Unique Treasure Hunts Throughout the UK

As the nights are getting lighter and we look forward to spring, its fun to plan our bucket list items. Make a Bucket List brings you Treasure Hunts to Go…the UK’s leading provider of unique self-run Treasure Hunts.

With a huge range of Treasure Hunts throughout the UK, and a choice of Code Breaker or Pub Challenge formats, their take away treasure hunts are guaranteed to provide your team with a unique, worthwhile and fun treasure hunt event.

The treasure hunt events are provided as a full package utilising the latest text messaging and scratch card technology enabling you to run your event at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

A superb treasure hunt ‘Event-in-a-Box’ that’s unbeatable value for money, delivered to your door and provides teams with a uniquely challenging, different and fun team activity!

Treasure Hunt to Go’s unique self-run Takeaway Treasure Hunts are provided in two different and exciting formats…

– Code Breaker Takeaway Treasure Hunts

– Pub Challenge Takeaway Treasure Hunts

Both treasure hunt formats provide you with a fully interactive activity that uses the latest text messaging technology to manage everything for you!

Their Treasure Hunts are designed as walking hunts although they do also currently offer four UK locations for self-drive options (Code Breaker format only).

No more scoring of answers or arguing over who has won – the state-of-the-art mobile technology takes care of this so that you can concentrate on the most important thing – winning!

Code Breaker Treasure Hunts are available at all our current UK locations and European City locations.

The aim of the Codebreaker Treasure Hunt is simple – you and your team mates have up to three hours to crack approximately thirty clues in a bid to be the quickest team to reveal the six digit Master Code.

These clues are based around a variety of key landmarks and other features of a city centre.

Simply reveal the Master Code before the other teams and text the correct answer to our treasure hunt messaging centre and the winning glory could be yours.

The aim of the Pub Challenge Treasure Hunt is simple – you and your team mates have to complete all six treasure hunt zones in a bid to be the quickest team to reveal the six digit Master Code.

And with every team competing to successfully complete a range of treasure hunt, pub-specific and pub trivia questions there can only be one winner. And don’t forget the most important rule… you must take a photo in each pub of your team mates having a drink together!

The rest is up to you! For further information and prices please click here.