Boeing 737 Flight Simulator – 30 minute flight, Virgin Experience

Make a Bucket List and Virgin Experience bring one for the aspiring pilots, a Boeing 737 flight simulator.  Flying your own plane has never been easier and with this flight you needn’t leave the ground. This simulation in London’s Shepherds Bush, allows you to experience the thrill of controlling your own aircraft and becoming the Captain of a Boeing 737.

During your 30 minute session, you will be guided by a qualified airline pilot who will guide you in creating the perfect take off, teach you how to handle the aircraft in flight and help you achieve that perfect landing. Your instructor may be a holder of a private pilot license, or perhaps a commercial pilot taking a well deserved break from the real world of airline transport. They will explain all procedures throughout and you should gain a good understanding of how the jets are controlled. You can opt to fly from a choice of more than 24,000 airports, departing and arriving wherever you choose, how about a flight from Munich to Innsbruck for an approach into the Tyrol Mountains? Alternatively you could fly into the unforgettable airport of St. Maarten in the Caribbean islands or try the ultimate approach into Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport… enjoy at the amazing price of £99.00!

What’s Included with a Boeing 737 Flight Simulator?

  • Welcome and initial briefing
  • Briefing with an experienced instructor
  • Complete a take off, altitude flying and landing
  • Photo opportunity
  • Certificate Presentation
  • Experience gift pack including personalised voucher and message card
  • Cancellation indemnity

What happens during your Boeing 737 Flight Simulation?

You will receive a briefing from one of the experienced instructors and then take your seat in the Captain’s seat at the helm of your own 737. You will complete the take-off, climb to a virtual height of 39,000 feet and then spend time experiencing the feeling of streaming through the sky like many real-life pilots do every day.

Your instructor will be tutoring you throughout your flight and during that all important landing. At the end of your flight you will get a photo opportunity with any spectators you may bring along and then be presented with your flight certificate.

How long should I allow for this experience?

The simulation will last for 30 minutes.

Can I bring spectators?

A maximum of two spectators per voucher holder are permitted.

While this experience is extremely affordable, visiting London can be expensive. So we always recommend trying to fill your time with some of the London free attractions.