Cruise Ship Bucket List – The Ultimate List for Cruisers

Cruise Ship Bucket List – The Ultimate List for CruisersGoing on a cruise is one of the top bucket list goals for many people, which makes sense because cruising offers something most other vacations don’t. You may be reading this as someone who has never cruised before, or you have, and you’re simply looking for additional items to add to your own bucket list. Either way we are sure we can help with this ultimate cruise ship bucket list.

Over the last decade we have found ourselves booking more and more cruise vacations. At the time of writing this list (November 2023) we have been on various cruise lines to the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, sailed down the Norwegian Fjords, around Greece and to lots of ports in Europe.

With each holiday, our love for cruising grew and we gained the confidence to try more activities on the ship and in the ports. We began to realise that many of the things we loved on one ship, could be found on another, and that is where the idea of a cruise ship bucket list sprang to mind.

So as always, we are here to make your cruise vacation the best it can possibly be! Simply grab that pen and paper, and write down everything you want to try, because there are plenty of items on our list.

Why Choose a Cruise Holiday?

Many moons ago the idea of cruising would never have crossed your mind if you were young or had a family. The main reason was because the cost of cruising was so much more than your atypical holiday, which is why you tended to find that it was a favourite of the older generation who had the disposable income available. You also had the cost of drinks and extras on board, which were rumoured to be expensive. Then finally, most of us didn’t own the requisite ball gowns and tuxedos needed for the evening meal, and the thought of dressing to the nines every night was incredibly off putting.

This all changed with the introduction of family friendly cruise ships, which at the time sent a shriek of horror to the cruising connoisseurs. We began to see the price of cruising go down, and the dress code relax, but most importantly the ships began to adapt and introduce activities which catered for everyone; don’t worry you can still find ballroom dancing on some cruise lines.

Why Choose a Cruise Holiday?So, what exactly is the reason people want to cruise? The appeal is simple to explain, you basically have a floating hotel resort which provides luxury, incredible entertainment, and activities, with exquisite food and drinks (most of your food is included in the cost of the cruise). But what tips it above your standard trip is the fact that most mornings you will wake up somewhere completely new. That first view of a new port is an experience like no other, especially some of the prettier spots such as Ocho Rios in Jamacia, Kotor in Montenegro, or Skjolden in Norway. The fact that you’re experiencing varying cultures and discovering new places every single day, is the reason many people fall in love with the cruising life.

This multigenerational appeal means that whole families, including the kids, parents, and grandparents, can find something to enjoy. Most cruise lines offer high quality kids clubs which provide an array of activities, and this leaves the parents with much needed alone time to relax and take in the sunshine.

If you’ve booked a cruise and it is porting in Kotor or Skjolden, then check out our guides on what to do when you’re there.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it, well that’s because it is! We’re noticing more of our friends booking cruise holidays, many with kids in tow. This kind of popularity will only make it easier for everyone to enjoy the cruise experience.

If you’re unsure where to begin booking your trip, then our advice would be to head over to SeaScanner which is a wonderful site that collates all the cruise lines and their itineraries into one search engine. You’ll be asked for the usual information such as preferred dates, embarkation ports, itineraries and even the cruise line. This will help the site drill down to show you what’s available.

Best Cruise Bucket List – Things To Do

Best Cruise Bucket List – Things To DoFor those of you who have never been on a cruise before, it’s a little hard to imagine what is available for passengers. We hear of incredible entertainment, but what exactly does that mean. This is why cruising bucket lists are so handy because you can see a list of what is available and pick out the things you’d like to do.

Everyone is different when it comes to preferences on their cruise vacation. Some enjoy joining in, whereas others simply want to relax by the pool and top up their tan. So don’t worry our cruise ship bucket list will accommodate you all, but our advice would be to push your boundaries a little bit and try something new.

