Tips on Meeting a Celebrity with Make a Bucket List

Meeting your idol is a dream for most people and is normally an item on many peoples bucket lists. Here at Make a Bucket List we bring you the top tips on how to meet a celebrity.
1 Find out where the celebrity you’d like to meet is making an appearance. This will require some effort on your part, so ideally you should find a place they will be appearing relatively close to where you live. If the only time they’ll be greeting fans in the next year is halfway across the world, decide if the meet is worth the expense and travel.
  • Read the news for upcoming events involving the relevant celebrity. His or her own website or fan page may also be a good way to find out.
  • Watch the Twitter feed of your favorite celebrity. This will often highlight public occasions where the celebrity intends to be.

2 Arrive early. Bring a friend with you to talk to. Or bring something to keep you occupied for a few hours, as celebrities almost never make an on-time appearance. If you’re meeting someone in a band, go to their shows early and stay late. Find out where the tour buses are parked. Make friends with the people around you; you’ll never know what connections they’ll have.
3 Remain cool and casual. Even though you’ll probably be excited, keep in mind that celebrities are normal people who’ve worked hard to attain their fame in various fields, and may not spend a long time socializing with you if you’re acting excessively crazy over them. Be yourself. Celebs hate it when people act phony around them because they are famous.
4 Remember that when you are introduced to the celebrity, take three deep breaths so you do not faint or get a panic attack. Just take three breaths, and then state your name. The celebrity will most likely shake your hand and ask your name. Remember that they do this all the time and that even your worst reaction would be normal for them.
5 Don’t treat them like a photo opportunity. Remember that they have worked hard to get to where they are and showing your appreciation is the major part. There could be thousands that want to be in your position.
6 Make conversation. Just remember to start the conversation like you would with a friend.
  • Refrain from using foul language around a celebrity. Even if the celebrity occasionally utters a bleep word, don’t do this yourself; it will cheapen the occasion.
When you are done meeting them, celebrate and enjoy!!!!
Let us know on the Make a Bucket facebook page who you met and how it went!!