Best Friend Bucket List Ideas – Things to do with your BFF

Best Friend Bucket List IdeasFor many of us the closest relationships we have are with our best friends, so it would make sense that the best memories we have, would be with them too. That got us to thinking, why not create a bucket list with your BFF and build new experiences together.

The best part is you can enjoy the build up by saving and then planning it together. It will more than likely forge a bond which will last forever, because one of the many reasons we create our bucket list is so we can look back and reminisce.

If you’ve never even considered making a list with your bestie and you have no idea where to start, then let us help you, with our best friend bucket list ideas.

This list is in no particular order of importance and some of the items may seem incredibly simplistic. But the whole point of the bucket list is to add things you want to do with your friend, it doesn’t have to be expensive and extravagant. It could simply be trying a new coffee together, a type of food, or a new hobby. Not every bucket list item has be thrilling and extreme, it purely has to bring you and your friend happiness.


1. Travel Together

As you can imagine, we love to travel as often and to as many places as possible, so it would make sense to add this as your first besties bucket list item. Travel is always more exciting when you experience it with someone you care about and feel comfortable with. Your BFF is the perfect option if you’re single or you have a partner who doesn’t enjoy it as much as you do.

You can either pick a place together, throw a dart at a map, or take turns choosing, because you will have the enjoyment of planning your trip as well as going. It could be a city break or beach trip, depending on what you both like to do. The thrill of deciding what activities you’ll do when you’re there, what food and drink you’ll try and even trying to learn some of the language of your chosen country, will create a lifetime bond.

We have some incredible guides for you which will help with your planning, including Boston, New York, Rome, Barcelona, and Paris.

2. Visit a New Restaurant You’ve Always Wanted to Try

Most people enjoy trying out a new food spot, so if you’ve had your eye on a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to, then why not write it on your bucket list and take a friend. You could add one new restaurant every month and mix them up so you’re trying different cuisines.

If you’re anything like us you’ll probably forget about all of the new restaurants you want to visit. So, by having them on a list you’ll remember a little easier and can simply pick one whenever you’re planning a night out together. You can also mix it up price range wise, by having cheaper options sometimes and then save and splurge on an expensive one as a treat.

3. Go Shopping Together

We told you it doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable, so why not go on a shopping spree together? It can even be in a different city from the one you normally head to, or a huge shopping centre such as Westfield in London or Trafford Centre in Manchester. Then you can combine shopping with another experience available within the centre and grab lunch together.

If you’re struggling money wise, then just enjoy your time together and try on clothes you would and wouldn’t buy. Imagine a scene from a movie where you can parade around the dressing room, looking damn fine, or wearing something you wouldn’t be seen dead in; simply for the fun of it.

You never know what clothing you may end up buying, you may even surprise yourself with something you’d never normally pick. BFF’s will always tell you when an outfit does or does not suit you.

4. Get Matching Tattoos

Get Matching Tattoos bffHow about getting a matching tattoo, which is the true sign of lasting friendship? You can take your time and work out what design you both like, whether it’s a heart, symbolic words or logo’s from a movie you both love. Then when you’re at the tattoo shop you can share the time together and maybe hold each other’s hands through the process. Something so permanent will hold memories for years and years to come and you will have a reminder, that your bestie is always with you.

5. Binge Watch a TV Show

There are some incredible series out there which are ideal for you and your friend to chill, relaxing in your pyjamas, with a load of snacks. This is a great option if you’re saving for another bucket list item and you’re looking for something cheap to do, but it’s also a great memory to have. Watching an epic TV show can have a lasting impact on the viewer, so why not share it with the person you love.

It doesn’t have to be a new series, it could be an old one you’ve seen before and you want to share it with your BFF, such as Golden Girls, Cheers, friends, and Sex and the City. The great part is that most seasons can be streamed on the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus, so you have lots of options if you finish the first one and you’re looking for another.

