Wedding and First Dance Lessons with Into the Blue

It’s that time of year again, the days are getting longer and occasionally we see a glimpse of the sunshine, oh and its wedding season. Everyone loves a good wedding and especially a good wedding dance.

If this is a special year for you or your family then we at Make a Bucket List have a great one for you, wedding dance lessons, available throughout the Uk for the amazing price of £215.00.

The workshops are held at dance schools throughout the UK and are done on a one to one basis with an experienced dance teacher. For the majority of us out there who are novices, this will come as a relief. They are normally made up of three 45 minute dance sessions which will be tailored to meet your personal needs.

Dependent on what you want on your big day, they have a wide range of dances including ballroom (including the traditional wedding waltz), salsa, merengue, swing, tango, rock and roll and many more. Decisions about the style you want can be made in the lesson, so you can try them out first and there’s less pressure.

The personal wedding lessons are ideal for couples, but also open to individuals wanting personal one to one intensive dance instruction. The wedding dance tuition Into the Blue offers is totally flexible as you choose your venue, time and day of lesson. You can learn to dance at venues across the UK, with a variety of timeslots available, including weekends.

Remember to think about the music too and take that with you so the dance can be tailored to it. Your instructor will then work with you on both dance etiquette and making sure you look amazing on your big day.

These dance lessons can be for individuals or couples;
• Packages consists of up to three 45 minute lessons taught on a one to one basis with a professional dance teacher (London venues are 2 x 60 minute lessons)
• The packages are available at over 500 centres across the UK

Courses are very flexible and are offered at a variety of times, on different days of the week, including weekends. Unfortunately they are not suitable for spectators – you’ll just have to wait until the couple showcase their moves on the big day.

So a big congratulations from Make a Bucket List and head over to Into the Blue and keep dancing!