisely and remember the clock is ticking, so make sure you escape before time runs out.

49. Make Food the Focus of the Day

What you eat is an important part of any birthday, so it’s wise to think about what it is you want. Will you host a fancy dinner party and invite friends round to enjoy your amazing food. Or an even better option is to visit a restaurant you have always wanted to try. This could be Michelin star, or something a bit more down to earth that won’t cost you a fortune.

If you have the pennies to go all out, then what about hiring a private chef to do all the work for you and your friends. You could ask for your favourite meal to be made and relax as you enjoy a stress-free birthday.

50. Try Go-Karting

Grab your friends, get kitted up and hit the circuit, because you can enjoy the thrill of go-karting. This item is fun for everyone, and you can pick it up incredibly quickly. It’s a great way for you and your friends to bond but remember there can only be one person to cross the finish line and win; hopefully that will be you.

51. Write a Letter to Your Future Self

There’s no one more precious than you, so on your birthday take some time out and write a letter to your future self. It could detail where you are presently and where you feel you want to be in the future. You could explore a myriad of different areas such as your career, finances, family, relationships, and your dreams. When you open the letter is completely up to you but give yourself the time to see how life progresses. Although you won’t enjoy an immediate impact with this one, imagine that feeling when you open it in the future and realise that everything you wanted has been achieved and more. Or if that’s not the case then maybe it will guide you to where you should be.

52. Try a New Fitness Class

Try a New Fitness ClassIf you’re looking for something a bit different which will burn a few of those cake calories, then what about trying a new fitness class. There are so many out there such as Zumba, boxercise, or hot yoga, and who knows, you may end up becoming a regular. The best part of this item is that you’re getting that exercise dopamine hit and meeting new people at the same time.

If you prefer something in nature, then another option is getting outside and running. You could attempt a 5 or 10k depending on your stamina and then spend the evening soaking in a warm bath resting those weary muscles but feeling proud of your achievement.

53. Create Something New

There are lots of examples throughout this guide of creative items you can do on your birthday. But why not stay at home and focus on something you want to specifically create. You will have to prepare by ensuring you buy the tools and accessories needed. It could be painting, sculpting, writing, photography or making something such as jewellery, cross stitch or knitting. You can either invite a friend over to join you, or take time out by yourself to de-stress from life.

54. Start a New Birthday Tradition

We love this idea because it’s something you can start on your next birthday but repeat it for each one after. You get to decide what that tradition will be but to give you a few examples, what about cake for breakfast, birthday letters instead of cards, a birthday present scavenger hunt or paper crowns. If you’re really greedy then why not do them all, because birthdays are meant to be celebrated.

55. Go on a Helicopter Ride

Imagine soaring in the sky on your birthday and taking in incredible views. Depending on where you spend your special day, why not book a helicopter ride. Yes, it can be a tad pricey, but the best memories always are, and most companies offer photo and video packages, so you can reminisce on future birthdays. We took a helicopter ride in Orlando over the theme parks, and we loved it; even though we’re terrified of heights.

56. Try Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding is a wonderful combination of an exciting experience in the calm beauty of nature. The trail you take will depend on where you are, it could be a beach, forest, or nature trail. If you want to go all out then what about a dude ranch, where you can enjoy a variety of activities revolving around ranch life.

57. Play Laser Tag

Play Laser TagThis fun shooting game has infrared-emitting light guns which are used to hit targets, otherwise known as your friends. There are loads of laser tag venues around and they are so much fun. Once you’re hit, you’re out, so make sure you practice those commando rolls, as well as ducking and diving so you don’t get caught.

58. Play Videogames All Day

We’ve mentioned watching TV and reading, but some of you out there may be avid gamers, so why not take the day off work and hit your console. You can play something new and treat yourself for your birthday or grab an old favourite and see how far you get. Preparation is key, so make sure there are plenty of snacks at hand, because you don’t want any interruptions during play.

59. Head to a Water Park

Water parks are the perfect combination of pools, lazy rivers, and thrilling rides, so it would make sense to include them on the birthday bucket list. They are obviously more popular in warmer countries, but you can find indoor versions in most places, for example we have enjoyed the water park at the Alton Towers Hotel. Set yourself some birthday goals such as going on every ride in the park or trying out the biggest scariest one there.

60. Build a Bonfire

This is a great idea if your birthday is more towards the autumn or winter, and it gets darker earlier. Why not invite friends and family around to sit near a fire, whether it’s a bonfire or simply a fire pit. The flickering flames will provide the perfect atmosphere and you can cuddle with blankets whilst enjoying tasty hot drinks and delicious food. Just remember to take a moment to admire the beautiful stars in the sky, it’s the perfect reminder of how incredible life is.

61. Go on a Ghost Tour

Having done this a couple of times we can confirm it’s a lot of fun. You normally start at a meeting spot where your tour guide will introduce themselves and then take you around to certain spots in a city or town, where they will impart spooky stories. We had a blast, but you may want to make sure you have someone to hold onto, to keep you safe from any ghostly figures.

62. Order or Bake an Extravagant Birthday Cake

Order or Bake an Extravagant Birthday CakeMost of us wait for loved ones to buy us a birthday cake, but why not order or bake your own so that you know you’re getting something you’ll enjoy. We have a special baker we go to for our birthday, and we order cupcakes with bold colours and patterns on. It makes our day feel a little more special and we can enjoy them over a few days or guzzle them all on our birthday.

63. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

This one is not for the light-hearted, more so because of how high the balloons go into the air. But when you’re up and looking at the spectacular views, it’s simply thrilling. Make sure you take plenty of pictures to commemorate such an incredible experience.

64. Go Ice Skating

There’s a joy to gliding over ice which only ice skating can provide, so if you love wrapping up warm then why not head to an ice rink for your birthday. It’s quite physical, but lots of fun, and if you’ve never been ice skating before then don’t worry you may have a few falls but that’s part of the enjoyment.

65. Keep it Simple

All that really matters is you feel special on your birthday, so make sure you spend the day with the people you love. This could be your partner, friends, or family, as long as they’re willing to do whatever you want and make it fun. The memories you created will last a lifetime, especially if you’ve travelled somewhere incredible with them or booked into an awesome activity. Whatever you choose to do just make sure you take plenty of photos to remember your special day.

And an extra one, because sometimes it’s needed!

66. Unplug from the World

bday unplug from the worldIf you’ve decided to have a chilled birthday doing nothing, then why not take it to another level and detach from all devices. Yes, you’ll miss the happy birthday texts or Facebook messages, but you can always respond the day after. Choose how you want to spend your day and if its as simple as going for a super long walk, then it sounds perfect. The key to this bucket list birthday item is that you reflect on the joy of life and how incredible you really are!


We’re sure after reading through this list, you’ll have plenty of ideas written down to help celebrate your upcoming birthday. Sadly, many people don’t think of their birthdays as a special occasion, but we should view it with gratitude and as such spend it with the people we love, doing the things we love.

The best part of this list is that there are lots of ideas if you want to splurge, but also lots if cheap options for when money is a little tight. It provides plenty of choice for those who like to dress up and head out for the day, but also for those of you who are more introvert and prefer to relax at home. We’ve pretty much got something for everyone and hopefully you’ll see one or two items to help make your birthday even more special, because you deserve it!

If you choose one from the list, then please keep us updated on how it’s going on our Instagram page. We love to see what our readers are doing on their bucket lists and how they are leading fulfilling, exciting and challenging lives.