6. Extreme Sports

Now for something a little more thrilling. Have you ever fancied trying an extreme sport such as sky diving, white water rafting, snowboarding, or paragliding. These are the items which you will find on most peoples bucket lists, but they can be a little scary to do on your own. Having someone such as a best friend by your side will make the whole thing much easier and you can share the experience with each other over and over again, as you remember what an epic moment it was.

7. Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting

You will find that most countries have vineyard tours and wine tasting opportunities. The more famous vineyards are in California and Australia, but there are small wine distilleries all over the place. We have been to several within the UK, who offer a great selection of red and white wines.

This kind of activity is a great combination because you will learn the process of making wine during the tour and then have the opportunity of sampling it with your BFF after. Most visitors like to make an afternoon of it and sample a number of wines, so check out the site for the vineyard and see what options they have available. Many of them have on site restaurants or cafes, so you can soak up some of the wine.

If a tour doesn’t sound like something you and your friend would enjoy, then you can simply try the wine tasting. Many restaurants offer this option, and it will probably be closer to home than a vineyard tour.

If you’re not wine drinkers then there are plenty of other tasting sessions available. We’ve seen gin, rum, and whiskey classes, so pick your poison and make some fuzzy memories together.

8. Take a Road Trip

bucket list Road Trip with best friendNow there’s two ways you can do this, either plan it and have an idea where you want to go, or plan nothing and just go with the flow. Either way, you and your bestie will have the excitement of the build up to the road trip by deciding what to pack, making a road trip play list and choosing what snacks you’ll bring.

Then there’s the joy of building memories together as you see new places, learn new things, and maybe even discover something new about yourself. Most of us feel like we grow as we travel, which is an ideal way to bond with your mate.

Remember a road trip doesn’t have to be like the movies, in a huge convertible somewhere on an American freeway. You can go anywhere, in any car and for as long as you like. You can see some awesome places over a weekend and book hotels as you go with sites like

9. Join a Gym or Take an Exercise Class Together

Get those endorphins pumping, whilst having a laugh together, what could be more perfect. You and your friend can enjoy the challenge of a workout at the gym, or even join a new class together so you have someone who understands your muscle aching the next day.

Taking up an exercise class is essentially starting a hobby together because they can be so much fun. You also have a huge amount of choice, whether it’s a martial art like karate, a dance class, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, or boxing; the list is endless.

You then have the additional benefits of losing weight, getting healthy, feeling good and having a much needed catch up with your BFF. The hardest part of this is which class or gym you’ll head to.

10. Learn a Language

Learning a new language has never been easier since the launch of great apps such as Duolingo. You have access to their course on your desktop or mobile and it is completely free. We have been using Duolingo for a few years now to learn Spanish and have linked with our friends. There are other options out there such as Babbel, so just have a look and see which you prefer.

What we love about this option is you can learn a language in the build up to going to the country and using it together. Or simply support each other by testing your friend whenever you see them. On Duolingo there are challenges between friends, to add a little competitive spirit to your lesson.

It’s so exciting when you can translate something you see abroad, or even say a few sentences of your chosen language and it’s a memory you’ll share together.

11. Cocktail Making Class

Have you ever fancied yourself as Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail, but you have no where to show off your skills? Then what about a cocktail making class with one or a number of your friends. There are lots of bars and restaurants who offer this option and you’ll find it’s incredibly popular for hen and stag nights.

During the class you’ll head behind the bar, where a mixologist will show you how to make a cocktail and then you’ll follow (or try to) their instructions. In most classes you will make four cocktails and yep you get to drink them all, so as you can imagine by the fourth one your talents will have gone down hill a little.

Your friends will look on as you show your incredible skills, or they’ll laugh as you make a total mess of it. But either way you’ll have a great time together and take lots of pictures, because the reality is you won’t remember it the next day after all that alcohol.

12. Take up a Hobby Together

Take up a Hobby TogetherNow the scope of what this hobby could be is huge, because there is so much to choose from. Learning an instrument, photography, pottery, cooking, painting, home brewing, knitting, bird watching, and on and on, because the list is extensive.

