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Everyone remembers wacky races with Dick Dastardly, Muttley and Penelope Pitstop. So why not head to Northampton and spend a day in some of the world’s wackiest cars, for a truly unusual driving experience like no other!

Unusual Driving Experience in Northamptonshire

Designed by TV’s mechanic Edd China, these hair-brained driving contraptions offer an exhilarating driving experience in Northamptonshire. You will zoom around the Oval Raceway in an office chair, drive a Double-Decker car, jump on an 87mph sofa and have the most comfortable chauffeur driven ride around country lanes on the world’s fastest street-legal bed, for the mere price of £94.00.

Wacky and Unusual Driving Experience in NorthamptonshireThis amazing experience is available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only and kicks off with some light refreshments and details from an instructor on what will happen on the day. Then you’ll get the chance to change into some race overalls before taking on the first drive.

The Unusual and Wacky Race Cars

The vehicles, if you can call them that are;

  • Jackets and ties are provided as you head off for a chauffeured trip in a fully equipped office. Strapped safely into your office chair you’ll experience three breath-taking laps of the Oval Raceway.
  • Next up take a seat on the iconic leopard print sofa, capable of travelling up to 87mph, as seen on TV’s Top Gear. You’ll complete three chauffeur driven laps of the Oval Raceway.
  • Take to the controls of the Double-Decker car – the driver in the top car controls the steering whilst another driver in the bottom car controls the pedals!
  • After the excitement of the Double-Decker car, you can tuck yourself in to the world’s fastest street-legal bed. Snugly tucked under a duvet, you will be chauffeur-driven around the British countryside to take in scenic views on a 5 mile ride before returning to the Raceway.

You will also see demonstrations of other amazingly Wacky cars throughout your experience! The day will come to a close at the Wacky Racer HQ where you will have refreshments and receive a personalised souvenir certificate. Photographs will be available to purchase. The total time on site is around 3 hours.

If you want to make a it a weekend of racing, then why not tie it in with a Silverstone single seater driving experience. Both of these track days take place near each other so can be combined easily.

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