  1. Visit your dream destination,
  2. Attend the sail away or deck party,
  3. Go to a comedy show,
  4. Treat yourself to a spa day or pamper yourself at the salon,
  5. Try one of the gambling tables or slot machines in the casino,
  6. Book the nicest restaurant on the ship – Even if it costs a little extra,
  7. Visit a port where you need a tender boat,
  8. Watch the sunrise,
  9. Watch a sunset,
  10. Take part in a new activity – there’s so many available on most cruise ships such as archery or ballroom dancing,
  11. Visit the theatre and watch a show,
  12. Book an excursion you’ve always dreamt of doing,
  13. Book a professional photo shoot on the ship,
  14. Play onboard mini golf,
  15. Watch a movie – This could be on the lido deck or in the ship’s cinema,
  16. Take part in a quiz and win a prize,
  17. Buy yourself something special in the onboard shops,
  18. Go on a waterslide on the ship,
  19. Wear your fanciest clothes for the gala/formal night,
  20. Go on a Royal Caribbean cruise – the epitome of opulence,
  21. cruise ship mini golfLook out for incredible animals in the ocean,
  22. Take a moment to look out at the endless ocean,
  23. Sing on the karaoke nights,
  24. Buy a little something at every port – We buy fridge magnets and postcards, but it could be anything you would like to collect,
  25. Watch a tribute act such as Pink or Ed Sheeran,
  26. Try new foods – If you don’t like it, then ask for something else,
  27. Go to the onboard gym and try a fitness class,
  28. Join in a craft workshop – This could be a cooking class or even a towel origami class,
  29. Check out the art auction and see if there’s anything you like, and can afford,
  30. Register your children at the kid’s club,
  31. Attend a special guest lecture – this could be a celebrity or even the captain of the ship,
  32. Try out the unusual activities on a cruise – such as zip lining, rollercoasters, go-karting, indoor skydiving, surfing pools and ice skating.
  33. Go on a Disney cruise – Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse and the gang,
  34. Listen to live music,
  35. Take part in a themed day on the ship, whether it’s fancy dress or ugly Christmas jumpers,
  36. Meet the Captain of the ship,
  37. Book a suite cabin and enjoy the luxury,
  38. Visit every bar and restaurant on the ship (even if they’re chargeable) – this can be a challenge on the bigger ships like P&O Iona or the Royal Caribbeans,
  39. Dance at a silent disco,
  40. Treat yourself to flowers onboard or order for a loved one,
  41. Grab a book from the onboard library,
  42. Attend one of the meet and greet groups – You’ll find lots of meet ups on most cruises such as singles, LGBTQ and over 40’s,
  43. Order room service and chill in your room,
  44. Decorate your cabin door,
  45. Search and find a cruise duck or hide a few of your own,
  46. Wear matching T-shirts – A great way to make a family vacation memorable,
  47. See the Northern Lights,
  48. Find ‘Your Spot’ on the ship for sunbathing,
  49. Watch a sporting event on a cruise ship – It could be a football match, NFL game or even the Olympics,
  50. Celebrate a holiday onboard such as Christmas, Halloween, or Valentines Day,
  51. Buy your next cruise onboard your current cruise,
  52. Get married or renew your vows during a cruise,
  53. silent disco on a cruise shipCruise on your Birthday or a special occasion such as an anniversary,
  54. Head to the top decks at night for some star gazing,
  55. Cruise every cruise line,
  56. Take a dance class – we’ve seen ballroom, salsa and line dancing offered during cruises,
  57. Go to the nightclub and boogie,
  58. Sail on a new cruise ships maiden voyage.

Dream Cruise Itineraries To Add To Your Bucket List

When it comes to cruise itineraries the world truly is your oyster because there are so many routes and cruise lines to choose from. What we love about the cruising life is that you can visit a number of exciting places during one trip, with each route having its own unique appeal. For many cruisers the first one tends to be Caribbean (it was for us), but once you’ve found your feet and you know what Lido and Muster station means, then you may want to try more cruise itineraries. Ships have the ability to sail to some of the more remote places on the planet, so consider expanding your bucket list and adding some of these dream cruise itineraries.

  • Alaska,
  • Caribbean,
  • Norway – Norwegian Fjords,
  • Greece – The Greek Isles,
  • Panama Canal Transit,
  • The Baltic Sea,
  • Asia,
  • Transpacific and Pacific Islands,
  • Europe – The Mediterranean,
  • Antarctica,
  • Australia and New Zealand,
  • Transatlantic,
  • South America.

dream cruise itineraries Hopefully this list will help you to enhance your next cruise, whether it’s your first or tenth, why not put together your own cruising bucket list and enjoy ticking as many off as possible. The best advice we can give you, especially in the first few days of your cruise is to explore the ship and see what is available. Then you can decide what you fancy trying, because you want to make the most out of the facilities onboard. Yes, the ports are an important part of the vacation, but there’s so much more to cruising, including incredible food and drinks, the high-quality entertainment, and those epic memories such as watching the sun set over the endless ocean waves.

Should you decide to book, or you have already booked, then we wish you a wonderful time on your next cruise. Please tag us into your Instagram pictures, we love to see your adventures.