Learning and creating something new is exciting, but it’s even more fun when you can share it with someone else who enjoys the same interest. Also, by starting a hobby with another person you will have some accountability to stick with it.

13. Take a Cruise Together

The popularity of cruises has soared over recent years, with many realising that it’s a great way to relax and see lots of different places in one trip. It’s also the perfect way to spend time with your best friend because everything is catered for. You will enjoy great food, plenty of drinks, incredible evening entertainment, time to chill in the sun and most importantly the opportunity to explore lots of new places.

We’ve done a few cruises, some with friends and we can tell you that having others to share the experience with makes it more magical. You can even spend the weeks before you head off, planning your excursions or deciding what other things you want to do when you’re there.

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to get pictures throughout your trip to reminisce. Most cruise lines have photo packages available, or you can book a special photo shoot together.

14. Book a Spa Day or Wellness Retreat

Your bestie bucket list doesn’t have to be all go, go, go. You can slow it down and pamper yourselves for a change, by booking a spa day or heading to a wellness retreat. Life is stressful enough and it can be nerve wrecking to go to those places on your own, so why not go together and enjoy a massage or facial.

Most wellness retreats and spas are in beautiful surroundings, so you can even book a night over to really bond. Then hit a meditation or yoga class to find your inner zen, it’s the perfect way to spend time together.

15. Hike Somewhere New

Hike Somewhere New with your best friendHiking is a great way to challenge yourself whilst enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Both you and your friend can try new hiking trails by using apps such as AllTrails, which tells you all of your local routes. It’s a great way to get some exercise in and it will give you time to truly talk about life as you motivate each other to reach the end.

16. Volunteer Together

Nothing feels as good as giving back, so why don’t you and your friend volunteer together. It can be a one off or a regular thing, but it’ll be a wonderful way to bond whilst feeling great about yourself. There are plenty of charities out there looking for help, simply google volunteering and you’ll find lots of options available.

17. Be a part of Each Other’s Weddings

Whether it’s the hen and stag party, choosing the dress and suits, or standing next to your bestie as a Best Man or Maid of Honor. Being a part of your BFF’s big day and vice versa, will cement your friendship for life.

It is the most stressful time of a persons life and they need someone they can count on, which is where your friend will step in. Having someone who loves you and will support you through the biggest day of your life, means you’ll have each other’s backs through everything else you’ll go through. Could there be anything more meaningful than this amazing honour.

18. Be Godparents to Each Other’s Children

If you’re bonded by being part of each other’s wedding, then it would make sense you’ll be God parents to each other’s kids. You will want your friend to be in your family’s life and influence your children as they grow. How sweet will it be to share the main events of your kids lives with one of the people you trust the most.

19. Take Part in a Race

Take Part in a Race with your bffHow far you want to take this will depend on you and your bestie, because it could include anything from a 5k, fun run, half marathon, marathon, color run, iron man or an ultra-marathon. It’s not even the actual race which will build your connection, it is the training time you’ll share together and the next day aches which you will laugh about. But the sheer exhilaration of finishing a race together which you have both worked hard for, will be a life changing moment you will share forever. Just make sure there’s someone on the side lines taking pictures for you to look back on in the future.

20. Attend a Music Festival Together

Music festivals are the most thrilling events you will ever attend, especially when you’re with the people you love, listening to your favourite bands and dancing the night away. This is why it’s a perfect item to add to your best friend bucket list. There are huge festivals all over the world, so you have your pick of the bunch and can make it extra special by going VIP or getting dressed up and staying over night in a tent.

21. Camping or Glamping and Sleeping Under the Stars

Being in nature is the perfect way to unwind from the difficulties and stresses of life, so why not make it a get away with your friend and going camping. If you prefer a little luxury, then you can always VIP your camping and go glamping instead.

You can spend the day hiking, walking on the beach or simply relaxing and chatting about life, then at night-time sit by a fire and toast marshmallows. If you have a really clear night, then grab your sleeping bag and sleep under the stars, hopefully you may see a shooting star.

