USA Attraction Passes

For most people writing their bucket list, the dream is to visit America at some point in their lives. For those who have been lucky enough to go, they’re normally eager to go back.

If you get the opportunity to visit, you’ll realise what we at Make a Bucket List already know that America is a beautiful and diverse country with so many exciting things to do, including some of the best attractions in the world.

Of course travel can be expensive, so if you’re planning on accomplishing this goal on 2014 we would recommend looking at attraction passes for the state you’re visiting.

USA Cities with Attraction Passes

Smart Destination offer great value cards and passes for a number of destinations including;


The cards or passes can be used within those areas to gain entry to a variety of attractions, which means you get to see more when you’re there and maybe even try new things out you wouldnt normally do. It also provides amazing savings and means that you dont have to worry about balancing costs or carrying a lot of money when you’re there. In comparison to just paying at the door, using the attraction pass can help you save up to 55% off the combined gate prices.

To make this even better the passes come with some added extras including,

  • The ability to skip the line at selected attractions and save time to do more,
  • Comprehensive guides and maps into your chosen city including bus tours and metros,
  • Insider tips and information about what the attraction is and the types of groups it will suit and,
  • discounts on a number of shops and dining venues throughout the city.

For those experienced travellers out there who know the difficulties in planning a trip, the passes provide the flexibility and make it easier to plan ahead or pick the attractions as you go.

The passes are available online and at walk-up retail outlets, Smart Destinations passes, including Go City Cards, Go Explorer and Go Select Passes. Overall they provide admission to more than 400 attractions across nine North American destinations.

So if you’re planning that magical American trip, please click here and see what the pass card can do for you.