22. Visit a Historic Monument

If you and your friend are history buffs, then why not add a few historical places you’ve always wanted to visit to your bucket lists? Whether it’s a building such as a castle, or a statue, you’ll have the opportunity to share the experience and learn about the spot together.

You could look into passes for monuments in your country for example within England you have the National Trust and English Heritage. You can buy annual memberships which will make it much cheaper in the long run and it normally includes parking.

23. Visit a Museum

If you’re intrigued by the last bucket list option, then what about adding museums? Alike the membership we mentioned above, you will find that some cities offer museum passes. Sharing an interest with someone you care about is a great way to build your relationship, so why not make your connection about art or history. There are so many museums out there, with some being award winning and others being quite fun and silly, for example there’s a dog collar museum in Leeds UK. Also many of the top museums are free, which means you’ll have more money to spend on grabbing lunch together. There are quite a few in London which we’ve written about in our free attractions in London guide. But if that’s a little far away then simply google nearby and see what’s on offer.

Why not take turns and each pick a museum or save up and travel to a new city and explore to your hearts content.

24. Best Friends Couples Costume for Halloween or Fancy-Dress Party

Who says you have to be in a relationship to wear a couples costume? Whether you’re exciting about Halloween or you’ve both been invited to a fancy dress party, why not wear something together. You’ll have fun planning it and then the pictures will be hilarious afterwards.

To give you some examples you could be dumb and dumber, the Grady Twins from the Shining, Scooby Doo characters or even two halves of an avocado; yes, that actually exists.

25. Hit a Theme Park

Hit a Theme ParkIs there anything more thrilling than a day at a theme park? If you and your BFF love roller coasters, then make sure you add this to your bucket list. You could even list all of the amusement parks you want to visit so that you know you will tick them off.

You’ll have plenty of time to chat whilst you’re queuing for the rides and can calm each other down if the nerves get a little too much. Days like those will always be memorable, especially if you buy a ride photo to look back on in years to come.

26. See a Concert Together

If you both love the same band or singer, then surely seeing them in concert will be down on your BFF bucket list. If not, then why not add it? You can wear matching outfits, or even buy the merchandise when you’re there. The fun of singing along together to your favourite songs, whilst seeing someone you idolise is a memory worth sharing.

27. Live Together

If you’re planning on moving into your own place and you’re looking to share with someone, then why not your friend. You’ll already know their good and bad points and it means you get to see each other every day. You’ll be bonded for life, even when you move on and start a family, because you’ll have so many memories.

28. Read the Same Book or Join a Book Club

The book lovers out there will know the joy of reading an amazing novel and sharing it with someone else. So, what about your best friend? You can both either join a book club or create your own together. Then once you’ve devoured the story, you can sit down with a brew and chat about why you loved it.

29. Spend a Holiday Period Together

Most people end up spending the holidays with their family, but if your best friend is like family then why not spend it with them. There are so many amazing holidays such as Christmas, New Years and Halloween. You can pick your favourite and make plans with your bestie on how you’re going to celebrate. Hopefully it will involve plenty of bubbles.

30. Get Mani-Pedis

So we’ve covered some big things in life such as living together and getting married, but the cheaper items on the list are equally as important. Another smaller one to add to the BFF list is getting a mani-pedi together, because why not treat yourselves and relax whilst you catch up on life. To make it even more special you could get matching colours or nail art, then go out and show the world your fantastic nails.

31. Hatchett Throwing

Although it’s not exactly an extreme sport it is still incredibly exciting and nerve wracking when you start. Hatchett throwing is an awesome way to spend time with your mate and you can celebrate as they hit the target with their axe or commiserate if it drops to the floor. We’ve written a guide on our experience of Axe throwing at Hatchett Harrys if you want to know more.

32. See a Psychic

This nerve wrecking act can only be done with someone you trust, so why not your best friend. Whether its reading palms or tarot cards, you can find out what the future brings.

33. Board Game Night

board game night with your friendsMost people don’t have board game or card nights anymore, so why not create a new tradition by adding it to your bucket list. Then you and your friend/s can stay in and relax with a few drinks and a raft of board games. We have to admit we love a game of Guess Who and Connect Four, but what about Twister, Cluedo or Game of Life. There are some amazing adult games such as Cards Against Humanity we have yet to try, so we’ll be adding that to our list.

34. Join a Dating Website Together

If you’re both looking for ‘the one’, then why not support each other and join a dating website. You can help each other choose who to meet up with and have your friends back if they need to get away from a bad date. After the date you’ll need someone to discuss it with and who better than your bestie, the ultimate wing person. You might even be able to go on a double date if the person you’re chatting with has a single best mate.

35. Paint and Drink Party Night

If you fancy a night out together but you want to do something creative then what about a paint and drink party night. Basically, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own masterpiece, with the support of an experienced artist. But as you create your work of art you can enjoy a few glasses of alcohol to enhance your creativity. Then once you’ve finished you can take it home to show off to your family and friends.

Things are always more fun when you have someone to go with, so grab your friend and become the artist you always knew you were deep inside. If it’s a total mess, you’ll probably both be a little drunk and it won’t matter anyway.

36. Host a Dinner Party

Now there’s two ways you can do this, depending on what you want. You can either have a dinner party for you and your bestie, or you both do a dinner party together and invite your closest friends. Either way it’s a great night for you both because you’ll get to show off your cooking skills and make the meal all fancy. To add a touch of glamour you can ask your guests to dress up and decorate the table. Then once the meal is finished you can move onto some fun games to finish the night. The most important thing is to have fun and make memories with those you love.

37. Start a Business Together

Not an easy one to do, but if you’ve both been throwing around an idea of a business for a while, then why not give it a try. Sometimes two heads are better than one when it comes to knowing what to do and where to start. You can even split the work load of research and tasks that need to be done, such as banks or accountants.

The important element to this is that by having your friend working beside you, you have someone else as passionate about your business as you are. It means that you have someone to talk to about it and it’ll create a whole new level of bonding for your relationship. Remember it could be anything from a café, restaurant, or bar to an online shop selling something you both make.

38. Donate Blood

Donating blood is such a wonderful thing to do, if you can, but it’s also quite nerve wrecking. The pride you have afterwards knowing you’ve probably helped save a life is tremendous. So why not ease those initial nerves by going with a friend and doing it together. There are many positives to giving blood including reducing stress levels and balancing out your iron levels. The time you spend waiting to give blood is the ideal opportunity to catch up on the latest gossip too.

39. Fly Business Class or First Class

Probably a once in a lifetime experience, so why not share it with someone you love. The thrill of flying business class or even first class and travelling to your dream destination in style, is something most people will never do in their lives. So, start saving those pennies and plan where you want to go together and how much the average flight price will be.

There are some incredible benefits to paying for this level of luxury, including the lounges in the airport, seats on the plane which turn into beds and free food and drinks. But you’ll also enjoy next level service from the crew as you’re waited on hand and foot. Just make sure you get some pictures of your time together on the flight and sit back, relax, and enjoy.

40. Have a Sleep Over/ Home Spa Day or Pyjama Day

Have a Sleep Over Home Spa Day or Pyjama DayYour bucket list is about generating precious memories together, they don’t need to be flashy or expensive. Most importantly they need to mean something to you, why not strip it back and make it something as simple as a sleep over. You can extend it and make it a sleep over and PJs day, relaxing with a person you love and trust, and sharing the time together laughing at old memories as you make new ones.

Just remember you need a number of things to make this time bucket list worthy, and that includes comfy lounge wear, great snacks and drinks, and something awesome to watch. Maybe choose an all-time favourite movie each or watch something new together.

For the ladies reading this you can even turn it into a pamper day and do each other’s nails and wear face masks. Can you imagine anything more perfect than spending the day with your BFF relaxed.

41. Sing a Karaoke Duet

Most people have their favourite karaoke song ready to go, so when they hit the bar they know what they’re going to sing. But have you thought about having a karaoke song with your best friend? You can then duet together and maybe even throw in a few moves.

42. Taking a Cooking Class Together

This is a great way to improve your own cooking skills and spend time with your friend. You can even enjoy eating the results at the end, that’s if the class goes well. If it doesn’t then you’ll have had a laugh together anyway and can commiserate at your lack of culinary skills.

43. Make a Time Capsule and Write a Letter to Each Other

Who knows where you and your friend will be in ten years’ time, so why not make a time capsule and place memories from your friendship inside. This could include a letter which you could write to each other about how you envisage your friendship and life to go, your hopes for the future and express your gratitude to them for being in your life.

In the time capsule you can throw in ticket stubs from festivals, gigs, holidays etc, or even jewellery or trinkets which are important to you both. You can either bury the capsule, if so make sure it’s rust proof, or you can hide it away somewhere safe until the agreed date.

44. Spend a Day at the Beach

Heading to the beach with your BFF isn’t something most people think of doing, so why not add it to your best friend bucket list. Grab your beach towel, suntan lotion and lots of drinks and snacks, then pick a great spot and spend the day chilling with your bestie listening to music and chatting. If you’re really enjoying yourself then stay and watch the sun set, to commemorate the end of a beautiful day.

45. Go to a Drive-in Movie

Although this is a more unique experience in some countries than others, you can still find drive-in movies in most. It’s a great way to enjoy a film in the comfort of your own car, with blankets, drinks and snacks. Memories like that will last you and your friend a lifetime.

46. Create a Social Media Account Together

Whether it’s Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube or a Snap Chat account, you and your friend can diarize your friendship together via a social media account. You can begin by brainstorming ideas of what you want to do and then enjoy the fun of actually creating the post. It could be something specific you both enjoy or even just an account celebrating your friendship and the things you do together. The best part is you’re keeping the memories there to share, and you can look back whenever you want.

47. Create a Dance Routine

Whilst we’re talking about social media accounts, why not follow the craze and create your own dance routine to add to Tik Tok and Instagram. You’ll have a blast practising it with your friend, choosing the music and maybe picking an outfit.

48. Tee up and Play Mini-Golf

We’re big fans of mini-golf and we love the growth of adult only venues such as Ghetto Golf, so much so that we have written about our experiences in a handy guide. The thrill of sinking a hole in one or navigating the tricky moving targets can create a fun experience. So, imagine inviting your friend along with you and spending quality time together as you laugh at each other’s dismal golfing skills, then grabbing a drink or two afterwards to commiserate.

49. Go on a Picnic

Go on a PicnicYou could tie this in with many of the other bucket list items above such as heading to the beach. It’s a simple bucket list option because really all you need is food, drinks, a blanket, and the perfect spot to relax and while away the hours. If you want to take it to another level then why not buy a picnic basket or rucksack which holds all of the utensils and plates for you. Then throw on some tunes and catch up with the latest news from your friends life.

50. Arts and Crafts at Home Day

If you head to a craft store, you’ll see lots of kits for making things, so why not grab a few and spend the day with your best friend creating something beautiful to keep. Whether it’s painting money boxes, making soaps or creating a mosaic, you’ll enjoy spending the time together, getting messy and delighting in the outcome. You could even make a photo memory scrap book or a vision board together, showing all of the exciting adventures you’ve had together, or you want to have in the future.

51. Try Gambling at a Casino

You don’t have to visit Las Vegas to tick a casino off your bucket list. Grab you BFF, get dolled up and head down to your local casino and give some of the games a whirl. If you’re completely new to a game then the croupier will help you out and show you and your friend what to do. It’s worth remembering to stick to a budget, because in the excitement you can get carried away. The most important thing is to make a night of it and enjoy making those memories, especially if you win.

52. Bake a Cake

Now this could be an amazing experience or turn into a complete nightmare, but either way you’re bound to have lots of laughs along the way. The best part is that after you’ve done the hard work of measuring out the ingredients and making the cake, then you get to sit together and taste it with a brew. Make sure you take a picture of your cake so you can remember it with pride in years to come.

53. Matching Best Friend Jewellery

This may not be your cup of tea, so maybe move onto the next one on the list. But for some of you out there it’s a great way to keep each other close, even when you’re not together. There’s two options here, you can either make each other a piece of jewellery such as a friendship bracelet, or you can buy something. It could even be a charm for a bracelet such as pandora, or a necklace which combines to form a shape like a heart.

54. Have you Picture Taken in a Photo Booth

Although there aren’t as many photo booths around anymore, you can still find the odd one dotted around. This item is very reminiscent of a movie scene where friends go and take pictures together. It’s a great memory to have on your wall or to add to your time capsule. Because it is so instant, you’ll find the pictures are authentic and express your true friendship.

55. Jump Fully Clothes into a Swimming Pool

We have to admit we love the idea of this one, so it is going on our BFF bucket list. If you have the chance to do it then why on earth not, simply grab your besties hand and jump right in. The laughs you have afterwards will stay with you forever and hopefully someone will have captured the moment in a picture.

56. Hire a Boat and go Sailing

Hire a Boat and go SailingFor some of you this will be a completely new experience, but that’s basically what having a bucket list is all about. So why not share it with your best friend, because it’s quite an experience controlling a boat out on the water and taking in the natural beauty all around you.

57. Crash a Party

Now we did this by mistake and got found out, but the party organiser than invited us to join in and we had the best time. If you’re up for a challenge and like to be a little naughty then why don’t you and your best friend try it and make friends with the hosts aunties and uncles. You never know you may both be honorary family members by the end of the day and what an epic story to reminisce over in the future.

58. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

This can be as big or small as you want to make it, but it will take a little time to put together. There’s lots of tips online about how to create a scavenger hunt, so if you’re unsure what to do then our advice is to start there. You can celebrate with your friend as they progress through the game or laugh at them as they fail miserably. Then maybe they can return the favour and have you running around looking for clues. If it all sounds like a lot of hard work then you can book a professional scavenger hunt in most major cities. We did one in York in the UK and it was a pub related one which we won against five other teams.

59. Rent a Cabin in the Woods

The ultimate way to relax is surrounded by nature, which is why renting a cabin in the woods is the perfect get away. You and your friend can plan it all, from where you want to go, to the things you’ll do when you’re there. Most importantly it will give you both time away from the real world to reconnect.

60. Grow Old Together

We’ve left the most important one to the end, because we imagine you and your friend want to end up like the Golden Girls, living your final years together still making memories. The most important thing about bucket listing is the journey you share together, because the more you do the stronger your bond. True friendship should be cherished and that’s why this kind of a list is so important, it makes sure you carve out time for each other. Most of us are busy with our lives and we forget to make time to build more memories. Having someone to call a best friend is a true blessing, especially if you’ve spent years together collecting memories.

So there you have it, a pretty extensive list of best friend bucket list ideas, but you and your bestie may have other ideas you prefer. That’s the great thing about bucket lists, they’re so individual and you can both add more as your tastes change or you tick them off.

Having a best friend for life is a true gift and it can be difficult to make quality time for each other. That is why something like this can push you to try new things and make the time you spend together memorable. You can enjoy saving money, knowing it will lead to something fun at the end, or tick off the simple items like planning a night in and make it special. The key is you’re together and having fun!

Remember that this has to be something you both want to do, so if you add an idea to the list and they don’t like it, then scrap it. This bucket list is a combination of you both and it should reflect that.

Grab that note pad, or open that excel spreadsheet and get planning with your friend, and please tag us on Instagram when you tick something off. We love seeing what our fellow bucket listers are up to and how much you’re all loving life.

Cheers to you and your best friend, and to many bucket list adventures.